An A-HA Moment! The Cause Of Chronic Disease

by Follow The Physiology

Remember, lactic acidosis is a mechanism, not usually a cause.This is blog 5 of a series of 13.

The Common Set of Biochemical Processes

In chronic illness, there is a common set of biochemical processes that lead to anatomical changes that cause cells, tissues, and organs to die. This mechanical system operates in a series of causes and effects.

When it comes to healing your body, you have to address the 1) Causes, the 2) Mechanism, and then 3) feed your organs to get rid of the symptoms.

There are many mechanisms, but there is one single most common mechanism of chronic disease, and it is called Lactic Acidosis. It is the most common mechanism because our modern diet is so high in carbohydrates. Also, pathogens and toxins are key components.

If you don’t address this, you will significantly lower your chance of optimal health. When addressed appropriately, it’s life-changing and handles the widest variety of conditions and symptoms that were never considered related.

(1) Here is some history of lactic acidosis: In the late 1700s “lactic acid” was discovered as a chemical compound. It was a slightly foul-smelling, thick, mucousy liquid that was reminiscent of sour milk. “Acid” indicated the smelly odor and “lactic” indicated it looked like milk.

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In 1848, lactic acid was found in a majority of cadavers and in the next decade, it was discovered in a majority of people with a chronic illness. These discoveries set the stage of medical research for the next 100 years. The main goal of doctors treating the chronically ill was to eliminate lactic acid or it’s breakdown product: lactate.

Since the 1920s, lactic acid has had several different names, applications, and definitions.

Lactic Acidosis

I figured out lactic acidosis in March of 2016 when I unknowingly suffered from toxic mold exposure. Besides having its own toxic properties, black mold also releases lactic acid in high amounts. I suffered from this for a year before discovering that my Cause was mold.

In the meantime, I had to go back to old nutrition and medical texts and articles (2) (3) from 1930 to 1961 to understand what was happening to my body. Lactic acidosis has been forgotten since 1961 for several reasons but it is time to bring it back so we can all benefit.

In 1932, the definition of lactic acidosis made it applicable to every person who had a chronic health problem. It made their treatments simpler and results were better. As time went on, especially after World War 2, the nutritional research disappeared and lactic acidosis became a “pathology” rather than a nutritional problem.

lactic-acidosis-the nhcaa

After the 1970s, lactic acidosis was only applied to athletes and to very sick people who only have a few days to live. The expansive subject was well researched and well known in 1932 but after WW2, it was forgotten amongst healthcare practitioners. However, when scientists and doctors researched it, they only took a small section of the huge subject. The majority of the subject has been ignored. The small sections researched lately miss the bigger ideas. Essentially, the whole subject has been lost and only a few sections remain today and those sections have been misapplied and have taken us down the wrong path regarding individual health care.

I Thought I Was Dying

I found it in 2016 when unbeknownst to me, I had toxic mold exposure. I didn’t know it yet I suffered for a year before I discovered the mold. In the meantime, I thought I was dying and I was trying many natural products to help my symptoms.

heart palpatations lactic acidosis the nhcaa

On the night of February 3, 2016, I couldn’t sleep due to my pounding heart, and palpitations, and I couldn’t catch my breath. My blood pressure was 155/95!! My feet were swollen, I had chest pain in my heart referring down my left arm and up my left jaw! My thoughts were extremely anxious. I was basically dying and I thought it was from a heart attack yet my arteries are clean and 3 EKGs showed my heart was fine. I was scrolling through my phone wondering which hospital I should go to. “Should I call an ambulance or drive myself?”

My thoughts were crazy! “Who will mow my lawn in the summer, who will plow the snow in my driveway, I need to sell my house.” I realized these were not my normal thoughts but it was part of the disease process I was going through.

