Healing Using Castor Oil Packs

Healing Using Castor Oil Packs

How does one approach healing without the sole reliance on medication and surgical means?  There are many approaches to healing, naturally.

The methods most taken while pursuing the holistic route are diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements.  These approaches are powerful; however, there’s only so much you can exercise away or ingest. There are many other natural modalities available that unlock your maximum healing potential. It is helpful to look at the wisdom of the past for nearly forgotten methods for healing.  One such method has been in practice for centuries:  the castor oil pack.

Castor oil is derived from the castor bean which is native to India.  This medicinal oil can stimulate lymph and liver function and reduce inflammation.  Many of the healing properties of castor oil are attributed to its high percentage (about 90%) of the molecularly unique fatty acid ricinoleic acid.   

Castor beans are quite toxic due to a chemical called ricin that is in the pulp of the bean, but ricin is not contained in the oil.  When castor oil is extracted under heated conditions, the ricin is removed, and any ricin left behind is deactivated. 

When castor oil is used topically, it is non-toxic and can be a great addition to a healing program.  A castor oil pack is a method of saturating cloths in castor oil for healing through topical application. This pack is placed over the problem area to stimulate organ flow and function and as an anti-inflammatory measure.

Healing castor oil packs can be helpful for the following situations:

  • Constipation
  • Digestive problems
  • Abdominal cramps or bloating
  • Gallbladder discomfort
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Sore muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Swelling
  • Lymph congestion
  • Injuries
  • Fibroids
  • Ovarian cysts

Items Needed:

  • 1-quart glass jar with lid (mason jar)
  • Organic, Hexane-free Castor Oil
  • 1 cotton flannel or unbleached wool cloth*
  • A long, wide piece of cotton flannel to tie around the abdomen
  • A heat source (hot water bottle, hot rice pack, heating pad, etc.)
  • Protective covering for bed or couch (old sheets, towels, cloths, etc.)**

*You can buy a set of castor oil with a pack already made.  These premade packs are expensive but convenient.

**Some sources recommend using plastic bags or wraps.  I do not recommend using plastic as the chemicals contained therein have the potential to be absorbed with the castor oil, especially once heat is applied.


  1. Fold the cotton/wool into a square large enough to cover the area you are addressing (Example: for liver/gallbladder, about 7”x10”)
  2. Put about 2 tablespoons of castor oil onto the cloth and fold in different directions to get the oil to saturate the full surface of the cloth. The cloth should be saturated but not dripping
  3. Apply the cloth “pack” over the desired area
    • Right upper abdomen for liver/gallbladder
    • Left upper abdomen for spleen/lymph
    • Middle of abdomen (or right upper abdomen) for general bloating and constipation
    • Lower abdomen for menstrual issues
    • Directly to joints or injured areas 
    • Mid to lower back for kidneys
  4. Cover the pack with the larger strip of cloth and wrap or tie it around the area
  5. Place a heat source (hot water bottle or heating pad) over the pack
  6. Lay down and elevate your feet if possible and relax for 30 minutes to an hour*
  7. Remove the pack and cleanse the skin with a mixture of warm water, gentle unscented soap, and baking soda
  8. Place the used pack into the glass jar and seal the lid for storage until the next use.  You can typically get 30 uses out of one pack.  Throw away the cloth sooner if it becomes discolored or has a bad odor
  9. Rest and hydrate

*You can apply the castor oil pack overnight.  If you do this method, the heat source is not necessary.

Castor oil is very safe and well tolerated when used topically; all the same, there are a few things to keep in mind when using castor oils packs:

  • Castor oil packs can stimulate bile flow, which can lead to additional, and sometimes urgent, bowel movements after use.  It is a good idea to do your pack at the end of the day when you are staying in, relaxing, and close to a bathroom.
  • Castor oil packs can stimulate lymph flow, which can lead to an increase in urination.
  • Some individuals may notice increased gut gurgling, gas, or discomfort after doing a castor oil pack; especially if placed on the abdomen.  These sensations should pass within an hour.  If you experience this, try doing the pack for a shorter amount of time until your body adjusts.

