You Can Be Healthy

You Can Be Healthy

As a former pharmacist turned holistic practitioner; it gives me a very interesting viewpoint on healthcare.

I became a pharmacist because I wanted a good and stable career that was meaningful and helps to better others. I wanted to help people get well.

I worked in pharmacies from the time I was 18 until I left the field at the age of 28. That was 10 years of seeing the medication side of healthcare. What I came to realize through my experience is that medications do very little towards healing bodies, but the primary result (and best case scenario much of the time) is to maintain a level of disease.

It became so real to me that I wasn’t achieving my purpose in helping people heal. And then I came to work at the NHCAA and that changed everything! The most important lesson that I have learned and want to share is…THE BODY IS MIRACULOUSLY ABLE TO HEAL ITSELF.

There are so many diseases and conditions that I was taught couldn’t heal, but only have the progression slowed. Now I know the real truth because I’ve seen it and experienced it in my own body as well as with countless patients. You can feel good!

new beginning quoteWhen the body gets the right nutrients, at the right time, for the right amount of time…the possibilities of recovery are astounding.

I have met so many new patients who think that they are too late or they have no hope due to past surgeries or poor genetics. If you find yourself thinking this, don’t succumb to this viewpoint! Come in and get a consultation for one of our nutrition health programs. You have nothing to lose, but your health to gain.

 Dr. Amanda,
Nutrition Response Practitioner

Cause of Loss of Taste

Cause of Loss of Taste

Here at The NHCAA we are always talking about eating good food.

Eating can be a very pleasurable experience, especially when you are eating healthily.

Some patients complain that they struggle with their diet because they have a loss of sense of taste. Many people who have a dulled sense of taste go for foods that have very strong flavors such as super sweet or very salty. Although there are many recommendations we can make about foods that may be more pleasing to your palates and some supplements that may help, there is a reason these patients have lost their sense of taste that needs to be uncovered. Discover what causes loss of taste below.

Some common reasons for a loss of sense of taste are chronic sinus issues, oral yeast infections, problems with the teeth or a history of smoking. Also, previous treatments with chemotherapy can damage taste and cause lost taste.

Anything that causes a loss of sense of smell also damages taste as taste and smell are closely linked. There were some nasal zinc products that were taken off the market because they were causing damage to the sense of taste.

A very common cause of loss of taste that you may not be aware of is prescription drug use.

Many people don’t realize there are medications that cause loss of taste. While practicing as a pharmacist, I found that most patients had no idea they were taking a medication that could affect their sense of smell. Part of the reason these patients aren’t being educated about this side effect is that many clinicians, such as their prescribing doctor, are unaware of this effect as well. The most common offenders are medications for high blood pressure, statins (for high cholesterol), Metformin (for blood sugar), Topamax, antidepressants and certain anti-fungal as well as antiviral medications.paleo dish

The good news is that if you have a lack of taste from taking any of these prescription medications, it is likely that after being off of the medication for an extended period of time (it could take several weeks or months), it is likely your sense of taste will return. As always, I caution you that before stopping any medication, you should consult with your medical doctor as many medications cannot be stopped abruptly and must be gradually weaned down.

Yours in health,
Dr. Amanda

Five Steps to Reducing Prescription Drugs “Side Effects”

Five Steps to Reducing Prescription Drugs “Side Effects”

Do you have “side effects” from the drugs you are taking?

Reduce prescription drugs’ side effects by reading these five steps written by a holistic pharmacist!

The definition of a side effect of a drug is any effect other than the intended effect. Anything that happens as a result of a drug that is undesirable is labeled as a “side effect.”

Side effects of prescription drugs are unavoidable. As a Doctor of Pharmacy, I know medicine and drugs have the ability to help people who need them. However, their good effects are very limited. Helping people reduce the need for most if not all, prescription drugs should be the true goal of healthcare. Here is a list of tips to reduce your medications’ side effects and hopefully minimize the need for any or most of them. Learn how to reduce the side effects of medicine below.

