I have been seeing a teen patient for eleven months.

In that time we have worked on several complaints for her including anxiety, excessive perspiration, and severe menstrual cramping. In the last two months we made considerable progress with cramps with a Standard Process supplement called Collinsonia Root. Learn how we’ve been treating cramps, anxiety, and excessive sweating naturally.

A couple months ago I discovered a supplement that I considered to be more of a digestive support supplement helped a patient with some of her circulatory problems. One use of Collinsonia Root is for hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and stool softening. Now I am looking at it from a different viewpoint. And, I am having great results.

Collinsonia Root helps with liver congestion and can improve digestion and elimination. And, it can strengthen veins. All of this together decreases inflammation in the abdomen and can help with menstrual cramps.

Nutrition Response Testing is such a wonderful tool for finding out the secrets of the body.

In the case of this patient we have worked on her immune system, supplemented iodine, and her diet is impeccable. All of her initial complaints are greatly improved. Putting all this together has been possible with Nutrition Response Testing and creating a nutritional program specific to her body. Come in today and let us help you with your health concerns. Your body can tell us some miraculous things.

I look forward to seeing you soon and helping you with your health.

Kerry Cradit

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