When working on a holistic healing plan, it is good practice to look at many avenues of support for your body, even beyond what you ingest. History can be a powerful teacher. Centuries of use in at least 50 countries across the world, and a fantastic safety profile, make castor oil packs a desirable adjunct to your healthy habits.  Topical castor oil also has the additional advantages of being affordable, easy to use, and able to offer quick relief in many situations.

Dr. Amanda Childress, PharmD

Unlocking the Potential of Ozone: Harnessing the Power of a Unique Molecule

Unlocking the Potential of Ozone: Harnessing the Power of a Unique Molecule

When we hear the word “ozone,” many of us think of the protective layer in our atmosphere or the potential harm it can cause when it forms near the ground. However, there is more to ozone than meets the eye. Ozone is a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms, and its applications extend beyond its role in the atmosphere. In fact, ozone has been studied for over a century and has been used in various remedies for common ailments.

Contrary to popular belief, ozone for self care is not a new discovery. Its existence was identified in the mid-nineteenth century, and since then, researchers have been investigating its properties and potential benefits. One of the key uses of ozone lies in its ability to support the immune system by increasing oxygen supply to the body and stimulating the production of red blood cells. Studies have suggested that ozone can effectively deactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa, making it a powerful tool in combating infections and boosting overall immune health.

Moreover, ozone has shown promise in addressing oxidative stress associated with conditions such as spinal disorders and diabetes. Oxidative stress refers to the imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. By correcting this imbalance, ozone therapy can help mitigate the detrimental effects of oxidative stress on our health.

To make the benefits of ozone more accessible, we have introduced a range of ozonated products that can be incorporated into your holistic health program. These products include:

  • Ozonated Toothpaste: Promotes oral health and hygiene by harnessing the properties of ozone for fresh breath and potential antimicrobial benefits.
  • Ozonated Deodorant: Utilizes ozone to help neutralize odor-causing bacteria, offering a natural and potentially effective solution for body odor control.
  • Ozonated Oils: Topical application of ozonated oils can provide localized benefits, such as supporting wound healing, soothing skin irritations, and promoting overall skin health.
  • Ozonated Suppositories: Designed for rectal and vaginal use, ozonated suppositories may offer potential benefits for addressing certain conditions and promoting optimal wellness in those areas.
  • Ozonated Capsules: Oral intake of ozonated capsules allows for systemic exposure to ozone, potentially supporting various aspects of health from within.

If you are curious about how ozonated products can enhance your daily self-care routine or address specific health concerns, I encourage you to discuss them during your next visit. Our team is equipped to provide guidance and personalized recommendations based on your individual needs.

It is important to note that ozone therapy should be approached with caution and under the guidance of qualified healthcare professionals experienced in this field. The use of ozone should be tailored to each person’s unique circumstances and goals to ensure safe and effective outcomes.

In conclusion, ozone, a molecule with three oxygen atoms, holds immense potential in the realm of holistic health. From supporting immune function to combating infections and addressing oxidative stress, ozone therapy offers a unique approach to promoting wellness. With our range of ozonated products, you can explore the benefits of ozone in your daily routine and embark on a journey toward optimal health.


What Our Clients Are Saying

What Our Clients Are Saying

This hardcore nutrition blog is part 6 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 3 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

This is a blog full of NCHAA client testimonials about our natural treatment center – Please Read!

I’ve watched Dr. Schmidt’s youtube videos for about 3 or 4 years now and have come to believe that he honestly wants to help people and in turn would only hire people who feel like he does. After my appt with Kerry, I feel that she is knowledgeable and wants what is best for me. I felt supported and never talked down to. She is willing to seek further knowledge about topics that pertain to me and are new to her.

Everyone at The NHCAA is soo sweet, so informative, takes their time with each visit, listens to my concerns. I am so happy I decided to come here to see Dr. Amanda. I look forward to each visit!!

success at the nhcaa

Everyone was so kind, so on top of it and so helpful! I feel like I am finally able to get somewhere with my health and getting to the bottom of things. Also, the whole building was VERY clean and smelled clean!

We love Kristen, she always comes with the positive to our time together. The front desk crew is engaging and is patient with us. We travel a couple of hours to make our appointment and if we need something they help.

Because NHCAA is excellent.