  1. Make healthy lifestyle changes. The primary change that aids in reducing the side effects of medicine on the body is a healthy diet. Healthy eating is rich in protein, healthy fats, vegetables and low in carbohydrates, processed foods, and sugar. I cannot think of a single medical condition that is not aggravated by eating sugar and refined carbohydrates. Other healthy changes include drinking plenty of water, using Celtic sea salt instead of table salt and exercise regularly.
  2. Talk to your healthcare provider about lowering and potentially weaning off your prescriptions. Most drugs cause more side effects at higher doses. In my experience, many people are at a much higher dose than needed for symptom relief. In fact, it’s been my observation that less than 5 percent of all drugs prescribed are necessary.
  3. Take gentle detoxification supplements. Medications must be filtered out of the body and eliminated. If the body is not efficiently clearing these substances out, it can increase the pharmaceutical drugs’ side effects. Most drugs are eliminated primarily by the kidneys or the liver. There are many whole food and herbal supplements that can support the body in these filtering functions. Whenever drug detoxification is involved, you should be monitored by a licensed health care practitioner well versed in the application of supplements for detoxification.
  4. Educate yourself. Make sure you read and research all side effects of your prescriptions online or in the packaging from the pharmacy. You need to be able quickly to identify what is happening if you do experience “side effects.” Make sure to check online many medicines’ side effects go unreported and do not make it into the official labeling. You can just type the drug name plus the word “side effects.” Another resource is
  5. Heal your body naturally for symptom relief. The majority of medications target symptoms and do not facilitate healing. When you have a symptom, it is a cry for help from your body. This S.O.S. is an indication of underlying organ dysfunction and nutritional deficiencies. A targeted whole food supplement program individualized for you through Nutrition Response Testing will help support and heal the stressed organs.

I am a trained pharmacist and NRT practitioner. I have helped many improve their health by getting off drugs and implementing a whole food program along with the appropriate supplements specific to their body’s needs.

Dr. Amanda
Your Wholistic Pharmacist

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Heart Disease Is Not Caused By A “Statin Deficiency”

Heart Disease Is Not Caused By A “Statin Deficiency”

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the number 1 cause of death in the United States is heart disease.

With a health crisis like this on the loose, the finger must be pointed somewhere and it has been incorrectly pointed at eating fat. We have all heard from our Medical Doctors, TV, magazine and all the best hospitals and health “experts” that high cholesterol is the cause of heart attacks and strokes. We have become convinced we should avoid eating any saturated fats, butter, and eggs. With all these messages warning us of the ever-present dangers of high cholesterol and the risk of death from heart disease so high, people get understandably anxious about their cholesterol levels.

The standard medical route addresses high cholesterol by prescribing a class of drugs called Statins.

Originally, these drugs were only given to people who had already experienced a stroke or heart attack to prevent a second occurrence. Currently, the trend has changed and statins are being prescribed freely to both people with only slightly elevated cholesterol levels and people who are perfectly healthy in hopes of preventing stroke and heart attack.

This is not only completely unwarranted but dangerous and health damaging. Although generally promoted as safe, statin drugs have very dangerous and potentially fatal side effects. The true range and significance of the side effects were not expressed in clinical trials because many of these studies excluded people who could not tolerate the drug from their final results. So, as with all too many drug studies they are skewed in favor of potential profits instead scientifically proven life-saving or health improving properties.

The most common adverse effect of statin therapy is unexplained muscle weakness and pain.

This side effect is highly significant because it can indicate that muscle tissue is being destroyed and can lead to shutting down the kidneys and ultimately death.

Although these drugs are supposed to protect the heart, they may destroy its tissue because the heart itself is a muscle. If muscle pain is severe, patients are often fortunate enough to link it to the drug and stop their therapy. The problem is many people have low-grade muscle pain and weakness they attribute to other conditions or aging so they continue with the statin drugs and never discover the actual cause…which, of course, is the drugs themselves. In fact, there are other dangers of statin drugs.

Other common side effects are headache, stomach pain and nausea. These drugs often do damage to the liver and kidneys.

