7 Improving Health Steps That Are Applicable And Doable

7 Improving Health Steps That Are Applicable And Doable

This Improving Health Steps blog is part 4 in a series of 8 that make up Chapter 1 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

Our 7 Improving Health Steps Without Drugs

7 improving health steps without drugs

It’s not really our fault that our health is so poor. The whole system is designed to keep you unhealthy. There is an extreme lack of knowledge in the field of health improvement. There is quite frankly, too much information on drugs compared to natural health improvement. 

As an example, everyone knows you “should” take a pain-killing drug if you have pain, but no one knows what foods cause pain or prevent it from going away. Foods like refined grains and vegetable oils cause pain. Chemicals in plants such as oxalates in spinach, gluten in grains, lectins in beans can cause pain. Foods like meat and liver stop the pain. 

We grow up being told that drugs fix you; without drugs, you die. This is true in the Emergency Room or to save your life, but this stops us from trying to prevent chronic illness. 

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We take it as normal that a large percentage of the population is suffering from chronic disease such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cancer, mental problems, and overweight. 

And we take it as normal that the answer is “Take a Drug”.

It is up to you to build the foundation of your own health.

There are 7 applicable and doable steps to improving health. I have been studying natural healthcare since 1993 and have seen many of these systems. Most of them are weak and not doable. However, these 7 steps are the most clinically appropriate and they get the best results. 

Trust me on this… 

When I consult with a patient, I am thinking with ALL the supplements I have ever studied. I am thinking with ALL the possible dietary modifications I have ever known and seen. 

It’s not like I read an article or took a weekend seminar and now it’s the “new thing” or “latest trend” that everyone needs to take. My approach is based on the best of the best and it will continue to get better.

Chapter 1 of the eBook is about ‘Avoiding Chronic Disease’ – To download your free copy – click the button:

How to Improve Your Health Naturally in 7 Steps:

diet is one of the 7 improving health steps

1)   Diet

There are many diets I use and may recommend but the most common diet is the low carb diet. Our modern food supply is high in carbohydrates and sugar and this is without a doubt the biggest cause of chronic disease. The consumption of vegetable oils (seed oils) is a close second.

2)   Increase in Energy Production

The energy of your body is made inside mitochondria which are inside your cells. We have the technology to increase this energy production. This technology includes herbs and specific detoxification supplements. Without this abundant energy production, all else is for naught. 

3) Drainage

Drainage is the natural process the body does to clean itself. The organs most involved in drainage are (in order) the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, and sinuses. However, let’s not forget about the lymphatic system- it is the sewer system of the body that is working all the time and I am forever helping people enhance this system. 

4) Parasites In The Intestines

You probably have parasites in your intestines! How do I know this? Because you live on planet earth. The best supplements I have ever seen to clean out parasites were released onto the market in 2016. At the very least, taking these supplements will clean your intestines of other things that don’t belong in there. 

5) Body Parasites

These are organisms throughout your body from head to toe. They could be hiding in your sinuses, brain, feet, fingers, lymph, anywhere. They have to come out after the intestines have been cleaned.

6) Systemic Detoxification of Heavy Metals, Chemicals, and Radioactive Elements. 

The toxins mentioned here need to come out after parasites are removed. Why? Because parasites hold onto these toxins. A parasitic worm can hold onto 5 or 6 times its body weight in heavy metals!

The radioactive elements include uranium from the Cold War era and Radium which is a byproduct of uranium and is 3,000 times more dangerous. Half the population of the U.S. is drinking water with excessively high amounts of radium. No one talks about this but it is a major health crisis and there are solutions. 

7) Organisms INSIDE The Cells.

Improve health with step number 7. Get organisms out.

“Lyme Disease” is a catch-all phrase that describes organisms that live inside your cells. There are about 80 of them and they hate living in the bloodstream although they could live inside red blood cells. They can enter your body through a mosquito bite then they drive themselves deep into your body where there is less blood such as the central nervous system and joints. Therefore, people who have “Lyme” get horrible fatigue and joint pain commonly as part of their symptoms.  