Because my health has improved greatly

Recognizable improvement in my overall health, vitality and weight loss

 Review Submitted on Tue, Sep 15 2020, 3:05 pm

If you want to read the entire eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!” – Click here to download:

Kerry is a great listener and uses her expertise in patiently guiding me toward a healthier life.

It’s making a difference in my health, and I feel the difference.

Kerry is fantastic! Treating the cause of your health issue and healing using natural methods is the correct method rather than taking a chemical compound that has serious side effects and only masks symptoms.

Dr. Taggy was a very good listener and was very caring

Testimonials at the nhcaa

Clean. Informative. Nice staff.

We really need doctors like dr. Schmidt! He knows how to get to the cause of the problem, not load you up with Pharmaceuticals! I am so impressed with his knowledge. Dr. Schmidt makes it possible for us to truly get well.

Incredible care.

     Review Submitted on Thu, Sep 10 2020, 11:06 am

I have been seeing improvements under dr Schmitt’s care over the past 2 months – more improvement than I’ve had over the past 20 years of seeing other alternative and medical doctors.

I always find either identification of my issue with a plan or complete resolution of my issue.

Kristen Clore has been excellent in the recovery of my health

     Review Submitted on Wed, Sep 2 2020, 11:54 am

I was very impressed. This was the cleanest, up to date, personable doctor’s office I’ve ever visited.

Dr. Amanda always listens to how I feel and works towards helping me.

The Nutritional Healing Center is my go-to place for managing my health. I generally seek them out before going to a traditional doctor, and they often address the issue so then I don’t need a traditional doctor.

Chapter 1 of the eBook is about ‘Avoiding Chronic Disease’ – To download your free copy – click the button:

Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful. Dr. Amanda doesn’t act rushed to get out of the room during appointment.

You’re the best!

We are two of Darren’s very first patients and he changed our lives! We send everyone we know to see one of you there.

Always great experience and keeps me healthy.

clients get results at the nhcaa

Dr. Schmidt is knowledgeable, patient, humble, and tenacious. It is taking time to get to the bottom of my son’s health issues, but progress is happening!

Because I feel so good! 💕

I’ve been watching Dr. Darren’s videos a long time! I finally made it to the “Dream Doctors” that actually have the answers! Kristen is Great! Thanks! ❤️

I love working with Dr. Schmidt. I like the way his brain works. And the fact that he doesn’t push the Vegan agenda, and instead encourages animal-based is the icing on the cake.

All the staff was friendly and knowledgeable and the practitioner was kind and thorough and I felt reassured I was going to get this broken body fixed. 😊

Submitted on Sun, Aug 9 2020, 3:15 pm

Dr. Amanda provides the best care and I routinely send my friends to her.

Very friendly staff, and Dr Schmidt is wonderful. Finally getting results after 18 years.

 Review Submitted on Fri, Aug 7 2020, 11:37 am

Click here to download your free eBook guide “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended:

You are wonderful, compassionate, understanding people and very helpful in understanding our own bodies.

Loved the muscle testing approach. It was a quick, non evasive way to gain insights into my body

    Review Submitted on Wed, Aug 5 2020, 12:19 pm

Excellent visit! Kerry was fantastic! Great advice! Had all the supplements I needed.

Nice facility and people. Great doctor.

Dr. Amanda is encouraging, celebrates wins, is careful, understands her patients, and wants them to improve their lives.

Because I really like Dr. Schmidt’s philosophy about health and nutrition and I am healthier because of it! And I really like that he does educational video

The staff was very friendly and efficient. Dr. Schmidt is so knowledgeable and passionate about getting to the root cause of my issues. It was a breath of fresh air to have a Doctor address issues synergistically rather than just provide a bandaid for my symptoms. I’m looking forward to the healing process and can already feel a difference with what supplements I’m taking. Great experience!

Because Kristen has healed me and continues to do so.

Patients love the nhcaa

Covered everything. Was not rushed. Quick in and out. No wait.

I feel heard and well care for. Kerry is the best.

Friendly staff support. The doctor is knowledgeable and easy to speak with.

I love the amazing attentiveness, and knowledge from Amanda

Kristen is awesome! 💡😇


Because you all really help people.

I’ve see tremendous results after only being on the program a short time.

Helpful staff/admin, Dr. Amanda Childress is wonderful, results in energy/weight loss in less than a month

Kerry is amazing in communicating and listening to patients. The staff is friendly. Environment feels safe and clean.