The longer statins have been around and the more this list grows longer the longer these drugs are on the market. Statin dangers include problems such as hormonal imbalances, joint pain, memory loss, as well as “psychiatric” conditions such as depression, sleep disorders and nightmares.

The truth of the matter is high cholesterol is not the cause of heart attack and stroke, but a symptom of other underlying problems.

fatty food cures statin deficiencyBelieve it or not, the real culprit is not fat or “statin deficiency”! High cholesterol is caused by a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates. The good news is you can fix it safely, effectively, and without harmful drugs! This can be achieved by a good diet (yes…you can eat eggs and butter!), exercise and whole foods supplements such as Cyruta.

Dr. Amanda,
Wholistic PharmD

Options To Become A Long Distant Patient

Iodine – the Fountain of Youth? (Part Two)

Iodine – the Fountain of Youth? (Part Two)

In chemistry, there is a group of elements that look similar but are not the same.

These elements are iodine, bromine, fluorine, and chlorine. They are in the same column in chemistry’s periodic table of elements that are called the halogens.

Drug makers attach these halogens to drugs because they help the drug cross through fatty tissues like cell walls. Without it, drugs would get cleared out of the body through the liver. With halogens, drugs bypass the liver. They could use iodine which is very nutritious, but they choose the other halogens so they can patent the new drug formula.

These halogens are very dangerous because they cause disease, and they push iodine out of the body whose deficiency is another cause of sickness. Many household products and medications have these halogens in the ingredients. Learn about low iodine causes and symptoms as well as how to increase iodine below.


Fluorine data:

Fluorine is one of the most reactive elements in the universe. It is extremely toxic. Sarin gas is made from fluorine and is 500 times more toxic than cyanide, the gas used in the Nazi death camps. Sarin is so toxic; even Hitler wouldn’t use it.

Flonase and Flovent are two examples of asthma/sinus drugs made from fluorine.

There are 30 antibiotics made from fluorine. They are called Fluoroquinolones. They “are the most toxic and dangerous antibiotic in clinical practice today.”

“Some 30 percent to 50 percent of all pharmaceuticals now contain fluorine” –New, clean, cheap way to help make drugs. UPI Science News – 9-5-2002

“As many as 30−40% of agrochemicals contain fluorine.” – Chemical and Engineering News article entitled Fabulous Fluorine – June 2006

Other fluorine-containing products that are toxic and should be avoided include your tap water and toothpaste; just read your toothpaste label to find out for yourself how poisonous it is. There are hundreds of medications made from fluorine!

Here’s a link that lists over 300 pesticides made from fluorine.

Fluoride poisoning has the same 181 symptoms as iodine deficiency.

Chlorine data:

Low iodine can cause joint pain.

The painkiller Celebrex is made from fluorine and acetaminophen is made with chlorine.

“Other drugs made from chlorine include drugs for heart disease, hypertension, cancer, AIDS, arthritis, pneumonia, depression, diabetes, allergies, meningitis, glaucoma, osteoporosis, and ulcers.

85% of all pharmaceuticals contain or are made using chlorine.”  –

Bromine data:soda

There are many bromides or bromine-based medications on the market although they all need a prescription. One is for bladder dysfunction. The other is for a disease that causes muscle weakness. Both of these symptoms are related to an iodine deficiency and low functioning thyroid.

Besides medications, bromine is used as a fire retardant in mattresses, drapes, carpet, and TVs. It is found in food (pop and bread) and cosmetics.

The biggest source of bromine is bread. Instead of using the very nutritious potassium iodine, bread manufacturers use potassium bromate which is hazardous to your health. It has been proven to cause cancer in laboratory  (including thyroid tumors) animals for two decades. Bromate is banned in the UK and Canada but in the US the FDA has merely asked bakers to voluntarily stop using it. Also, yellow pop like mountain dew has bromated vegetable oil and that harms the thyroid tremendously.

What you can do for yourself:

Research has shown the average American needs 12mg to 50mg per day to replenish proper stores of iodine in the body. These quantities are thousands of times higher than the USDA recommends. These amounts are rarely found in health food stores or pharmacies. It is best to be properly muscle-tested for iodine levels in your body, then take the proper dose and be fully supported with other holistic therapies.