As You Go Through The 7 Improving Health Steps

As I guide people through these 7 steps, the positive changes occur at different times for different people.  Some greatly benefit from phase 1 or the beginning phases of care and we spend most of our initial time there. Other people may be eliminating parasites in the intermediate phases for many, many months with great results. Others get tremendous relief of arthritis in phase 7 or an advanced phase. Each phase is very important but one or more may be more important for you. 

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How do you know which step you’ll get the most benefit from? 

Go through all the 7 applicable and doable phases appropriately – in order – and find out by experiencing them. 

The top 2 tools for healing are diet and supplements.
Let’s break down the subject of supplements so you have a good understanding of this very important tool.

There are 5 categories of supplements:

  • Vitamins to make positive changes occur within the body
  • Minerals form the structure of your body
  • “Special Dirt” for detoxification
  • Glandulars to feed your organs
  • Herbs to help kickstart positive biochemical changes

These actions are not magical fairy dust, they are incredible tools Mother Nature has used since the beginning of time to keep life going optimally.

Apply these 7 applicable and doable steps and you will be on your path to optimal health!

How The NHCAA Is Different From Other Doctors

How The NHCAA Is Different From Other Doctors

This How The NHCAA Is Different blog is part 3 in a series of 8 that make up Chapter 1 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

We treat patients differently than other doctors. Our holistic medical approach has some fundamentals:

The NHCAA id different because we provide the utmost support for healing 24/7
Excellent service and support on your health journey.

  1. We know your body can heal itself.
  2. Our practitioners use the 2 most powerful tools given to us by Mother Nature- diet and supplements.
  3. We monitor and make changes quickly to continue the increase in your health.
  4. Our therapies do not have nasty side effects like medications do.
  5. We can use multiple supplements all at once without any harm since they are concentrated foods. The benefits are compounded.
  6. We have the knowledge and ability to utilize many different diets. We find the right food combination that best suits your body, unlike some practitioners who can only recommend one diet.

Combining all of these fundamentals makes your results outstanding. Since there are no drugs, you are avoiding unwanted side effects and it’s easy to get positive results whether you come to the office or talk to us on the phone.

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Side Effects Happen When Your Body Is Healing

The only side effects you could experience are wanted side effects.

For example, if you are cleansing your body of parasites you may have fatigue for a day. Then the next day a 12 inch worm comes out. This side-effect has happened to some of my patients. 

Ketosis may have some side effects and if you get them, we know you are deficient in minerals.

Detoxification of metals has caused bowel movements to smell nasty– a side effect that shows it is working.

The nhcaa is different because detoxing is part of the healing process

Detoxification of chemicals can make your urine smell like chemicals- another side effect that we want to have. We actually had a patient whose urine turned blue for a week!

Another wanted side effect is increased sweating. Multiple patients have reported that now their skin sweats whereas they couldn’t sweat for many years. They can now sweat a normal amount when it is appropriate. 

The way we think regarding the care of your health works face to face or over the phone. We have talked to people all around the world; in all the continents except Antarctica so far. 

The NHCAA Offers Phone Visits, Which Is Different

We set up the phone visits in groups of three.

The first call is 30 minutes and follow-up calls are 20 minutes. Depending on what you need, we can talk to you 4 to 5 weeks after your first call or sooner. After that, if your program is going well, we may talk to you in 6 weeks and we spread the visits out further as time goes on.  

A maintenance schedule would be one phone call every 4 to 6 months. 

We ship supplements all over the world or they can be picked up locally.

We also have a “travel package” where people fly in for 3 visits in 2 days or a “heart travel package” which is 5 visits in 3 days. These travel packages can be at the beginning of your program with us or they can occur many months after you have already talked to us on the phone.

Chapter 1 of the eBook is about ‘Avoiding Chronic Disease’ – To download your free copy – click the button:

The NHCAA medical approach is different from other doctors because we aim for the Ideal Scene for your health.

