Learn How to Improve Your Health At The NHCAA

Learn How to Improve Your Health At The NHCAA

This hardcore holistic nutrition blog is part 2 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 3 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

Rules That Guide Our Thoughts On Improving Your Health

Now that we have all the results from the survey, timeline history, muscle testing procedure and any lab results, we interpret them in our holistic way. We have fundamental rules that guide our thoughts:

  • There are nutritional deficiencies and toxicities that need to be addressed.
Bodies can heal themselves the nhcaa
  • The body can heal itself.
  • Pharmaceuticals are a major factor in causing symptoms.
  • Diet is the foundation of health; nutritional supplements are supplemental to a good diet.
  • For some people, pathogens and toxins are equal or more important compared to diet.
  • The muscle testing procedure gives us details for supplement recommendations.

Record Your Diet

The first action step that we take even before completion of the testing procedures is to have you record your diet and maybe make some small changes. You can record your diet on paper or in a diet tracking app such as cronometer.com. 

cronometer the nhcaa

Examples of the initial food choice changes:

  • If you are eating obvious junk food, we ask that you start to decrease that slowly although most people do it quickly or they already did it a long time ago.
  • Increase protein intake
  • Increase or decrease fat intake
  • Consume more salt, mineral water, or electrolytes
  • Shop at better stores for food

Beyond these light, initial diet changes and with the foundational principles mentioned above, we now have created a detailed plan for you. 

Based on the results we have determined what core areas to focus on.

The main areas we focus on to improve your health naturally: 

—Pathogens that negatively affect your immune system such as fungus, viruses, parasites

—Toxins that poison your body such as chemicals and metals.

—Bad Food choices such as sugar, “seed oils”, and refined grains.

—Feeding one or more organs with specific nutrients to help them repair and function well. 

—And more…

Supplements are the other way, besides diet, to treat yourself everyday. Based on your needs, the supplements feed your body to do different things. 

The supplements are primarily concentrated food filled with nutrients that might be missing to accelerate healing. You can consider most of them to be “Organ-Specific Groceries”  

There are 5 categories of supplements:

supplements heal the body the nhcaa
  • Vitamins. The era of vitamin discovery was from 1911 to WW2 and has not been completed. Therefore, synthetic multivitamins are sub-par for health improvement which is why we use concentrated whole foods in a tablet form.
  • Minerals. Different organs need different minerals and we use minerals to accomplish various effects.
  • “Special Dirt” provides detoxification abilities that food can’t do. This category is called “Special Dirt” because there are components in soil that act as a filter to clean.
  • Glandulars. These are dehydrated, concentrated animal glands that feed your organs. Our ancestors used to eat glands all the time, but we don’t anymore.
  • Herbs. These are specific parts of plants that provide chemicals the plants made for their survival. These chemicals also help your body to do something positive.

This is how you are treating yourself. You are in charge and the closer you are to adhering to the recommendations, the greater your chances of success.

If you are ready to start your own health improvement program, contact us.

Your success is definitely dependent on how active you are with the recommendations and how educated you are. 

It is part of your responsibility to learn, learn, learn. 

We help you understand your body and your own situation. In our recommendations of what to do, we also discuss subjects to learn about. Together, we look at subjects so you can take control of your health. Ask us questions, search online, see our courses and our videos. 

The essence of learning is this: looking up definitions of words. Learning new words can help you understand why we are making these small changes to your lifestyle. You become enlightened to a new way of living that makes improvements in your health and in more ways. 

Your previous knowledge becomes less relevant or even deleted because you start to understand there are many fake messages such as “eggs cause disease”. 

You also start to understand what’s important such as which organs you should focus on improving, and what aspect of your diet to focus on. 

Combining your intellectual knowledge with your body’s “messaging” is the key to knowing how to improve your health naturally. As you make changes, your body responds with symptoms. For example, decreasing certain foods may change your energy levels and mood. Your body is telling you something. Paying attention and reporting these changes is vital for success. This is why we work together to monitor your health to continue to seek improvement. 