There is only one valid laboratory test that measures iodine content in the body. It’s called the iodine load test and has only been around since 2000. We have this test available at our office, or you can order it online, without a doctor’s prescription.

A medical doctor in Michigan named Dr. Brownstein has used that test on 5,000 patients and has shown that 75% of Americans are deficient in Iodine. He is the best resources for valid and reliable iodine research: and

To Summarize

This is a dirty secret of the pharmaceutical companies exposed for the first time in decades. Instead of replenishing iodine, we’ve been given the other halogens which are very poisonous.

Supplementing nutrients that you are deficient in is one of the smartest things you can do. It’s an investment that wards off the plague of surgery and medications that are sweeping our nation.

Iodine should be at the top of your list of vital nutrients to supplement. Others include omega-3 oil, vitamin D, and whole-food vitamin B.

Avoiding the five big toxins is essential too: white sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils, msg, and the newest poison is known as GMOs or genetically modified food. It is imperative to buy your produce at farmer’s markets and natural/organic grocery stores.

To put it in perspective, Iodine deficiency is present in 75% of Americans and is linked with at least four cancers and 181 symptoms. It is a medical and health travesty that needs to be addressed by all doctors in this country!  According to, there are only hundreds of doctors using the iodine load test out of 800,000 M.D.’s and chiropractors.

As a comparison, Vitamin D deficiency is in 98% of Americans and is linked to 17 different types of cancers but only about ten other symptoms – ouch. This also needs to be addressed. Your doctor must test you.

Take Action

If you are on any medication, Google the “drug name + bromine”, “drug name + chlorine” and “drug name + fluorine” to see what’s in your drug.

Make the right decisions. Go to the right doctors – the ones that prescribe medicine (or better yet recommend real food and nutrition) that is closest to nature. There’s a big difference in results when you compare the doctors who follow nature’s path versus the doctors that are prescribing what the last pharmaceutical rep was pushing during their free lunch. One results in improved function and better health the other results in suppressed symptoms and slow or fast demise.

Come to the Nutritional Healing Center for healthcare the way Mother Nature intended!  We have waded through the sludge of health data as seen on tv, in ads, drug commercials, multi-levels and profit-centered corporate propaganda. We discover the most important truths for your benefit and have discarded the false and unimportant data so you can get well and be happy, strong and remain physically young for a long time.

Yours In health,
Dr. Schmidt

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Is Iodine the Fountain of Youth? (Part One)

Is Iodine the Fountain of Youth? (Part One)

Over 75% of Americans are deficient in iodine.

The consumption of iodine has decreased 50% in the last 30 years. Various additives in food, tap water, medicines and consumer products actually push iodine nutrition out of the body creating an even greater deficiency.

There are dozens of iodine deficiency symptoms. This includes high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, recurring infections, weight gain, fatigue, asthma, ADHD, and constipation.

The pharmaceutical industry is dependent on you being deficient in iodine.

There are 181 possible symptoms of iodine deficiency. Before you let anyone prescribe a pharmaceutical drug to “fix” any of these you need to make sure a simple nutrient is really not what’s missing.

iodine_lugolIodine was put into supplement form in 1829 by a Frenchman named, Dr. Lugol. This formula still exists today and is known as Lugol’s solution. It is considered to be the first “Western medicine” ever. It was used to shrink enlarged thyroids (goiters), cure hyperactive and underactive thyroids, and shrink tumors (cancer) of the thyroid, breast, and prostate. By 1956, there were 1,700 different iodine preparations. It was used as a panacea since it fixes almost everything!

The drug companies started to attack it in the 1960s. Now you can’t even get it at a pharmacy! Also, medical schools started teaching their students that iodine is harmful but this is simply not true.

Why has this deception continued? It’s because drug companies make money on this falsehood. It’s not just a little bit of money- it’s a cornerstone of their total income!

Yours in health,
Dr. Schmidt

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