Gary Taubes is a rocket scientist who studied at Harvard and Stanford.  He used to write about bad science (meaning non-evidence based) and high-energy physics.  One of his friends recommended he take a look at the science in the medical and health fields because the science was so bad. His love of good scientific procedure and disdain for bad science is what separates him from most medical researchers who have financial ties to a study. He is a very trustworthy source.

I found out about him over a year ago, a patient gave me his book Good Calories, Bad Calories and said to me,  “This is what you say.” I have to confess I still haven’t read the book but recently I saw several interviews and lectures online that Gary has given. They are excellent and full of true data about health and nutrition. His latest book is Why We Get Fat.



In 2002, he was in a debate with Dr. Dean Ornish and also the president of the American Heart Association moderated by Dr. Oz. Gary was practically rolling his eyes at the untruths that came from the other two debators.

The main topic during the show was low-carb versus low-fat diets. Low-fat diets are based on the law of thermodynamics (energy taken in versus energy expended.) However, the human body is not a V8 engine so it doesn’t follow that law. It has hormones like leptin which burns fat chemically and insulin which stores fat chemically. Low carb diets follow the true nature of the body’s chemistry to optimize weight loss.

Weight loss resistance is caused by toxins preventing fat-burning hormones from communicating to cells. Weight loss resistance is a hormone dysregulation problem (not a hormone deficiency) caused by toxins. This information has finally been coming to light in recent (and valid) medical research in the last few years.

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Darren Schmidt, D.C.