Got the Winter Blues?

Are there natural ways to defeat depression?

The colder, darker months of winter have arrived. I’m ready for a sunny destination vacation! How about you?

If that’s not in your plan for the next couple of months here are some winter depression tips and ideas to help you defeat depression.

  • Get plenty of rest. Our schedules are often blamed for not getting enough hours of sleep. Try to make sure that you are sleeping enough (it’s when your body heals). And, that your sleep is restful. You shouldn’t wake up tired. If you are getting up to use the bathroom in the night or tossing and turning or having trouble falling or staying asleep your body is trying to tell you something is out of balance. Nutrition Response Testing can help find out why.
  • Eat good food. Fill up with veggies, protein, and good fats and limit sugar and grains. Fat and protein are especially important for better body function in winter. Coconut oil, olive oil, fish oils, flax, avocado, and butter will all make your brain work better, help you stay warmer and help with dry winter skin.
  • Get the right nutrition for your body. But, by supplying the correct nutrition to make the body work better, the stress will affect you less. Plus, I’ve got a simple formula for reducing stress I’ll be giving you in next week’s article.
  • Reduce your stress. Many people blame stress for their sadness, low energy, and irritability. The truth is stress is all around us and affects our bodies on a daily basis. It depletes us of stores of vitamins and minerals and puts us at risk for health problems. Reducing what stress you have can be helpful.
  • Get checked (at The NHCAA) for Vitamin D. Adequate stores of Vitamin D in your body is a health insurance policy. Being low in Vitamin D puts you at risk for bone diseases and fractures, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, tooth and gum problems, decreased immunity, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. In the Winter with less exposure to the sun and our Vitamin D levels is low depression symptoms can increase.

The symptoms of depression and anxiety and fatigue that many people feel during the winter are real. They indicate that something is not going well with some areas of the body. They are a cue that your body needs something and that something is not a prescription. You are not deficient in antidepressants. There are more natural ways to get rid of seasonal depression.

Yours in Health, Kerry

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