There are many general rules in health improvement. One of the easiest to understand but not always the easiest to do is to cut back on sugar. We are slowly cutting back on one of the main causes of chronic disease. 

It is well accepted that sugar and processed food cause health problems but in medicine it’s not being addressed. Doctors are more likely to ignore this whole subject of diet and if they do it’s just a command. Whereas we implement a whole strategy and training with you to get your diet right for your body. This may last a few weeks or even months. As you monitor your own health, you start to feel the positive changes for yourself. 

What’s Actually Causing Your Symptoms?

What’s Actually Causing Your Symptoms?

This hardcore nutrition blog is part 1 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 3 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

Two Causes of Disease

What causes symptoms? When it comes to your Hardcore Holistic Nutrition there are 2 causes of disease. The first is not enough of the good stuff (nutritional deficiencies) and the second is too much of the bad stuff (toxicities).

prescription pills prop up your body and handles symptoms

You might be surprised to find out that even medications are toxic and a major factor in causing chronic illness symptoms.

Your diet is the foundation of your health which means you need to be eating foods that your body loves. 

Supplements To Detoxify

Nutritional supplements are important too but the diet comes first. The nutritional supplements are supplemental to a good diet. These supplements do very powerful things like detoxifying metal and chemical poisons and help the immune system get rid of pathogens. 

For some people, their body is so loaded up with parasites or toxins that they always feel sick no matter what they do with their diet. Keep this in mind because you may have a perfect diet and still feel bad – this means you need to take the next steps with supplements. 

When you visit the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, you are in charge, and the closer you are to adhering to the recommendations, the greater your chances of success.

If you want to read the entire eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!” – Click here to download:

Over time, as you work with us on improving your health, MONITORING your improvements is the most important job. I ask this question all the time:

“Are you Better, Worse, or the Same since we last talked?”

Depending on your answer, we take action.

This is KEY to your success!

The goal is to take control of your health and live longer and healthier. 

Since practicing healthcare beginning in 1997, it is obvious that what we do at the NHCAA works!

The Steps At Our Office

When you first contact our office, you speak with someone at our front desk. You learn about what the health improvement program consists of including initial costs and options for visits. For example, they will tell you about phone appointments, traveling to our office, and the frequency of visits if you are local. The front desk person helps you decide which practitioner would work best for you depending on your schedule and preferences.

The front desk takes payment and books your first appointment(s). Then they send you the paperwork including the very important health survey. You fill these out and the Front Desk person teaches you how to upload your papers including lab results into your account for your practitioner to see. 

Before your first visit, your practitioner reads all your paperwork to study your biggest concerns and symptoms as well as the important labs you uploaded. 

Before you even talk with your practitioner, s/he already has a very good idea as to what steps to take to start improving your health including the type of diet and which supplements to recommend. 

The next step is the Timeline History. Your practitioner will ask specific questions so they have a good understanding of what the Causes of your condition were over the course of time. The initial history is for getting an overview and in later visits, we can dive deeper into each symptom and address them immediately. Consider that symptoms are the language of your body trying to tell us a story about its condition. We use symptoms to guide us in getting to the cause rather than trying to squash them. 

In the office, we perform an evaluation of your body through a procedure called “muscle-testing”. This procedure is an examination of the body’s organs using “biofeedback” where the body is telling us what it needs. It actually can tell us what organs need help, why they need help, and how to fix them. 

Chapter 1 of the eBook is about ‘Avoiding Chronic Disease’ – To download your free copy – click the button:

The muscle testing procedure is simple for you to do. You hold your arm up and your practitioner pushes on the wrist which engages the deltoid muscle to keep the arm up. Then the practitioner touches various organs such as the thyroid area or heart area. This touch will affect the nerves and cause slight ischemia (loss of blood flow). This stress to the organ can be “too much” and your arm goes weak. 

