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Immune problems above your neck, collar up focal infections, seep into your body and cause disease. Discover how to address your teeth, gums, tonsils, nasal cavity, ears and more for better overall body health.

​​Chronic immune system problems above the collar cause chronic symptoms throughout the rest of the body. These ailments are commonly referred to as collar up focal infections. We have seen patients reverse arthritis, constipation, bloating, Lyme symptoms, TMJ problems, leaky gut, autoimmune conditions, chronic immune weakness, and heart/chest pain by doing these actions.

The pathogenic organisms above the collar are known to travel lower to the body through the lymphatic system, blood, dripping down the throat from the sinuses or ears, or getting swallowed from the mouth. Oral “dysbiosis”, aka unfriendly bacteria in the mouth is a problem caused by bad food and smoking.

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