Nutrition Fiber Myth:

You must eat whole grains to get adequate dietary fiber.

Truth on Fiber: 

Sure, grains contain fiber. The majority of grains also promote inflammation and are highly processed prior their arrival to your grocery store. Most whole grains are very high in carbohydrates and can actually create the types of problems you are trying to prevent by eating more fiber; such as constipation, high cholesterol, and colon problems

There are many healthier sources of fiber such as nuts, vegetables, and avocados. Check out this website for a larger list:  Huffington Post

The very high in fiber food that I want to bring to your attention is my new found love:  chia seeds!

These seeds are not just for your chia pet anymore. Chia seeds are very high in fiber. Just for a little point of reference for you, look at the following table of chia seed’s nutrition fiber content vs bread:


Grams of fiber per a 28 gram serving

Whole Wheat Bread  (1 slice= 28 grams)

1.9 grams

Chia Seeds (2.75 tablespoons=28 grams)

11 grams

There are many health benefits of chia seeds. Chia seeds have about 6X more fiber than whole wheat bread! Chia seeds are also low carb, high in Omega 3s and have many other health benefits.Chia Seed Nutrition

It’s very easy to integrate chia seeds into your diet. When they are soaked in a liquid they form a gel, which makes them a great thickener. You can add Chia to other foods like yogurt and even beverages you drink. I enjoy the consistency so I sometimes throw some right into my water bottle.

If you aren’t so keen on the texture, you can also sprinkle them onto salads and other foods you are eating.

Check out these recipes for chia seed pudding.  It’s a great dessert alternative and a good way to get in chia fiber. And here’s the kicker…it’s incredibly easy to make!

Chia Pudding Recipes

I use coconut milk instead of almond milk and it works just as well. You can turn this into a keto recipe by using full-fat coconut milk and eliminating fruit and sweeteners (other than monk fruit or stevia).


Dr. Amanda