Muscle testing is quick, safe, non-invasive, and very informative. We still look at lab results, the timeline history, and the symptom survey. Putting all of this information together gives us a great understanding of your health condition. This describes how we look at your health differently. This is how you are taking a step back to start over from the beginning with your healthcare from a whole new perspective. We aren’t treating your symptoms like conventional medicine. We aren’t focused on one abnormal lab result. We aren’t going to prop up your failing body as you get sicker and older. 

We are going to look at your body and lifestyle as a whole with the goal of real health improvement. As you get older, your health will be improving. 

chart to show your symptoms going away

Most people who come to me are tired of constantly running tests, not being heard, not getting the puzzle pieces put together.

My suggestion is to continue running medical tests as needed and keep searching for the answers to your health problems. In parallel with conventional medicine, it’s a good idea to get a true second opinion…

Such as in looking at the body from its function rather than only treating pathology.

Such as figuring out the Cause(s) of your health situation.

Such as feeding the body and organs specific nutrients to regain health.

Such as relying on diet to be the foundation.

Such as using powerful herbs to help the immune system battle organisms.

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Such as detoxification of detrimental metals and chemicals that you have been exposed to over time. 

This is why we have been able to achieve unbelievable results for many years running. 

When you address your body’s needs in this way, the end result is health improvement.

When your organs are all healthy, you feel and perform much better.

For example,

Better heart function means no chest pain.

Better blood function means stronger muscles, no dark circles under eyes.

Better brain function means smarter, better able to get tasks done.

Better kidney function means normal blood pressure, no swelling, less toxic.

Better liver function means clean body.

Better intestinal function means no bloating, no constipation or diarrhea. 

Better pituitary function means no acid reflux.

It’s common sense when all of your organs are performing optimally, you feel amazing!

But how is it that conventional medicine does not focus on increasing health? 

It’s because people go to the doctor with a complaint and the doctor wants to make the problem go away. They want to erase that symptom away. 

It’s basic supply and demand. Patients demand their health problems go away. Doctors need to supply a product to simply erase it. 

But asking the question “What’s actually causing this?” changes the whole viewpoint.

You are the most important person to ask this question because no one else will.

What Is Holistic Nutrition? And Causes Of Chronic Illness?

What Is Holistic Nutrition? And Causes Of Chronic Illness?

This hardcore holistic nutrition blog is part 6 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 2 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”. Learn what causes chronic illnesses and more below.


Pathogens are one major cause of chronic illness. There are fungi, viruses, bacteria, and parasites. When your body is chronically ill, the “bugs” live on your body’s non-viable tissue. 

Gross, right? 

pathogens can detox out of your nose

Getting these cleaned out is also gross and not always fun, but you have to get through it in order to get your health back.

Recently, a man had 10 to 20 parasites come out of his nose per day for 4 weeks with our supplement protocol. Now he feels fantastic, but it was a bit of an ordeal…

Each day he would blow his nose to get small bits of black things out, but he also had to pick worms out. Each was about an inch long or smaller. They were covered in very slippery slime and had a black line on the inside like a digestive tube or a spine. 

It can be super -gross, but it’s better to have them out than in!

Since I have personally dealt with parasites and mold, I have extra empathy with patients who have the same conditions. I’ve been through this myself, and I guide many others to health. 

If you want to read the entire eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!” – Click here to download:

Toxins are the third major cause of chronic illness. 

The supplements we use for detoxing heavy metals, radiation, and chemicals have made amazing and sometimes strange results. Our two main tools for healing are diet and supplements. Here are some successes from supplements that detox…

One man’s urine was so stinky, he had to turn on the bathroom fan for the first two weeks of his detox program. 

Several people have said their bowel movement smells like burnt rubber or a chemical dump. 

to detox one must get rid of pathogens and toxins

One woman’s urine turned blue for a week. She worked as an MRI technician who injected dye into people’s arms. She even said she always wore “double gloves” but the dye still got into her body. 

