Congratulations on taking steps toward better health. Whatever those steps may be – if it’s positive changes – you’re going in the right direction. I just want to remind you that good health takes time and commitment.

The symptoms you experience didn’t appear overnight. Symptoms are usually a buildup of toxicity, immune challenges, and physical changes that have occurred over time. Give your body time to take care of those things and become healthier.​

With whole food nutrition, herbs, and homeopathic remedies the body can take anywhere from three to twelve months to heal. A liver can take up to three years with a good diet!

Sometimes with Nutritional Response Testing within the first three months you will notice a slight worsening of certain symptoms while others improve. This is NORMAL and may indicate we have pushed a body into a healing mode. Hang in there it does get better. And, make sure you tell your Practitioner what is happening so it can be addressed if needed

Invest the time and energy needed in your body and you will see positive changes.

Looking forward to seeing you soon and helping as you become healthier.