Chronic Illness Causes Found

by Follow The Physiology

When it comes to chronic illness there are 3 main causes you need to understand. 

But first, typically when we are not feeling well, we go to the doctor with a health problem and they perform some tests and in most cases end up prescribing a drug. 

This is typically what tends to happen, which is why we have developed a mindset that thinks if we take a drug everything will get better and go away.

A classic example is having a headache, we take a few pills and the headache goes away. Therefore we never really work out why we had a headache in the first place. We never realize that the headache could have been a message from our body trying to tell us that something is wrong. Which also means we never try to discover the cause that is directly responsible for the headache and instead we continue as normal.

This helps to highlight that there is more than just taking a pill that needs to be considered. Even though taking drugs may be needed – Do they cause any side effects? Sometimes the side effects of taking a drug can start you on a journey to a whole new set of problems.

This means if you do have some form of chronic illness then you need to look at your lifestyle and see if you can work out what you have done that could have been responsible for causing your illness.

Instead of ignoring any underlying issues, I will give you the tools so that you can make new decisions that will create a new, healthier lifestyle.

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To address these underlying issues, let’s first gain a deeper understanding of the 3 main causes of chronic illness that modern medicine sometimes doesn’t initially address.


Mercury in teeth.

The first cause of chronic disease is Toxins. Chemical and heavy metal toxins include substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chlorine, bromine, pesticides, medications, and seed oils (formerly known as vegetable oils). These toxins need to be cleaned or detoxed from the body and the best tools are nutritionally based, not drug-based to clean out chronic toxicity. (1)


The second cause of chronic disease is Pathogens: These infections can live in our bodies without us knowing it. They hide from the immune system and do not always cause “cold or flu-like symptoms”. They are not affected by or killed by common antibiotics and they can mimic our DNA so that they are camouflaged to our immune cells.


The third cause of chronic disease is processed food in the modern diet that is filled with sugars and is high in carbohydrates. Seed oils, formerly known as vegetable oils, are highly processed, highly inflammatory synthetic foods that produce disease in our bodies too. Sugar and seed oils combined have contributed to the worst epidemic of chronic disease in history, with global explosions of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

The sugar industry has tried to hide their sins (2) but the seed (vegetable) oil industry is caught red-handed. (3)

In chronic illness, there is a common set of biochemical processes that lead to anatomical changes that cause cells, tissues, and organs to die. This mechanical system operates in a series of causes and effects.

When it comes to healing your body, you have to address the 1) Causes, the 2) Mechanism, and then 3) feed your organs to get rid of the symptoms. 

There are many mechanisms but there is one single most common mechanism of chronic disease and it is called Lactic Acidosis. It is the most common mechanism because our modern diet is so high in carbohydrates. Also, pathogens and toxins are key components.

If you don’t address this, you will significantly lower your chance of optimal health. When addressed appropriately, it’s life-changing and handles the widest variety of conditions and symptoms that were never considered related. 

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(4) Here is some history of lactic acidosis: In the late 1700s “lactic acid” was discovered as a chemical compound. It was a slightly foul-smelling, thick, mucousy liquid that was reminiscent of sour milk. “Acid” indicated the smelly odor and “lactic” indicated it looked like milk.

In 1848, lactic acid was found in a majority of cadavers and in the next decade it was discovered in a majority of people with chronic disease conditions. These discoveries set the stage of medical research for the next 100 years. The main goal of doctors treating the chronically ill was to eliminate lactic acid or it’s breakdown product: lactate. 

Since the 1920’s, it has had several different names, applications, and definitions. 

I figured out lactic acidosis in March of 2016 when I unknowingly suffered from toxic mold exposure. Besides having its own toxic properties, black mold also releases lactic acid in high amounts. I suffered from this for a year before discovering that my Cause was mold.

In the meantime, I had to go back to old nutrition and medical texts and articles (5) (6) from 1930 to 1961 to understand what was happening to my body. Lactic acidosis has been forgotten since 1961 for several reasons but it is time to bring it back so we can all benefit.

So when it comes to your diet the answer is to help support your organs to reduce lactate and other wastes naturally.

Your liver cleans out 85% of the lactic acid and your Kidneys clean out a further 15%. Then you need to support all of your other organs as well because they all work together. For example, your thyroid can cause problems that can hinder your liver functions.

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