The main thing to remember is that hardcore holistic nutrition replaces many other therapies. Having your tissues and body working optimally solves a lot of problems that are addressed with drugs by psychiatry, endocrinology, dermatology, ophthalmology, and etc, etc. 

If your foundational nutrition is optimal and your body is clean of pathogens and toxins, you can live a long full life with little attention on your body but rather attending to what’s fun and important to you such as family, work, learning, and personal development.

Chapter 1 of the eBook is about ‘Avoiding Chronic Disease’ – To download your free copy – click the button:

Hardcore Holistic Nutrition benefits you by giving you answers to health issues that you can use forever. 

People who go through our program long-term get their physical and mental health back. They get freedom from pharmaceutical handcuffs. They experience Liberty that only hard work and success can provide once you are no longer dependent on another person. 

An important concept is to “Feed Your Organs”!

Contrast this with other reasons to eat such as “snacking”, or “comfort food” or “emotional eating” or “satisfying a craving”. These reasons are created to justify poor health and a bad diet. 

When you are healthy, your viewpoint on food shifts to “what should I eat for optimal performance?” and “What foods will keep my energy up for the longest period of time?”

When your food choices are great for you, you eliminate all the justifications mentioned before. 

in holistic nutrition you must feed your muscles

Which brings me back to feeding your organs. 

The Best Food

The biggest organ is your muscles. The best food for your muscles is meat.

Eating liver has reversed many cases of nerve pain and brought back emotional stability in many people.

Medicinal vegetables and herbs play a large role in raising health because they clean the blood and intestines. 

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Herbal supplements have chemicals called “secondary metabolites” that enhance our body’s biochemistry. These can clean an organ, protect the cells or an organ, enhance biochemical function and increase health. 

Your body’s structure (muscles, bones, brain, etc.) is maintained by eating meat. The secondary metabolites from herbs are like icing on the cake. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to feeding our organs, our modern day diet does not do this. 

This is why hardcore holistic nutrition does so well with chronic illness because of the large focus on diet followed by pathogens and toxins. 

You get long term results and symptoms dissipate. The symptoms don’t always go away as quickly as a drug but at least you are addressing the whole picture. The symptoms help us figure out the correct pathway to healing. Symptoms are how your organs and cells talk to us about how your body is functioning. 

Use the symptoms as guideposts. We are using them to achieve better function, less discomfort, better sleep, better digestion, and less anxiety and fatigue.

Increase The Cushion Between Health And Death

Increase The Cushion Between Health And Death

This hardcore nutrition blog is part 5 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 2 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

The Culture in healthcare is designed to lead you to failure and financial ruin. 

Closeup of a pharmaceutical factory, where pills are being made.
Pharmaceutical Factory

Health insurance in the US is controlled by Big Pharma. The medical boards are controlled by Pharma. The FDA, FTC, USDA are also all controlled by the Big Pharma mentality… There is a complete avoidance of the discussion of foods to heal the body. Rather, foods are used to maintain a state of disease and need for medications. 

The Medical profession has so much influence over your life that they have infiltrated into your payroll and investments! Examples:

  • Most employers offer health insurance as part of payroll as a benefit. 
  • There is a “Health Savings Account”, where excess funds are invested into the stock market by the insurance company on your behalf. The insurance company becomes a financial investor and they get a cut of the returns. 
  • Employers are forced to pay taxes into Medicare and Medicaid based on the number of employees they have.

If you want to read the entire eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!” – Click here to download:

With all of these trillions of dollars pumped into the current system, why is our health getting worse and worse?

Because drugs and surgery are only designed to reduce symptoms or prevent death. They prop you up as your health declines. Drugs are overused – antibiotics are a good example. They are used in cases to save a life but looking at the bigger picture, they are used too often and unnecessarily the majority of the time. But most importantly, a healthy body rarely gets infections. The lesson is to stay healthy so you don’t have to use drugs. 

Use Nutrition as your primary tool to heal the body. You are healing the body outside of medicine, between medical visits. 

