Once You Understand The True Meaning Of ‘Lactic Acidosis’

Everything Will Change


cause of chronic disease   STEP 1: CAUSES of Chronic Disease = Gain a deeper understanding of the 3 main causes of chronic disease that modern medicine sometimes doesn’t initially address – Toxins, Pathogens and the processed food in our modern diet that are filled with sugars and carbohydrates.

mechanism   STEP 2: MECHANISM of Chronic Disease = there is one single most common mechanism of chronic disease and it is called Lactic Acidosis. If you don’t address this, you will significantly lower your chance of optimal health. When addressed appropriately, it’s life changing and handles the widest variety of conditions and symptoms that were never considered related.

symptoms   STEP 3: Eliminating Chronic Disease SYMPTOMS = You will need to get rid of your excess fat and there is really only one way to do this healthfullyYou need your body burning its own fat stores and at the same time improving the health of your organs. It’s all about feeding, strengthening and supporting your organs to reverse engineer your lactic acidosis and stop it from killing your cells and flip over to the most important fuel, ketones. 

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