Building a Foundation of Health with the Right Foods

Building a Foundation of Health with the Right Foods

The debate continues on about the benefits of plant-based diets (vegan or vegetarian) versus animal-based diets. My response to this question when patients ask me is not black and white. Every “body” requires different things at different times.

The biggest problem we all encounter is processed foods. I encourage all of our patients to decrease and eliminate the number of cookies, candy, cake, ice cream, potato chips, soda, white bread, pasta, cereals, and frozen dinners consumed.

Wondering what to eat for better health? We all eat too few vegetables (me included). And, they may be the solution to many problems we experience. Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals that are required for a body to function well. Eating a large variety of vegetables is very beneficial. Vegetables should be the foundation of a healthy diet. But, eating vegetables alone may not supply all the minerals and amino acids (protein) we require.fdn-health-blog

I encourage the use of organic, grass-fed, farm-raised, hormone and antibiotic-free meat and eggs in place of conventional whenever possible. Conventionally raised meat is not as healthy as an organic alternative. Quality does matter so choose the best sources whenever possible.

The nutrients in animal products are beneficial for healing and energy. They are good for the heart, brain, muscles, and joints. But, at times, if a person is not digesting these foods well a temporary decrease or change in the type of meat might be needed to heal optimally.

So, as the debate continues, make the best choices for your body and choose foods that are good for your health and wellbeing. Continue to set targets and improve on what you are doing. Improve the quality of the things you eat. And, decrease the quantity of the processed foods. You are building a strong foundation for your future. If you are a patient ask your Practitioner if you should bring in certain foods to be checked to see what is best for you.

Yours in health, Kerry

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Try Dining Out With a Digestive Enzyme

Try Dining Out With a Digestive Enzyme

Cooking at home is the ideal.

At home, you can use the best quality meats, organic produce and you know exactly what goes into your meal right down to each spice.

However, there are times that we all face where we must eat somewhere else. You may have a special event to attend, a family gathering, potluck or dinner at a restaurant.

Picking a restaurant that uses local, natural ingredients are helpful. You check out this link for suggestions: Eat Well Guide

But even with eating at restaurants with high-quality food, eating food out of your routine and that may contain unexpected ingredients can cause some digestive distress.multizyme

Taking a good quality digestive enzyme supplement along with you can be a lifesaver when traveling or dining out. Although taking an enzyme is not a free pass to eat foods that are not good for you, it is a good way to preemptively reduce ill effects of the bad ingredients that sneak into your meals.

An enzyme we frequently recommend for such purposes is Multizyme. It assists in the break down of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Many of you may already be on a supplement for digestive support. Check with your practitioner to see if you are on already on a digestive enzyme supplement or which product may be best for you.

Yours in health,
Dr. Amanda

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Is Iodine the Fountain of Youth? (Part One)

Is Iodine the Fountain of Youth? (Part One)

Over 75% of Americans are deficient in iodine.

The consumption of iodine has decreased 50% in the last 30 years. Various additives in food, tap water, medicines and consumer products actually push iodine nutrition out of the body creating an even greater deficiency.

There are dozens of iodine deficiency symptoms. This includes high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, recurring infections, weight gain, fatigue, asthma, ADHD, and constipation.

The pharmaceutical industry is dependent on you being deficient in iodine.

There are 181 possible symptoms of iodine deficiency. Before you let anyone prescribe a pharmaceutical drug to “fix” any of these you need to make sure a simple nutrient is really not what’s missing.

iodine_lugolIodine was put into supplement form in 1829 by a Frenchman named, Dr. Lugol. This formula still exists today and is known as Lugol’s solution. It is considered to be the first “Western medicine” ever. It was used to shrink enlarged thyroids (goiters), cure hyperactive and underactive thyroids, and shrink tumors (cancer) of the thyroid, breast, and prostate. By 1956, there were 1,700 different iodine preparations. It was used as a panacea since it fixes almost everything!

The drug companies started to attack it in the 1960s. Now you can’t even get it at a pharmacy! Also, medical schools started teaching their students that iodine is harmful but this is simply not true.

Why has this deception continued? What causes iodine deficiency? It’s because drug companies make money on this falsehood. It’s not just a little bit of money- it’s a cornerstone of their total income!

Yours in health,
Dr. Schmidt

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The Key to good nutrition discovered by a Rocket Scientist?

The Key to good nutrition discovered by a Rocket Scientist?

Gary Taubes is a rocket scientist who studied at Harvard and Stanford.  He used to write about bad science (meaning non-evidence based) and high-energy physics.  One of his friends recommended he take a look at the science in the medical and health fields because the science was so bad. His love of good scientific procedure and disdain for bad science is what separates him from most medical researchers who have financial ties to a study. He is a very trustworthy source.

I found out about him over a year ago, a patient gave me his book Good Calories, Bad Calories and said to me,  “This is what you say.” I have to confess I still haven’t read the book but recently I saw several interviews and lectures online that Gary has given. They are excellent and full of true data about health and nutrition. His latest book is Why We Get Fat.



In 2002, he was in a debate with Dr. Dean Ornish and also the president of the American Heart Association moderated by Dr. Oz. Gary was practically rolling his eyes at the untruths that came from the other two debators.

The main topic during the show was low-carb versus low-fat diets. Low-fat diets are based on the law of thermodynamics (energy taken in versus energy expended.) However, the human body is not a V8 engine so it doesn’t follow that law. It has hormones like leptin which burns fat chemically and insulin which stores fat chemically. Low carb diets follow the true nature of the body’s chemistry to optimize weight loss.

Weight loss resistance is caused by toxins preventing fat-burning hormones from communicating to cells. Weight loss resistance is a hormone dysregulation problem (not a hormone deficiency) caused by toxins. This information has finally been coming to light in recent (and valid) medical research in the last few years.

We help detoxify the body with several different supplements. We have a new one called “MORS” which is specifically designed to detox cells so fat-burning hormones can communicate to them. Discover how to choose supplements on our site to begin a healthy lifestyle today!

Darren Schmidt, D.C.