The actions you take between medical visits increase the cushion between health and death. The more cushion you have the more likely you will survive and recover well from a car accident, the flu, a fractured bone, or a bad weekend of alcohol and junk food. 

Chapter 1 of the eBook is about ‘Avoiding Chronic Disease’ – To download your free copy – click the button:

have the best healthcare cushion

My practitioners and I participate in the free market within healthcare. We do not have a third party infiltrating your care with their agenda. There is no insurance company, government, or drug manufacturer telling us how to handle your health improvement program. The relationship is simply you and your practitioner. You and me… as a team. 

We confront the initial challenge and I make my best suggestion(s) to handle it. We come to an agreement regarding how to handle it, then you do that work. When we see some initial success, we confront the next challenge.  As time goes on, using the 2 main tools of diet and supplements, we get great success. 

In general, we see great successes occurring on a daily basis. You only have to look at the 2,000+ testimonials at the time of writing this book to see that this process works like a dream. This number is growing on a daily basis. https://thenutritionalhealingcenter.com/nhcaa-testimonials/

Over the years we have collected thousands of stories about how people got well with Hardcore Holistic Nutrition. 

Click here to download your free eBook guide “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended:

Food is the most fundamental therapy and for most people, reducing their carbs and sugars is vital. 

At the time of this writing, I just talked to a man who had a heart attack 4 months ago. He found my videos on YouTube and binge-watched them for the first week after his heart attack.

increase your healthcare cushion

He took no supplements but the low carb diet alone increased his energy, dropped his blood pressure, and resolved the cracks in his feet and heels. 

Many people have a myriad of symptoms that improve. It is sometimes surprising and somewhat unpredictable which symptoms improve from diet changes alone. 

The most common health problem in our modern culture has many names and conditions associated with it:

  • Insulin Resistance
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Overweight
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes

The list goes on and on but the single greatest cause is our high intake of carbohydrates and man-made oils.

How To Increase Your Health With These Three Things

How To Increase Your Health With These Three Things

This health solutions blog is part 4 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 2 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”. Learn how to improve your health naturally below.

increase your health with good food with the proper proportions

Let’s Fix Your Body Instead of Punishing It

If the diagnosis of your health condition is off, and your cause is not even being considered, you will not get a cure. You may end up on drugs that actually punish your body instead of fixing it.

There is an equation that I have written on a board in my treatment rooms. It is the best way to answer many diet and food questions. The equation is this:

Quantities + Quality = Vitality

If you want to read the entire eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!” – Click here to download:

The Goal is to Achieve Vitality in Your Health

The most important part of achieving vitality is by knowing your Quantities of foods.

These Quantities are:

  1. Portion sizes
  2. Serving sizes
  3. Grams of Carbohydrates consumed per day
  4. Grams of Proteins consumed per day
  5. Grams of Fat consumed per day
  6. Calories consumed per day

It is easy to know all of this! Just use a diet tracking app such as Cronometer. There are many others but this is the one I like to use the most.

All you have to do is put your foods and drinks into the app and the app will give you the numbers. Then you arrange your food choices to achieve your goals. Most people need to lower their carbs and increase their protein intake but this may not apply to you.

The QUALITY part of the equation is about which foods you choose to eat regardless of the numbers.

quality food will help increase your health

For example, if you want to increase your protein with high quality foods, you would choose grass fed beef over whey protein powder. You would choose organic chicken over soy protein fake meat.

Regarding consuming high quality fats, you would choose butter over margarine even though the numbers (quantities) are the same. You would choose fruit oils (avocado, olive, coconut oils) over seed oils (corn, soy, canola). The highest quality fats of all are the organic animal fats.

When someone asks me “What about bananas?” my answer is, “What about them?” and I teach them about this equation.

Quantity + Quality = Vitality

Are you asking what the carbohydrate content (quantity) is in bananas? If so, put it in cronometer to see what it says. Make your food choices fit your needs.

Are you asking about the quality of the food? Maybe you are allergic to them. Maybe they give you gas or bloating. Maybe they make you feel awesome. These are the discussions we have regarding Quality.

