How to Identify Mold Toxicity In Your Building and Body

(and What to Do About It)

Here are 7 facts about

Mold Toxicity

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Mold and the Various Diagnoses

Mold Toxicity

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Mold Toxicity


Mold Toxicity

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Dr. Darren Schmidt
Nutrition Expert, Doctor of Chiropractic

We’re going to talk about your options

Number one, you have to examine where you live and consider that you might have mold. You have to inspect, you have to smell, you have to look, you have to wipe things with a white cloth. This includes your attic, your basement, around in your bathroom, kitchen, maybe behind the cupboards. And you need to also consider that it might be in your car.

Sometimes cars will leak inside. Or there’s some weatherstripping that’s gone bad, or maybe you just bought a used car and it was in a flood. Where you work might be a problem and maybe you don’t own the building. Maybe you rent your house or you’re working in a building that you don’t own. And that’s a whole different animal because you have maintenance people, you have the landlord, maybe banks get involved, it can be a big deal.

If a building is water damaged and moldy, it’s a huge liability for the owner of the building, and the inhabitants can be having problems with their health, caused by that building.

These are factors to consider, but first and foremost, you have to find it. And also, you may have to recruit a professional.

Now even if you have no mold in any place where you work or live or in your car, you still may have mold fungus, yeast, candida in your body. Now you have to treat the body.

Number one, avoid foods that feed the mold. Sugars and dairy are high on that list to avoid. There’s certain condiments such as black pepper and vinegar to avoid too. There’s an antifungal diet and this diet has foods that are okay, foods that are really bad, then foods that are in the middle.

mold in our food

Now, the next step is to take supplements. And I really only have about five or six that I use all the time. They work really well. In the course I give you links that you can actually buy them yourself. So it’s a limited number of supplements, but they’re my favorite. And I’ve used them on many, many people, including myself. And I get great results with my patients and myself and have the lab results to prove it. And the symptoms go away so the person feels better. So the clinical results are there, too.


When I sued my landlord, and I was dealing with lawyers, they said that I was ‘unique’, they said I had a unique personality because they were trying to belittle and dismiss everything I said. Well, I proved to them that what I was saying was backed by research. And in the research, it says you have to take a particular therapy called binders. Binders are nutritional supplements. The lawyers are so used to dealing with medications that for me to mention supplements like binders, they were blown away. They didn’t know how to explain why I would say something like that, and then I showed them the medical research. So I get into those details in this course that I have available to you.

toxic mold exposure


In the next video, video number four, I’m going to launch a mold course. And I’m going to give you two amazing bonuses.

If you decide to take this course, you’re going to know a lot of information, on a subject that’s very much ignored. And you’ll be able to help yourself and other people around you. And you’re going to know more than 99% of all medical doctors and lawyers.

I guarantee it.

So stick around for the next video. I’ll see you tomorrow.