As a former pharmacist turned holistic practitioner; it gives me a very interesting viewpoint on healthcare.

I became a pharmacist because I wanted a good and stable career that was meaningful and helps to better others. I wanted to help people get well.

I worked in pharmacies from the time I was 18 until I left the field at the age of 28. That was 10 years of seeing the medication side of healthcare. What I came to realize through my experience is that medications do very little towards healing bodies, but the primary result (and best case scenario much of the time) is to maintain a level of disease.

It became so real to me that I wasn’t achieving my purpose in helping people heal. And then I came to work at the NHCAA and that changed everything! The most important lesson that I have learned and want to share is…THE BODY IS MIRACULOUSLY ABLE TO HEAL ITSELF.

There are so many diseases and conditions that I was taught couldn’t heal, but only have the progression slowed. Now I know the real truth because I’ve seen it and experienced it in my own body as well as with countless patients. You can feel good!

new beginning quoteWhen the body gets the right nutrients, at the right time, for the right amount of time…the possibilities of recovery are astounding.

I have met so many new patients who think that they are too late or they have no hope due to past surgeries or poor genetics. If you find yourself thinking this, don’t succumb to this viewpoint! Come in and get a consultation for one of our nutrition health programs. You have nothing to lose, but your health to gain.

 Dr. Amanda,
Nutrition Response Practitioner