When you have the Quantities correct, the Quality of the food usually easily follows.

The poor Quantities foods also have poor Quality.

Keep this information in mind as you improve your diet starting today.

Chapter 1 of the eBook is about ‘Avoiding Chronic Disease’ – To download your free copy – click the button:

3 Things You Need Personally to Improve Your Health

It’s important to be aware of the 3 things you need personally in order to increase your health. Knowledge, Responsibility, and Control. All 3 of these are related to each other. If you have increased one of them, the other 2 increase. If you decrease one, the other 2 decreases.

How do you start into this triangle? Pick one and increase it. The easiest place to start is with Knowledge.

Start with Knowledge about your body and how it works.

There are a lot of things that are not important to Know. For example, most of the “health” information in the news is false. Or it could be true but not important. It may be just a trending subject in order to get viewers and readers.

true data helps with increasing your health

What’s important to know is the information that is TRUE and IMPORTANT. How do you know if the information is true and important? You APPLY it to your life and see if it works for you! If it doesn’t work for you or if it is not true for YOU, then IT IS NOT TRUE!

The second of the 3 is Responsibility. There are plenty of people with lots of knowledge and no Responsibility. Picture that! Their health is poor yet they read books and watch videos to gain knowledge yet don’t apply it.

Another point is to keep making changes until you achieve optimal health. Keep the Responsibility up through time. Don’t let outside factors make you lose your focus and implementation.

Control sometimes comes in 3rd out of the 3 factors to improve your health. You can start to control your health after gaining knowledge and increasing your responsibility.

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Our Current Health Care System

Sometimes, an event forces you to take sudden control such as a terrible diagnosis like cancer or a heart attack. Sometimes a doctor can scare you into taking control or a spouse can lovingly make you take control.

Unfortunately, the health care system, run by government officials and insurance companies, wrestle control away from you.

MD’s force you to take a statin even though the research is pretty lame on them.
Pediatricians try to force vaccines into the family despite the risk of neurological damage.

Government dietitians say that meat is bad yet there is no science to back up that statement. So schools, the military, and government food programs feed everyone horrible food. These are just a few examples of how Control can be taken away from you.

If you are not sure you can control yourself, you can let others make you accountable to them. A good holistic doctor, your spouse, a family member, or a friend can be your foundation to execute a good health improvement plan. It is harder to let someone else down than it is to let yourself down.

Keep the Control and Responsibility high for the rest of your life to avoid falling back into bad habits. As time goes by and you gain more and more knowledge, it is easier and easier to get more Control and Responsibility so keep learning!

What Is Your Health Challenge?

What Is Your Health Challenge?

This health challenge blog is part 3 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 2 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

Struggles and Challenges of Our Health

What are common health challenges? Our current struggles that destroy our health start with the food we eat. Our “regular diet” consists of very destructive components.

eating bad food can lead to a health challenge eventually
  1. Refined grains
  2. Sugar
  3. Industrial seed (vegetable) oils
  4. Preservatives
  5. Pesticides
  6. Flavor enhancers
  7. Water that is mineral deficient and toxic

These are commonly consumed multiple times a day which adds up to the pandemic of chronic disease. Depression, low energy, and weak immunity are some symptoms of negative lifestyle factors. 

If you take your symptoms to a medical doctor, the treatments commonly have dangerous side effects; another challenge to our health. 

If you want to read the entire eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!” – Click here to download:

Beyond what food we consume, there are other health-destroying factors that we commonly encounter:

Toxins and Pathogens

Moldy, toxic buildings can destroy your health. It could be your home, workplace, or even a short stay in a moldy hotel. The mold can be hidden and not even emit a smell. Once the mold is inside your body, it grows and travels to wherever it wants to go. It could end up in your sinuses causing allergies, inside your intestines causing digestive problems such as bloating, in your lungs causing asthma, or in your brain causing brain fog. It is a lot more prevalent and dangerous than what we are aware of. It needs to be taken very seriously. Sometimes we tell a patient that they have mold in their house based on their body’s symptoms. They are adamant that they don’t but once they look for it or test for it then they find it in their house. 