We try to be flexible with your schedule and at the same time accomplish what you need for your health improvement. We set up an “ideal scene” for your visits and try to accomplish it. For some people, it is ideal to see us once a week for 4 weeks, then every other week for the next two months. Regarding others, I talk to them on the phone and our next phone call isn’t for another two months. 

With all our patients, it is important to study our material. We have courses, lectures, e-books, and social media posts. What we are trying to impart is a new culture or mindset to you regarding healthcare. 

This new mindset is actually old! It is the long-term healthcare approach from 90 years ago, prior to the pharmaceutical takeover beginning after WW2. Modern medicine’s approach is very short term. So, to increase your health over time, the older model is applied. 

Just changing your diet and taking supplements is part of the program. But learning why you are doing it, the history, and some physiology is very helpful and is also part of your program.

Moving Forward To Improve Your Health

Or office is different because we want you to remain focused on accomplishing vital health

If you would like to move forward and take advantage of this opportunity, please call 734-302-7575 to schedule your phone appointment, make the payment, and receive the New Patient Paperwork. Feel free to email [email protected] to inquire as well.

The best approach or mentality to have for your overall healthcare is to focus on what you are doing between doctor’s visits. If you are doing healthy things, your health will improve and the MD visits will be boring. There are no bad things to report and there are no dangerous drugs to take. 

If you are unsuccessful in improving your health, you get a bad report card – an “F” – and you end up on drugs as a “punishment”. The psychiatric drugs, heart meds, diabetes, and pain drugs can typically be replaced with an AWESOME health improvement program. I call this Hardcore Holistic Nutrition. 

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How The NHCAA Is Different

If you take care of yourself daily with proper diet, supplements, and herbs you get legitimate health benefits which means the urgency to visit your MD is reduced and when you do, you get an “A+” result.

Be responsible so you don’t end up taking drugs as “punishment”. We can guide you through your health journey and we keep you accountable to us so you get good results.

Form New Habits

Nhcaa is different because we aim to get people to feel their best.

The ultimate goal is to change your habits. Healthy habits to be natural. You won’t have to think about what to do to be healthy. You will automatically find yourself wanting to do it. This means you start going to the best grocery stores, you understand how you feel after eating certain foods. This means it begins to feel natural to walk down the correct aisles and pick the best food. 

You want to continue to move towards your optimal health so taking supplements 3 times a day becomes a normal part of life. You will find it easier to establish an exercise routine that you enjoy because your energy levels will be so much higher. These new habits help to build a healthier lifestyle that ultimately leads you towards achieving your optimal health goals and enjoying a longer happier life.

Every person most certainly needs a different combination of diet and supplements. 

The possibilities are endless, but we are addressing specific immune system support, toxin removal, organ support, and all the possibilities within these categories. There are also multiple diets we could recommend and we are considering all of them, not just the latest diet we read about online. 

Our Office Provides The Best Solution For You!

The office stocks around 800 different products in our inventory and we are thinking with EACH ONE when we make recommendations for you. We are thinking with all possibilities of diet and supplements. We got your back!

Out of all the possible therapies and combinations of products and diets, we know what to give you based on the answers that you provide when we ask about your history. This timeline history gives us a good understanding of your symptoms in chronological order with possible causes.

If you are a patient who is visiting the office – we include a muscle testing procedure. This procedure is quick, non-invasive, and very informative. It gets very specific and helps us determine which organs need help, why, and how to fix them with the goal of real health improvement.

Common Symptoms and How Health Visits Work at The NHCAA

Common Symptoms and How Health Visits Work at The NHCAA

This How Health Visits Work blog is part 2 in a series of 8 that make up Chapter 1 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

Five Common Health Symptoms We See Our Patients Have

Man feeling depressed, overweight, and no motivation.

When coming in for their first health visit at The NHCAA, the patients that see me have one or more of 5 very common health symptoms but there are many more.

The 5 common symptoms are:

  • Pain
  • Overweight
  • Depression
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Fatigue


The pain is usually longer than 3 months old, meaning it’s chronic. The pain is a signal from your body trying to tell us something. We just need to decipher it. 