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I Found Some Answers

I survived the night and the next day was going through my notes as I had been for the last 4 months because I had been trying to fix it for that long. I found some notes from a seminar that had supplement recommendations for the heart. I took those supplements and within 2 days felt better so I knew I was on the right track! I wanted to know what was in those supplements and why they helped me. Remember, I had not yet discovered the mold. It turns out those supplements were formulated in 1934 after 9 years of feeding studies by the developer. “What was he thinking? What did he know about my body in 2016 that I didn’t know?” I started reading articles from 1930 to 1961. I had read these articles 10 years earlier but didn’t understand them at that time. But this time, I understood it because I was experiencing it. There was one paragraph in one article where I had a profound “A-HA” moment. That paragraph was from an article written in 1958 and it explained my health problem AND ALL CHRONIC DISEASE. I read it the first time and was so excited, I set the book down to run around the house. I picked the book up again to re-read the paragraph and set it down to run around the house. I did this 4 times! The formulator of the supplements that helped me was fixing lactic acidosis.

I started reading a lot of old medical and nutrition textbooks from 1911 to 1961 which explains it in detail. Other “Fathers of Medicine” also said the same thing. Examples include Dr. Otto Warburg, the Father of Physiology and Dr. Henry Harrower, the Father of Endocrinology.

Toxic mold makes lactic acid so that is why I benefitted. Nine months later, I discovered the mold and then was able to handle the CAUSE of my symptoms.

I discovered that having excess lactate in the body is called lactic acidosis and is a sign of chronic illness, the overuse of sugar as fuel, the lack of ketosis (fat burning), dirty blood, hypoxia, loss of energy production, mitochondrial dysfunction (the inability to make energy), inability to utilize oxygen, toxic mold in the body, and liver dysfunction.

lactate test lactic acidosis the nhcaa

High lactate indicates the mechanism of chronic disease is occurring which is called lactic acid cycle also known as cachexia. Cachexia is from the Greek meaning “bad habits” (4) and it is a positive risk factor for death.(5) What are the bad habits that cause cachexia and death? A bad diet high in grains and sugar. In 1932, all doctors and students of medicine knew of this problem, although it was not yet fully explained until a few years later. They knew there was lactate present in high amounts in the blood and an acidic environment. They also were discovering other chemicals involved; not just lactate.

What The Doctors Were Missing

What the doctors back then were missing was the CAUSES of chronic diseases but they talked about the mechanism. What doctors today are missing is the mechanism because they are just talking about the causes. Now we can put both together which allows us to treat the causes AND the mechanism. I have found around 150 symptoms and conditions that are caused or driven by lactic acidosis. Remember, lactic acidosis is a mechanism, not usually a cause.

The benefit of knowing about lactic acidosis is that you have a complete procedure to handle your chronic health problems. Without addressing the causes of chronic disease, chances are less that you will make a full recovery.

mechanism the nhcaa

One of the main therapies for lactic acidosis as described 85 years ago is meat and liver. Especially liver, because it has lots of B vitamins. The B vitamins in the liver help clean up the blood, and eating the liver organ itself provides cell parts to repair your liver. Your liver cleans 85% of the lactate out of the blood! Meat is important to help the body quit using sugar as a fuel. Excess sugar usage is a cause of lactic acidosis.

Our paleolithic ancestors ate the whole animal including organs. These organ foods nourished their organs to keep them healthy. In the 1930s the doctors knew that all the organs, working together, had a detoxifying effect to clean the blood. That’s why it’s important to consume multiple glands from nose to tail, whether it’s on your dinner plate or in a supplement.

Final Words

Now that you know the background of lactic acidosis as the most common mechanism of chronic disease, realize it has been missing in healthcare since 1961. Once I figured it out, everything in healthcare made sense. I had been in natural healthcare for 19 years at the time I discovered it. Afterward, all the bits and pieces related to health and disease fell into place. Everything!

Applying the correct treatments increased my results tremendously and within months, I had a 6-week waiting list of patients who wanted my care and the interest has only increased as more and more people seek help and education online rather than just taking “the next pill”.

The biggest cause of lactic acidosis, the most common mechanism of chronic disease is a high carbohydrate diet plus industrial fats that interfere with proper cell function.

Ketosis is an important factor in stopping lactic acidosis for most people – the people who got it from their “modern diet”.

Ketosis helps your body to use its own fat stores as fuel. It turns the fat into water-soluble chemicals called ketones. In general, the body runs better on ketones than it does on sugar.

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