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by Follow The Physiology

This is blog 9 of a series of 13.

In the last article, I used the analogy of a car driving on a road.

The way you drive the car is your lifestyle…

The tires represent your organ health….

The bumpy road you choose to drive on represents exposures to Sugar, Toxins, and Pathogens.

Any compromised functionality of the car (your Body) represents Lactic Acidosis

So for a moment, imagine that your body is this car…

And the way you drive your car represents your Lifestyle…

Your car (Body) is now handling badly (functioning incorrectly) although it’s doing the best it can and at least you are still moving forward. This is Lactic Acidosis – where your body is limping along. It’s doing the best it can but has many symptoms due to driving too fast down a bumpy road. (lifestyle).

Lactic Acidosis is the mechanism of chronic disease just like the poorly functioning car is starting to break down. Your organs are compromised and giving you symptoms.

So let’s say you continue to ignore the causes and you take it to a mechanic (doctor) to see if they can find out what is wrong with the handling of the car.

The mechanic (who specializes in engines) investigates the handling symptoms and says it could be the engine. Then he runs tests on the engine and can’t find anything wrong.  

So instead of connecting the functioning of the car to the three spare tires, the mechanic still wants to treat different parts of the engine because that’s his specialty. 

He also doesn’t ask how fast you drive the car (lifestyle) or if you drive over a bumpy road (causes).

If the mechanic decided to look at the cause, the mechanism, and the symptoms ALL TOGETHER, he would have been able to work out that the car was being driven by you on three spare tires, too fast along a bumpy road.

To bring all of this back to your personal health, the greatest defense you can have to increase and preserve your body’s health is to take into consideration all 3 steps in the “Follow The Physiology Formula”. 

follow the physiology graph

The Follow The Physiology Formula is…

Step 1 is all about the CAUSES.

Step 2 is all about the most common MECHANISM – Lactic acidosis.

Step 3 is all about feeding your organs to help them function better so that SYMPTOMS go away which is what everyone wants. 

Typically, only the Symptoms are addressed in healthcare. Occasionally, the Cause is discovered and addressed. But the Mechanism has been ignored for more than 70 years. 

Which means step 2 the Mechanism is always missing…(step 1 and step 3 disappear)

Do all three steps and you will be able to improve and maintain better health. (all 3 steps back again)

To learn more, I have created a Free eBook Guide called the “Follow The Physiology Formula” – Click here to download:

Reverse engineering lactic acidosis (step 2) has been missing since WW2 but I have rediscovered it through my own personal health journey of:

  • Nearly dying from toxic mold.
  • 20 plus years of having a holistic nutrition practice.
  • Treating tens of thousands of patients. 
  • and reading nutrition and medical textbooks written prior to WW2. 

All of this together brings us to the solution:

  1. Eat a low carb diet. (ketosis) 
  2. Remove hydrogen (acid) from your blood and muscles. (oxygen therapies and red meat)
  3. Clean your blood of wastes or toxins. – detoxifying
  4. Make sure your liver is working well. (eat liver, take supplements to detox)

Removing hydrogen from your blood and muscles removes pain and increases fitness.

Detoxifying enhances your normal biochemical processes so your cells and mitochondria (energy generators) work normally. 

Proper liver function ensures lactate gets recycled back into fuel and the blood is clean of other wastes. 

Which is why you can’t ignore step 2 – the missing piece of the health puzzle.

get fit get energy the nhcaa

By combining all 3 steps of the “Follow The Physiology Formula” – is your greatest hope for achieving optimal health and feeling your best for the rest of your life.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Nutrition Expert, I focus on the causes, the mechanism, and the symptoms of chronic illness with each patient that comes to my practice. This allows us to achieve a complete healing process. 

Even though a patient may get the most relief from one of these 3 steps, by doing all 3 they get a significantly higher level of permanent relief.

lactic acidosis heart attack the nhcaa
[Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash]

Take me as an example…

I thought I was dying. I was having heart attack symptoms such as left chest pain going down the left arm and up the left jaw. My heart was racing and my blood pressure was 195/55. 

I went to urgent care twice and the cardiologist twice.

They went after my symptoms such as prescribing nitroglycerine for the heart pain and Prilosec for the tightness in my throat. I didn’t take them because I had to find the Cause and I didn’t want to merely treat the symptoms with drugs.

Finally Felt Better

In the meantime, I started taking supplements that happened to be designed in 1934 and I felt better for the first time in 4 months. This led me to study old medical and nutrition books which led me to my first epiphany that I was suffering from lactic acidosis being the mechanism of chronic disease.

Nine months later, I finally found the Cause which was the toxic black mold- another epiphany. So now I have discovered the Cause and had been feeling better by addressing the Mechanism.

A year later, I was teaching a seminar about this to doctors and using quotes from medical texts from the 1930s. Some of those doctors also talked about addressing the Cause, Mechanism, and then feeding organs to treat symptoms just like I had figured out! They found the same 3 subjects!

To learn more, I have created a Free eBook Guide called the “Follow The Physiology Formula” – Click here to download:

I coined the term “Follow The Physiology Formula” to describe this approach of addressing chronic illness.

The solution comes down to ONLY TWO THINGS: 




Not meditation, life coaching, religion, crystals, affirmations, etc. It’s the nutrients you put in your body. 

So later we will go into more detail about what specific supplements and diets are needed to achieve better health for you!

bumpy road supplements the nhcaa
[Photo by Michele Blackwell on Unsplash]

The second circle -Mechanism- in the Follow The Physiology Formula is the one that has been lost since 1961 when Dr. Royal Lee lost a U.S. Supreme Court Case and he was forced to never talk about healthcare again. 

I rediscovered it through my own severe health challenges related to toxic mold. 

Now you can think of your health as a whole instead of just going to a doctor to get a pill to squash symptoms. 

There could be one or more Causes which most likely creates the Mechanism. So the causes and the mechanism together can contribute towards your symptoms. This is why you need to look at all 3, not just addressing symptoms.

I discovered this through my own nearly dying experience and now use this formula with every patient.

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Follow The Physiology Formula

Follow The Physiology Formula eBook

Download the FREE Follow The Physiology Formula eBook to continue your learning experience!

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Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended eBook

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