Because you ladies took your time with me, let me spill my guts to you, listened, and made me feel so incredibly comfortable. I am so thankful to have heard of this place and I cannot wait to come back and get started on a new treatment plan!!

Everyone was very kind and helpful and Kerry quickly identified issues.

Super friendly staff, very knowledgeable and helpful. You all are just the best.

Love to work with Kerry for her honesty and genuine concern.

What Happens At Your Appointments?

What Happens At Your Appointments?


This hardcore nutrition blog is part 5 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 3 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

What We Don’t Do

It is important for you to know there are a few things we don’t do at NHCAA health appointments:

We don’t do medical stuff. This is important for you to know that we do not prescribe drugs or surgery. There are one million Medical doctors in the U.S. so ask them “Should I take this drug?” 

we get you feeling better

When talking to us, the conversation needs to be related to health improvement, diet, detox, supplements, herbs, etc. There aren’t many people who specialize in hardcore holistic healthcare as we do, so let’s spend your time with us wisely.

Also, some people confuse us with mental or emotional therapists. We are not priests, ministers, or spiritual gurus. We do not dole out spiritual advice, meditations, incantations, religions, or drum circles. 

There are plenty of other people who want to save your soul but we keep our advice to biochemistry and biology. Talk to our holistic health practitioners about hardcore holistic nutrition.

How We Monitor Your Health

As your health improvement program continues, MONITORING results and making changes to continue improvement is vital. 

If you want to read the entire eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!” – Click here to download:

Your supplements and diet recommendations may change on a weekly basis.

Anything that has brought improvement needs to be strengthened. Anything that has made symptoms worse needs to be re-evaluated and possibly changed. 

I am always asking “is your health or symptom better, worse, or the same?”. 

Then I ask how much? Is it 50% better? Is it 10% worse? 

Our patients get used to these types of questions. 

Questions on your program at the nhcaa

Remember, the symptoms are how your body tells us its story. The story can get better or worse or have no change. 

I also ask “How are you doing SINCE THE LAST VISIT?” or “SINCE THE FIRST VISIT?”. These questions help us understand the Timeline History. If you don’t know your history, you can’t make your future. 

Depending on your answers, we adjust the diet and supplements since these are the 2 areas of focus. 

If you are better – keep going!. The #1 rule to follow when your health is improving is… 

“Don’t change anything!”. You want to keep going and give your body more time to heal.

The 2nd rule is “If you change something, you are just tweaking it a little bit.” If you make huge changes, you might mess it up and get worse. 

I consider health improvement to be a rare occurrence. Consider all the people on the planet whose health never gets better. They continuously lose their health until the day they die. But now is your chance to actually improve your health so when that is occurring, we don’t want to mess it up!

If your health is worsening, we may have to make a major change. For example, removing supplements, or drastically changing the diet. We may have to reassess the whole approach.  

Chapter 1 of the eBook is about ‘Avoiding Chronic Disease’ – To download your free copy – click the button:

If your health is not changing, we have to look at what the next step is. Will the improvements occur after heavy metal detox? Will the changes occur when dairy is eliminated? 

Sometimes, a new negative symptom is a good thing. Sometimes, we have patients urinating more frequently and more volume. This is a great and positive effect but many people think it’s bad. 

If someone is detoxing and now their breath stinks, or they are sleeping more this is usually a good sign. We have had people get constipated for a day then a 12 inch parasite comes out. That constipation is a good sign while killing parasites. 

I expect positive changes to occur within a few weeks of starting a program. Within 3 months, I want you to know that you are on the right track. I want you to feel at least 10% better in the first 3 months. I also want you to have your diet under control during that time. You will know how to eat and adapt your diet for the rest of your life. 

Patient feeling well the nhcaa

Please remember the Follow The Physiology Formula. 

—It’s about your body and how it’s functioning. 

—It’s not all about symptoms, although symptoms help us along the journey.

—It’s not all about lab tests, although labs help us along the journey.

—It’s not all about your Timeline History although it helps us along the way.

—It IS all about how well your body functions. 

As your organs and cells get healthier, you get the following results… 

Click here to download your free eBook guide “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended:

+ more energy

+ brain works better

+ intestines are better

+ Muscles are stronger

+ looking amazing

+ symptoms reducing.

