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The purpose of the ketogenic diet is to get your body to burn fat as fuel (instead of sugar) which is called ketosis. 

Ketones are chemicals the body makes from fat that are dissolvable in water. When your cells and making ketones and using them as fuel, that means your body is fat-adapted and there are many, many benefits to this which we will go over soon. 

I have personally been eating low-carb (carbs less than 75 grams per day) since 1999. I started intermittent fasting (more on that later) in 2015 getting into ketosis in 2016 which requires even lower carbs. I use ketosis on a regular basis for many patients, with fantastic results.  

Ketosis is one of the keys of my clinical practice. Myself and 5 other practitioners in my office have seen 60,000 visits over the last 5 years, probably 400,000 office visits in my career.

Throughout my career since 1997, I have seen ketosis be more powerful than any other diet as a general rule. I have also concluded that if your body is not allowing ketosis to occur, then there is something wrong that needs to be fixed. 

I have studied ketosis extensively, applied it to myself and had thousands of patients accomplish it to reverse or control diabetes, lose weight, and bring emotional well-being. This has led me to creating this Keto nutrition course. 

Even though it is not an “official treatment plan” from me to you – it is a great learning experience that you can use for yourself to potentially increase your health dramatically. I share this Keto nutrition course with all of my clients in combination with my other therapies.

You need to be at your healthiest at all times so when you get into a crowded place and sick people are coughing over you, you have a fighting chance. Ketosis is great at creating a bigger and bigger buffer between your health and your demise. If you get into a car accident and your body is deep in ketosis, your healing ability is far superior to someone not in ketosis. 

I do Ketosis with a twist – I include added “support supplements”. Ketosis can bring on unique challenges, especially at the beginning. Minerals, salt, and oils can help you along. 

The diet is the foundation of your health but the diet can’t fix everything. There may still be toxins and “bugs” invading your body. But first, let’s get your diet in good order. 

So let’s jump in…