This pain can be anywhere in the body. It includes headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, and abdominal pain. This pain could be caused by past physical traumas that aren’t healing, a bad diet, or it is a side effect of medications.

If you want to read the entire eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!” – Click here to download:

We use pain in a beneficial way to determine where to go with your health improvement plan. It opens the door to lead us into a solution for the most urgent conditions. 


Being overweight or obese is not a disease but rather a symptom from several potential causes. Eating too much fat or carbohydrates, medications, toxicity, or hormonal imbalance can cause the symptom of weight gain or inability to lose weight.   


Depression is a lack of happiness or worse. Many people think their depression is “just me” or “it’s just how I am” but there are causes of depression that we can address nutritionally. 

We expect the depression to lift over the course of the first few weeks or months as your body gets healthier. A healthy brain occurs along with the body. Just remember, depression is not a death sentence requiring daily poisonous medications. It is a signal from your body that something needs help. Our job is to decipher the signal. 

We can help you if you lack motivation or are depressed.

The lack of motivation is the inability either mentally or physically to get started on a project like vacuuming the house or changing habits such as stopping sugar. I’ve had people tell me that their brain wants to get started on a project, but their body doesn’t follow. Likewise, people have told me their body feels healthy, but they just don’t have the mental motivation to start something new-and they are not depressed. 

Lack of Motivation:

If we don’t figure out the signal called lack of motivation, that is a huge barrier to healing because it can prevent someone from tackling the project of improving their health. 


Fatigue might be the most common symptom people come to me with. There are different types of fatigue that come from different areas of the body. Is your fatigue from the adrenal glands, cerebellum, heart, or diet? This question needs to be figured out so we can open the door for healing.

Chapter 1 of the eBook is about ‘Avoiding Chronic Disease’ – To download your free copy – click the button:

How Health Visits Work

When you decide to contact the office, we will discuss dates and help you book your appointment. Typically we run with a 4-week waiting list which means the sooner you contact the office the sooner you can book in a slot. We have many different options for appointments. If you live local, come into the office. If you are not, you can do a Distance Phone Appointment or we have a Travel Package where you come to our office for intensive visits over 3-5 days. 

Along with the regular administrative paperwork, we have you fill out a health survey so we can better understand your health. This survey was designed by me to get a greater understanding of your health and symptoms. This survey is a great tool for us to know what we are starting with. Getting this back to us quickly is an important step. 

The NHCAA front desk performs a lot of tasks to help you get your health back

Watch Dr. Schmidt Videos

My front desk staff will also send you a list of educational videos to watch. It is important that you watch these videos. There are 5 videos and watching these will greatly enhance and improve your healing journey. 

First Health Visit

When you come into the office, we first perform a computer test called the Heart Sound Recorder which measures your overall health through your heart function.

Then we ask you about your health history in the form of a timeline. It is called Timeline History. We are looking for symptoms and dates when they occurred. We are looking to see if there are an identifiable cause and effect. 

After the Timeline History, we perform the “muscle testing” procedure to find out what your body has to say. The muscle testing procedure tells us which organs need help, why, and how to fix them.

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Second Visit – Report of Findings

The above occurs during the first visit, called the New Patient Visit. This is where we gather information. The second visit is called the Report Of Findings Visit where we give you a report of our findings. In other words, we tell you everything we found, our assessment, and we explain how the program works including timing between visits, costs, and what we expect of you. 

We talk about your diet at the end of each health visit.

Once you understand the journey and what is entailed, we start together on your health improvement program.

Long Distance Patient Health Visit

If you are a long-distance patient and we are talking over the phone, we do not do the computer test or muscle testing procedure. We rely on symptoms as indicators to know how your body is working. Another very important tool is called monitoring which means seeing how your body responds once you make a change. For example, if you start a supplement and feel better, we know that it is working and you should stay on it. If you change your diet and feel worse, we need to address that appropriately. 

