What Happens At Your Appointments?

by Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended


This hardcore nutrition blog is part 5 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 3 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

What We Don’t Do

It is important for you to know there are a few things we don’t do at NHCAA health appointments:

We don’t do medical stuff. This is important for you to know that we do not prescribe drugs or surgery. There are one million Medical doctors in the U.S. so ask them “Should I take this drug?” 

we get you feeling better

When talking to us, the conversation needs to be related to health improvement, diet, detox, supplements, herbs, etc. There aren’t many people who specialize in hardcore holistic healthcare as we do, so let’s spend your time with us wisely.

Also, some people confuse us with mental or emotional therapists. We are not priests, ministers, or spiritual gurus. We do not dole out spiritual advice, meditations, incantations, religions, or drum circles. 

There are plenty of other people who want to save your soul but we keep our advice to biochemistry and biology. Talk to our holistic health practitioners about hardcore holistic nutrition.

How We Monitor Your Health

As your health improvement program continues, MONITORING results and making changes to continue improvement is vital. 

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Your supplements and diet recommendations may change on a weekly basis.

Anything that has brought improvement needs to be strengthened. Anything that has made symptoms worse needs to be re-evaluated and possibly changed. 

I am always asking “is your health or symptom better, worse, or the same?”. 

Then I ask how much? Is it 50% better? Is it 10% worse? 

Our patients get used to these types of questions. 

Questions on your program at the nhcaa

Remember, the symptoms are how your body tells us its story. The story can get better or worse or have no change. 

I also ask “How are you doing SINCE THE LAST VISIT?” or “SINCE THE FIRST VISIT?”. These questions help us understand the Timeline History. If you don’t know your history, you can’t make your future. 

Depending on your answers, we adjust the diet and supplements since these are the 2 areas of focus. 

If you are better – keep going!. The #1 rule to follow when your health is improving is… 

“Don’t change anything!”. You want to keep going and give your body more time to heal.

The 2nd rule is “If you change something, you are just tweaking it a little bit.” If you make huge changes, you might mess it up and get worse. 

I consider health improvement to be a rare occurrence. Consider all the people on the planet whose health never gets better. They continuously lose their health until the day they die. But now is your chance to actually improve your health so when that is occurring, we don’t want to mess it up!

If your health is worsening, we may have to make a major change. For example, removing supplements, or drastically changing the diet. We may have to reassess the whole approach.  

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If your health is not changing, we have to look at what the next step is. Will the improvements occur after heavy metal detox? Will the changes occur when dairy is eliminated? 

Sometimes, a new negative symptom is a good thing. Sometimes, we have patients urinating more frequently and more volume. This is a great and positive effect but many people think it’s bad. 

If someone is detoxing and now their breath stinks, or they are sleeping more this is usually a good sign. We have had people get constipated for a day then a 12 inch parasite comes out. That constipation is a good sign while killing parasites. 

I expect positive changes to occur within a few weeks of starting a program. Within 3 months, I want you to know that you are on the right track. I want you to feel at least 10% better in the first 3 months. I also want you to have your diet under control during that time. You will know how to eat and adapt your diet for the rest of your life. 

Patient feeling well the nhcaa

Please remember the Follow The Physiology Formula. 

—It’s about your body and how it’s functioning. 

—It’s not all about symptoms, although symptoms help us along the journey.

—It’s not all about lab tests, although labs help us along the journey.

—It’s not all about your Timeline History although it helps us along the way.

—It IS all about how well your body functions. 

As your organs and cells get healthier, you get the following results… 

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+ more energy

+ brain works better

+ intestines are better

+ Muscles are stronger

+ looking amazing

+ symptoms reducing.

Everyone is different so just because you got better with a supplement or diet change doesn’t mean your neighbor or loved one needs the same thing. 

Everyone needs individualized care. 

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