How to Identify the Signs and Symptoms Mold Toxicity in Your Home and Body

(and What to Do About It)


Mold Toxicity

Mold and the Various Diagnoses

Mold Toxicity

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Mold Toxicity

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Mold Toxicity

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Dr. Darren Schmidt
Nutrition Expert, Doctor of Chiropractic

Here are 7 facts about mold

Hey, it’s Dr. Darren Schmidt. I’m a chiropractor, but I’ve been focusing on nutrition since 1997. I’ve been studying it since 1993. And this is the first video in the series of four to talk about mold. In this video, I’m going to talk about seven facts you need to know about mold. I think these are the most important seven facts. And then why I know this information.


First fact is that you have to clump together these terms: mold, candida, yeast, and fungus. So, all of those are basically the same sort of organism that grows in the same way and has the same purpose and has similar effects on the body. So, first of all, just clump that together. You may have heard of people say that they’ve been diagnosed with candida or somebody’s had a yeast infection or something like that. Well, it’s all the same as mold.

toxic mold
toxic Mold


The second one is you can have an exposure to mold, let’s say in a moldy hotel room over the weekend, and now it’s growing inside you and it gets worse and worse and worse as the months and years go on if you don’t do anything about it. So, otherwise, where you work can be mold-free, where you live can be mold-free, but you know, certain species of mold do a lot of damage to the body. And if you don’t handle it, then it just gets worse and worse and you continue to get symptoms and they get worse over time.

toxic Mold


The third fact is that the purpose of mold is to get inside your body and make you lay down and die. And its job is to decompose your body like it does to the fallen trees in the woods. So, the dry rotting trees that are on the ground with mushrooms growing all around it, that’s mold’s job, and it’s trying to do that to you.

toxic Mold
mold symptoms


Mold can be a major factor in typical aging symptoms like being stiff or always being tired. It can also be a major factor in more acute situations or chronic disease situations, such as high blood pressure, food allergies, asthma, digestive problems, but we’ll get more into that information at the next video. It’s a major cause of chronic health problems for many people.

mold symptoms


Number five, 70% of buildings in the U.S. and the UK have enough mold in them to negatively affect the people in the buildings. Now, usually, that mold is hidden and sometimes you can smell it, sometimes not. So, it’s a major factor in buildings in many parts of the world.

hidden mold
hospital building mold


Number six, hospitals don’t diagnose toxic mold exposure. And I wish I was wrong. And if you know that I’m wrong, please let me know, I would love to be wrong on this. But there’s a lot of symptoms that come from having a mold exposure; having mold fungi growing in your body and conventional medicine does not address this at all. So, you could be going to a medical clinic or a hospital for particular health concern, and the cause is not being addressed because they just don’t look for it.

hospital building mold


Number seven, the problem really isn’t even mold when it comes to human health, it’s what’s called mycotoxins. So, mold releases spores, like seeds if you will and on those spores, there’s these chemicals called mycotoxins. You breathe it in, the spores, or you consume the spores let’s say with moldy food, those mycotoxins kill your tissue. And then the mold spores grow on the dead tissue. So, mycotoxins are the problem when it comes to human health, but it’s the mold that grows the mycotoxins. And really when it comes to fixing the body up, you have to address both.

hidden spaws mold

Now, why do I know this information and why am I even talking about it?

Well, I’ve been studying nutrition since 1993 and practicing it in my clinic since 1998. And that was very, very healthy until 2015. I started having severe heart problems, strong palpitations, racing pulse, tightness in my chest, pain around the back in the mid-back, I was having difficulty breathing, especially at night gasping for air.

My blood pressure started going up. I started getting left arm pain, left jaw pain. I thought I was having heart attacks. In the spring of 2016, I went to urgent care. I got 4 EKG’s in the year of 2016 and it took me one year to find the cause, and it was mold. And it was in my old office, I’ve since moved out. I sued my landlord and we settled.

And in that time period, I dealt with lawyers and I had more information than any lawyer and obviously most doctors regarding this subject. There are some medical doctors that specialize in what’s called environmental illness and they know their stuff, but I did a ton of research and I did it to save my life. And I did it to save my business too. And I was very successful and the settlement was fine.

Mold is everywhere, and you’ve probably been exposed to it!

Maybe you’ve consumed it in your food and maybe have it in your body negatively affecting your health. There are people that grow up in moldy homes. They may even see it on the walls in their bedrooms, or maybe they’ve had too many antibiotics or steroids as a child or as an adult and those medications can cause mold or fungus, yeast, whatever you want to call it to grow in your body causing problems.

There are many causes of mold, not just a leaky building with water intrusion, and then the mold starts growing from there, although that’s also a major problem. So, there are many causes of having mold in the body and there are many symptoms of having mold in the body. And this is a major factor, completely ignored in conventional healthcare. And it’s a major problem, and it’s very expensive to not know the cause. And it’s very costly to you if you’re suffering and you continue to suffer, and you’re taking medications that prop you up as your health spirals downward.

So, tomorrow we’re going to talk about more symptoms that you could possibly have caused by mold and also all the possible conditions that a medical doctor may diagnose you with and they might be missing the point and then, therefore, never getting to the cause. When you get to the cause, you open the door for correct handling and actually getting your health back. So, we’re going to go over that information tomorrow. See you in the next video.