Everyone is different so just because you got better with a supplement or diet change doesn’t mean your neighbor or loved one needs the same thing. 

Everyone needs individualized care. 

We will use this for NEXT CALL TO ACTIONS

Contact The Practice – [email protected] or call (734) 875-8041


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How We Monitor Your Health Program

How We Monitor Your Health Program

This hardcore nutrition blog is part 4 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 3 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

Monitoring Improvements

the nhcaa takes time to know the patient in order to monitor them

Over time, as you work with us on improving your health, MONITORING your improvements is the most important job. I ask this question all the time:

“Are you Better, Worse, or the Same since we last talked?”

This could be related to a single symptom, or overall how your body is doing. 

Depending on your answer, we take action.

If you are Better, the first rule we follow is “do nothing”!  Just Keep Going! It is working! 

Now you need some time to keep getting better. 

If you want to read the entire eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!” – Click here to download:

The second rule is “If we change something, we just tweak it a little bit.” there are no dramatic changes because we don’t want to upset the healing that is currently happening. 

If You Are Worse

If you are Worse since the last time we talked, we have to figure out why by asking “What changed just before you got worse?” Once we figure it out, we make a significant change to get you back onto the road of health improvement. 

monitoring your diet is key


Was there something new added into your environment making you worse? Was there a new food you had? Did you get food poisoning? Was there a new supplement or medication that was added causing you to feel this way? Was there a supplement removed that we need to add back in? 

If you feel the SAME since we last talked, then we have to question several things.

  1. Are you doing the diet correctly?
  2. Are you taking the supplements fully?
  3. Are we addressing the correct organs and causes?

The biggest question is “What are we missing?” and we solve it to get you improving again.

Chapter 1 of the eBook is about ‘Avoiding Chronic Disease’ – To download your free copy – click the button:

These are the questions we are always asking over the course of many months and even years to guide you up to optimal health. As your body changes, we keep adapting and we make changes. This is KEY to your success!

The Goal in Monitoring Your Health Program

The goal is to take control of your health and live longer and healthier. 

Since practicing healthcare beginning in 1997, it is obvious that what we do at The NHCAA works. 

Over the years, we have seen people not improve their diet. I specifically remember a woman who always ate banana bread and other sweets. I had given her supplements that reversed her arthritis but she never handled her diet. She died suddenly of a heart attack in her mid-60’s. Other people who couldn’t control their diet have not enjoyed the longevity we expect. 

low carb helps you get your health back

Compare that with other patients who eat low-carb into their 80’s and they are strong, vibrant, and pain-free. 

I had a patient in his late 70’s who was with me as a patient for 4 years. It took 1.5 years to get his health back. He lost 60 pounds and reversed his sleep apnea. After 4 years he decided to eat bread again. He had 3 sandwiches on Friday and Saturday, then had a stroke and died on Monday morning. The carbs and gluten in bread makes blood sticky which caused a stroke for him. It was a very shocking lesson learned. 

It is obvious to us that the people who follow good advice do very well regardless of age.

Our advice is simple. We have you track your diet using an app if needed and we decide what supplements you are going to take. 

Click here to download your free eBook guide “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended:

Wrapping Up Your Program

Initially, the program is more intensive and you might be taking more and more supplements, but as you get better and your diet is under control, you need fewer supplements. Since your diet is getting better, the effort is easier too. 

Diet is your primary charge and it is one of three Causes of chronic disease.

The other two Causes of chronic health problems are toxins and pathogens. 

I created a Formula to direct us. It is called the “Follow the Physiology Formula”. It actually comes from the Founders of Medicine from the 1920’s and 30’s. 

There is a big difference in how we operate versus conventional medicine. 

We give out my initial recommendation(s) on day 1 then start monitoring immediately.

Medicine, on the other hand … tests, tests, tests, then they give you a drug or surgery. 

This has its value, especially for an acute illness but is not ideal for chronic illness. 

The monitoring in medicine is weak, and the therapies are poisonous. Let us help you monitor your health program today.