Just like mold is common yet usually undiscovered, there are other pathogens that are similar. This includes parasites and chronic viruses. 

pathogens can create a health challenge

Every week we hear new stories from our patients who get parasitic worms coming out in their bowel movements because of the supplements we put them on. 

Chronic viruses can be in your body for many years causing problems. We are used to thinking about viruses in relation to having “a cold” and a fever. Yet, there are thousands of viruses that cause a much wider variety of symptoms. Some viruses are extreme and other viruses cause very minor symptoms. Either way, they should not be ignored. 


Then it also comes down to the lifestyle we live. Besides the physical environment as mentioned above, internal stress plays a huge factor in the way your body functions and how you end up feeling. 

If you sit at a computer typing, analyzing, and meeting deadlines this can be very harsh on your brain. It can deplete B vitamins, weaken your nervous system, adrenals, and mess up your sleep. This lifestyle needs specific nutrients and detailed attention on the diet so energy and brainpower are maintained throughout the day and into the evening to take care of kids, too. Just having energy during the day is not enough. You still want to be alert, happy, and functioning after work and then get tired at 10 pm for bed. Being tired at 6 pm is not acceptable for anyone I have ever met. 

Chapter 1 of the eBook is about ‘Avoiding Chronic Disease’ – To download your free copy – click the button:

We Develop a Long-Term Care Plan Catered to You

Getting your diet right, getting rid of toxins, reducing pathogens, and taking care of yourself is the correct approach to health improvement as opposed to letting medications “take care of you”.  

The question for us is what supplements should you take and when?

There are 5 categories of supplements for a health challenge:

  1. Vitamins
  2. Minerals 
  3. “Special Dirt” 
  4. Glandulars 
  5. Herbs 

Knowing these 5 categories helps break down this huge subject of nutritional supplements for better understanding.

long term health care plan will help your health challenge

These supplements and your diet are how you are treating yourself. You are in charge and the closer you are to adhering to the recommendations, you get a greater chance of success.

Think of this care plan as long term! It is the opposite of the way we think now with urgent care centers, “24 hour relief”, and popping a pill for a symptom. You are increasing your health slowly everyday. You are not relying on other people such as a drug based doctor who doesn’t specialize in health improvement. 

As your health improves, we make changes to address a new area of concern, to accelerate an area that is lagging, and to strengthen areas where we made good progress. As your health is better and stabilized, we can reduce the supplements for an organ or system because it is working well. The improvements continue because your diet is very good.

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The Maintenance Phase is the goal. You are doing well, your habits are healthy and natural, and you know exactly what will bring your health down, so you avoid those things. You continue easily with great energy, sleep, and no fear of chronic illness. 

There are two broad categories of causes of poor health—
Lifestyle Choices and Bad Luck

Bad Luck is accidents, bad genetics, and exposure to toxins and/or mold. Bad Luck also includes picking up a pathogen such as a parasite by touching an animal or walking barefoot in sand or soil.

Your Lifestyle Choices include the food you eat and exposing yourself to potential toxins and pathogens. 

If you go on a vacation to a foreign country, they may have parasites in their water that you drink. There may be parasites in the pool water, ocean, or in the sand. 

If you happen to work in a toxic environment, it could be a lifestyle choice or bad luck depending on how you look at it. 

Myself and others have worked in buildings that were very toxic with mold and suffered greatly for it. The solution is to change your lifestyle… I had to move my business to a new building whereas you may have to quit your job.

A dry cleaning business, agriculture, cleaning jobs, mechanics, factory work can expose you to toxins. You may “feel fine”… except for the normal arthritis, normal headaches, or normal sinus pain. Look deeper into how your body feels and how it is functioning. Consider that maybe there is a toxin exposure you have had. Look back at events in your life and try to attach cause and effect.