A long-distance patient still gets amazing results because we have viewpoints and tools that other doctors don’t have.

Get Well From Long Term Health Problems

Get Well From Long Term Health Problems

This Long Term Health Problems blog is part 1 in a series of 8 that make up Chapter 1 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

Dr. Schmidt Focuses on Nutrition

My name is Dr. Darren Schmidt, and I am a Doctor of Chiropractic who has been focusing on nutrition since my career began in the mid-1990s. This has led me to discover something that has personally saved my life, changed thousands of my patients’ lives, and now I want it to help change your life as well. Learn how to recover your health today!

Dr. Schmidt on His Family Farm

Dr. Schmidt worked with his father on the family farm and learned a lot about mother nature.

As a young kid, I started working on my family’s farm that was started by my great grandfather in 1937. I spent 17 summers there. All my great uncles, cousins, my grandfather, father, and his brothers were a team of entrepreneurs. I learned the viewpoint of an entrepreneur, and I knew that I could run my own business. I also knew from day one that farming was not for me. 

When I was under the age of 9, I would spend some days following my dad around. One day, in the farm’s office, my uncle came in to report there was potato beetle larva growing on the leaves in one of the fields. They were about the size of a dot you make with a sharp pencil on paper. 

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My dad pushed himself away from the desk and said: “I just sprayed that field last week!”. 

I guess that was my epiphany moment – a moment that remains clear to me this very day – over the following years I focused on deciphering that problem…

Battle Between Mother Nature and Man-Made Chemicals

There was a battle going on between Mother Nature and Man-Made Chemicals. And in this scenario – Mother Nature (the potato beetle) was winning. Instead of my father working with Mother Nature for healthy foods and crops he relied on Man-Made Chemicals – that failed him.

Ideally, we would like our doctors to work with Nature - in harmony with the body.

And now I see a very similar scenario occurring within our healthcare system. We rely on doctors who are working with man-made poisons to fight against the human body (mother nature) and unfortunately, they too sometimes fail. Ideally, we would need our doctors to work with Nature – in harmony with the body – and use an ever-changing combination of natural and (if needed) chemicals to ultimately achieve better health for us all. 

My journey began when I attended Ohio State University and the National College of Chiropractic. I went on to start my own business right out of school in 1997. Over the next decades, I grew my practice year over year discovering and applying the legitimate power of hardcore holistic nutrition. 

Chapter 1 of the eBook is about ‘Avoiding Chronic Disease’ – To download your free copy – click the button:

Dr. Schmidt Has Treated Thousands of Patients with Long Term Health Problems

Here we are today. I’ve treated tens of thousands of patients with thousands of life-improving testimonials of positive transformations. Each improvement is a lesson that – working with nature – is the answer. What we are doing works and the feedback and exciting results make it easy to continue on in practice and to continue learning.

By reading this ebook, I’m sharing with you the highlights of what’s been working.

Enjoy this ebook and I look forward to talking to you one day soon. 

Before we start …

I’d like to ask you a few questions, just to see if you are in the right place! 

Question #1 – Do you suffer from any chronic symptoms such as pain, overweight, depression, lack of motivation, fatigue or anything you have had for more than 3 months?

Q #2 – Are you interested in finding out what your body is trying to tell you through your symptoms? 

Q #3 – Do you want to find out HOW hundreds of thousands of patients have achieved life-changing results – so you can do the same?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this information is for you. You are about to learn the tools that will change the course of your life, as it has for me and as I witness on a daily basis with the patients I treat. 

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Regarding Long Term Health Problems

The NHCAA figures out the problems of your health.

Since 1997, I have consulted tens of thousands of patients and I have started to see patterns emerge regarding how to heal from chronic illness.  

The patients that see me have one or more of 5 very common symptoms.  

There are 3 major causes of chronic illness.

There is one major mechanism of chronic illness.

Lastly, feeding the body’s organs is how you get rid of symptoms. 

When we apply these tenants, we get results. Patients get well from their long term health problems.