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Struggles and Challenges of Our Health

What are common health challenges? Our current struggles that destroy our health start with the food we eat. Our “regular diet” consists of very destructive components.

eating bad food can lead to a health challenge eventually
  1. Refined grains
  2. Sugar
  3. Industrial seed (vegetable) oils
  4. Preservatives
  5. Pesticides
  6. Flavor enhancers
  7. Water that is mineral deficient and toxic

These are commonly consumed multiple times a day which adds up to the pandemic of chronic disease. Depression, low energy, and weak immunity are some symptoms of negative lifestyle factors. 

If you take your symptoms to a medical doctor, the treatments commonly have dangerous side effects; another challenge to our health. 

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Beyond what food we consume, there are other health-destroying factors that we commonly encounter:

Toxins and Pathogens

Moldy, toxic buildings can destroy your health. It could be your home, workplace, or even a short stay in a moldy hotel. The mold can be hidden and not even emit a smell. Once the mold is inside your body, it grows and travels to wherever it wants to go. It could end up in your sinuses causing allergies, inside your intestines causing digestive problems such as bloating, in your lungs causing asthma, or in your brain causing brain fog. It is a lot more prevalent and dangerous than what we are aware of. It needs to be taken very seriously. Sometimes we tell a patient that they have mold in their house based on their body’s symptoms. They are adamant that they don’t but once they look for it or test for it then they find it in their house. 

Just like mold is common yet usually undiscovered, there are other pathogens that are similar. This includes parasites and chronic viruses. 

pathogens can create a health challenge

Every week we hear new stories from our patients who get parasitic worms coming out in their bowel movements because of the supplements we put them on. 

Chronic viruses can be in your body for many years causing problems. We are used to thinking about viruses in relation to having “a cold” and a fever. Yet, there are thousands of viruses that cause a much wider variety of symptoms. Some viruses are extreme and other viruses cause very minor symptoms. Either way, they should not be ignored. 


Then it also comes down to the lifestyle we live. Besides the physical environment as mentioned above, internal stress plays a huge factor in the way your body functions and how you end up feeling. 

If you sit at a computer typing, analyzing, and meeting deadlines this can be very harsh on your brain. It can deplete B vitamins, weaken your nervous system, adrenals, and mess up your sleep. This lifestyle needs specific nutrients and detailed attention on the diet so energy and brainpower are maintained throughout the day and into the evening to take care of kids, too. Just having energy during the day is not enough. You still want to be alert, happy, and functioning after work and then get tired at 10 pm for bed. Being tired at 6 pm is not acceptable for anyone I have ever met. 

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We Develop a Long-Term Care Plan Catered to You

Getting your diet right, getting rid of toxins, reducing pathogens, and taking care of yourself is the correct approach to health improvement as opposed to letting medications “take care of you”.  

The question for us is what supplements should you take and when?

There are 5 categories of supplements for a health challenge:

  1. Vitamins
  2. Minerals 
  3. “Special Dirt” 
  4. Glandulars 
  5. Herbs 

Knowing these 5 categories helps break down this huge subject of nutritional supplements for better understanding.

long term health care plan will help your health challenge

These supplements and your diet are how you are treating yourself. You are in charge and the closer you are to adhering to the recommendations, you get a greater chance of success.

Think of this care plan as long term! It is the opposite of the way we think now with urgent care centers, “24 hour relief”, and popping a pill for a symptom. You are increasing your health slowly everyday. You are not relying on other people such as a drug based doctor who doesn’t specialize in health improvement. 

As your health improves, we make changes to address a new area of concern, to accelerate an area that is lagging, and to strengthen areas where we made good progress. As your health is better and stabilized, we can reduce the supplements for an organ or system because it is working well. The improvements continue because your diet is very good.

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The Maintenance Phase is the goal. You are doing well, your habits are healthy and natural, and you know exactly what will bring your health down, so you avoid those things. You continue easily with great energy, sleep, and no fear of chronic illness. 

There are two broad categories of causes of poor health—
Lifestyle Choices and Bad Luck

Bad Luck is accidents, bad genetics, and exposure to toxins and/or mold. Bad Luck also includes picking up a pathogen such as a parasite by touching an animal or walking barefoot in sand or soil.

Your Lifestyle Choices include the food you eat and exposing yourself to potential toxins and pathogens. 

If you go on a vacation to a foreign country, they may have parasites in their water that you drink. There may be parasites in the pool water, ocean, or in the sand. 

If you happen to work in a toxic environment, it could be a lifestyle choice or bad luck depending on how you look at it. 

Myself and others have worked in buildings that were very toxic with mold and suffered greatly for it. The solution is to change your lifestyle… I had to move my business to a new building whereas you may have to quit your job.

A dry cleaning business, agriculture, cleaning jobs, mechanics, factory work can expose you to toxins. You may “feel fine”… except for the normal arthritis, normal headaches, or normal sinus pain. Look deeper into how your body feels and how it is functioning. Consider that maybe there is a toxin exposure you have had. Look back at events in your life and try to attach cause and effect.

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