Three Factors Needed To Increase Your Health

Three Factors Needed To Increase Your Health

This hardcore nutrition blog is part 3 in a series of 6 that make up Chapter 3 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

Why Supplements Are So Important

supplements increase your health

Earlier, I mentioned the 5 categories of supplements. 

Keep in mind the supplements are supplemental to a good diet. 

Some people need most of their effort to be on their diet. Others have had a good diet for many years but they need to know how to choose supplements to create positive changes. My job is to find and use the best supplements. 

There are some things that food alone doesn’t do well, so we rely on supplements:

  1. Food doesn’t detoxify fast.
  2. Food can’t supply nutrients in a concentrated form to speed up healing.
  3. Food can taste bad such as liver. It’s easier for some people to take a liver pill.
  4. Modern food can be quite deficient in nutrients such as minerals.

If you want to read the entire eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!” – Click here to download:

Modern food can also be bred to have too much sugar. For example, modern fruit has lots of sugar compared to 75 years ago. 

Some food can contain chemicals your body doesn’t like. For example gluten in wheat, oxalates in spinach, lactose in milk. 

wheat interferes with your health

Lastly, in order to get the benefits of herbs, you can grow them in your yard, harvest them at the right time, then process them correctly yourself. Or you can just take a pill with everything all done correctly for you. 

It’s all about treating yourself – not about having someone else treat you and you rely on them – you take ownership and together we make a difference

Just like any subject in life, the more control you have, the better results you get. 

For example, if you give up control of your money to someone else, you run the risk of losing it.

If you lend someone your car, they won’t drive it as carefully as you. 

If you give up control of your health to someone else, chances are greater you are going to lose it.

There are 3 factors needed to improve your health.
They are:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Responsibility
  3. Control

Chapter 1 of the eBook is about ‘Avoiding Chronic Disease’ – To download your free copy – click the button:

Some people have lots of knowledge about health yet they take no action.

Some people have the knowledge and the desire or responsibility to increase their health yet their control has been taken away by a greater influence. 

It is your responsibility to gain more knowledge and take control for your own good. 

When you work with our practitioners, we provide the knowledge and you take responsibility, so you end up taking control.

This is how you will be able to achieve your optimal health moving forward.

take responsibility for your health

When the responsibility for your own health is high, you become accountable to yourself. This means as you start to change your diet and take different supplements, you can actually know what is making you feel better. Once you know why your body is starting to feel healthier, this is what makes you want to do more. 

Food is the primary medicine. Eating plants appropriately with meats is where your effort goes first. Also avoiding industrial, processed foods deserves as much attention and effort. 

We Address Prescription Drugs

Typically most drugs are designed to mask a problem. 

High blood pressure drugs keep it at a level.

A cholesterol drug keeps it lower.

But this is not addressing the cause – or offering a solution to the problem – it is simply masking the problem.

If you were to stop taking the drug – your symptoms would return.

If the drug is not achieving the correct level – the dosage is increased until it does.

This is adding more masking – still not addressing the cause of why your blood pressure or cholesterol is so high.

Click here to download your free eBook guide “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended:

Instead, we address the cause and use food and supplements to help strengthen your organs so your body can gain back it’s function and fight back, which in turn strengthens your body and naturally returns you back to optimal health.

When you gain this knowledge and take control of your body – you are in the driver’s seat – and can build a healthier future for yourself. 

Results Matter

Handing over your entire health care to someone else can be very dangerous especially if it’s the medical profession. They have an agenda to follow using pharmaceuticals and if an MD breaks from this they could get into trouble with their license. 

Even if the healthcare provider is not pharmaceutically based they still have their service or product that may not align with your optimal body function and health. This includes the sellers of supplements (retail, multi-level marketing, etc.), body workers (massage, physical therapy, etc.), health coaches, and physical trainers.

It is fine to learn and apply various pieces of advice to see if it works for you but it is important that you get results! The ONLY thing that matters is that you get RESULTS!

You shop around for a health care provider that gives you the best knowledge so you get the best results! 

An educated consumer (you) is the most important trait of a successful effort to improve health.

Monitor and Adjust

Once you start on your health improvement plan, monitoring and adjusting as you go is vital. 

You will start to understand more about how your body responds to different therapies through changes in your symptoms. 

Based on these changes, we take different actions – this is what “monitoring” is and this is how we achieve continual improvement over time.