Create A Lifestyle, Not A Fad Diet

by Follow The Physiology

Flipping back and forth from carb-burning to ketosis is very healthy and shows fitness and flexibility in your cells.

This is all about a natural BALANCE. This is a “balanced diet” that can be a lifestyle rather than a fad diet. Learn how to create a healthy lifestyle below.

So this is not something that you will fail at if you decide to take a day off and eat your favorite foods! i.e enjoy your cheat days!

Remember, it is totally safe to eat meat no matter what you heard in the past or will hear in the future. Organic, grass-fed is obviously the best meat but do your best based on your budget and availability.

Many people will continue to tell you that meat is bad for you but simply ask them for the scientific evidence that supports their statement. Anyone trying to find this evidence will only ever come up with survey-type polls. If you do ever find legitimate, experimental, scientific proof, please let us know and we will tell the world.

Try For Yourself!

burn fat exercising

This is a great opportunity to try this yourself and be your own judge!

It’s all about feeding, strengthening, and supporting your organs to reverse engineer your lactic acidosis and stop it from killing your cells and flip over to the most important fuel, ketones.

However, there is a point of no-return though so start now to get your health back. Don’t wait until after you have severe lactic acidosis such as cancer, diabetes, or a heart problem.

Lactic acidosis is a temporary state that your body goes through during exercise OR during a bad diet. This means lactic acidosis is occurring during a short period of time but it needs to stop with a healthier diet. It’s originally designed by Mother Nature almost as a buffer under certain circumstances but then you are supposed to come out of it. The danger is when you are in it all the time.

An analogy would be the caveman – a state of stress activates adrenaline and all hormones to create a sudden boost of energy that allows him to escape and save his life – example – running away from a bear. Once the bear is gone, the stress is gone, too. And everything goes back to normal.

Unfortunately with our current lifestyles, we end up being stressed for extended periods of time, sometimes years, and this puts our bodies under a huge strain and we start to break down because stress is only meant to be a temporary state.

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This is very similar to lactic acidosis – it’s perfectly fine for short periods of time – example – exercise – but is dangerous for our bodies if experienced for a long period of time or high amounts in a short period of time.

Therefore, to help your body to naturally clean out lactate the way Mother Nature intended you need to “Follow The Physiology Formula”.

drs prescribe pills for illness

We See A Doctor First…

When it comes to chronic illness there are 3 main causes you need to understand.

But first, typically when we are not feeling well, we go to the doctor with a health problem and they perform some tests and in most cases end up prescribing a drug.

This is typically what tends to happen, which is why we have developed a mindset that thinks if we take a drug everything will get better and go away.

A classic example is having a headache, we take a few pills and the headache goes away. Therefore we never really work out why we had a headache in the first place. We never realize that the headache could have been a message from our body trying to tell us that something is wrong. This also means we never try to discover the cause that is directly responsible for the headache and instead we continue as normal.

This helps to highlight that there is more than just taking a pill that needs to be considered. Even though taking drugs may be needed — do they cause any side effects? Sometimes the side effects of taking a drug can start you on a journey to a whole new set of problems.

This means if you do have some form of chronic illness then you need to look at your lifestyle and see if you can work out what you have done that could have been responsible for causing your illness.

Instead of ignoring any underlying issues, I will give you the tools so that you can make new decisions that will create a new, healthy living plan.

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The Three Main Causes of Chronic Disease

To address these underlying issues, let’s first gain a deeper understanding of the 3 main causes of chronic disease that modern medicine sometimes doesn’t initially address. By knowing about them, you can create a healthy lifestyle for yourself.

The first cause of chronic disease is Toxins:

Chemical and heavy metal toxins include substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chlorine, bromine, pesticides, medications, and seed oils (formerly known as vegetable oils). These toxins need to be cleaned or detoxed from the body and the best tools are nutritionally based, not drug-based to clean out chronic toxicity. (1)

viruses can be toxic

The second cause of chronic disease is Pathogens:

These infections can live in our bodies without us knowing it. They hide from the immune system and do not always cause “cold or flu-like symptoms”. They are not affected by or killed by common antibiotics and they can mimic our DNA so that they are camouflaged to our immune cells.

The third cause of chronic disease is processed food in the modern diet that is filled with sugars and is high in carbohydrates.

Seed oils, formerly known as vegetable oils, are highly processed, highly inflammatory synthetic foods that produce disease in our bodies too. Sugar and seed oils combined have contributed to the worst epidemic of chronic disease in history, with global explosions of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

The sugar industry has tried to hide their sins (2) but the seed (vegetable) oil industry is caught red-handed. (3)

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