The summer months bring diet challenges for many people. One of the biggest obstacles is what to eat while on vacation.

Travel does make dining trickier because you don’t have your own food and kitchen. But, eating well doesn’t have to be disregarded just because you are on the road.

Here are a few tips on how to eat well on vacation:

1) Find a grocery store or farmer’s market to buy food.

When you are driving one of the best places to get meals on the go is a grocery store. I run in and grab some meat and cheese and olives from the deli. This is a much better option that fast food restaurants. Other quick pick up foods are: fruit, jerky, prepared salads, and yogurt or kefir.

If you have a refrigerator in your room it is also great to have a few of these items to snack on instead of the vending machine horrors that you have in a hotel.

2) When you eat out pass on the bread basket, pasta options, and dessert.

Request your server not bring a bread basket. Order a salad to snack on while you are waiting for dinner. Keep your focus on protein and veggies as your meal. Order a burger with no bun, fresh fish with vegetables, steak and a sweet potato with vegetables on the side. If you are tempted by dessert you probably didn’t eat enough protein and fat with your meal. Also, eating lots of vegetables helps with appetite, too. So, eat as much good food as you can to curb cravings.

3) Avoid the free breakfast in the hotel.

Most continental free breakfasts are: waffles, muffins, toast, sweetened yogurt, oatmeal, powdered egg products, and pastries. Finding a healthy choice at your hotel buffet is nearly impossible. Start your day by eating as well as you can to balance blood sugar and maintain your energy. The better your breakfast (the less carbohydrates in it) the less sugar cravings you will have in the

Take some protein powder with you when you travel to make a shake or eat where you can get some good protein sources for breakfast.

Have a great summer!
Enjoy all the sunshine you can!

See you soon.

Yours in Health,