Best Practices For Detoxification

Best Practices For Detoxification

When it comes to toxins you need to be aware that they are everywhere.

(1a, 1b, 1c, 1d) Children are born with over 200 chemicals. Our bodies are always fighting them, but our cells can become overwhelmed or dysfunctional. 

This is why we are starting to see so much chronic illness all over the world. Even our food can be considered as toxic if we are not careful, especially when you consume processed foods. These foods are full of flavor enhancers, preservatives, refined flour, seed oils, and sugar.

Our houses can also be full of toxins, whether it’s the cleaning products you use, the candles you burn or the plastic food storage containers in the kitchen.

If you are driving a lot, you will be breathing in a lot of exhaust fumes. Buildings and airconditioning can contribute to bad air. The list is endless and we all need to start making very small changes such as the food we eat and other lifestyle habits.

But the good news is that this can be easily fixed with specific supplements and lifestyle changes. Learn how to detoxify your body and home below.

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Best Ways To Reduce Toxins

It’s important to reduce your toxins. The processes of detoxifying are not well known but they are well-researched and available from different nutritional supplement companies. 

best practices to detox the nhcaa

ONE: The most basic thing to do is reduce your exposure to toxins. For example, avoiding processed food, toxic cleaning products, body care products, and having clean filtered water. You either remove the toxin from your life or remove yourself from it such as a toxic building. 

TWO: Another detoxifying practice that I do in my clinic very successfully is to take supplements that are well-designed and researched. 

THREE: Saunas have also been proven to be very helpful in removing toxins through sweating. Infrared saunas work better than regular heat saunas because they penetrate deeper into the body. (2) 

As your body starts to clean itself of these toxins, all your hormones, enzymes, and biochemical processes of your organs and glands can start to function optimally. When you apply these practices, you start the journey of continual improvement to your health.

All of these toxins that we are being subjected to are interfering with our normal body functions all the way down to the cell’s biochemical reactions. 

The excess toxins relative to lower oxygen in the blood create circulatory changes resulting in cell starvation and cell death. This is the lactic acidosis mechanism.

More on this later...

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FOUR: Ketosis is the foundation of detoxification. It mobilizes fat out of storage to be used as fuel. (3) Fat is where toxins are stored and they get released into the blood. The toxins now need to be excreted by the liver and kidneys. 

This is why when a person loses weight too fast, they can get sick because they are releasing toxins into their bloodstream that are not being excreted. 

Ketosis is done at a controlled speed by the body so a detoxification problem is rare. 

I discovered that having excess lactate in the body is called lactic acidosis and is a sign of chronic illness, the overuse of sugar as fuel, the lack of ketosis (fat burning), dirty blood, hypoxia, loss of energy production, mitochondrial dysfunction (the inability to make energy), inability to utilize oxygen, toxic mold in the body, and liver dysfunction. 

High Lactate In The Body

High lactate indicates the mechanism of chronic disease is occurring which is called lactic acid cycle also known as cachexia. Cachexia is from Greek meaning “bad habits” (4) and it is a positive risk factor for death.(5) What are the bad habits that cause cachexia and death? A bad diet high in grains and sugar. In 1932, all doctors and students of medicine knew of this problem, although it was not yet fully explained until a few years later. They knew there was lactate present in high amounts in the blood and an acidic environment. They also were discovering other chemicals involved; not just lactate. 

What the doctors back then were missing was the CAUSES of chronic disease but they talked about the mechanism. What doctors today are missing is the mechanism because they are just talking about the causes. Now we can put both together which allows us to treat the causes AND the mechanism. I have found around 150 symptoms and conditions that are caused or driven by lactic acidosis. Remember, it is a mechanism, not usually a cause. 

Eat Liver To Clean Your Blood

Eat Liver To Clean Your Blood

The benefit of knowing about lactic acidosis is that you have a complete procedure to handle your chronic health problems.







Without addressing the mechanism of chronic disease, chances are less that you will make a full recovery. Learn about the benefits of eating liver and meat for your blood below.







One of the main therapies for lactic acidosis as described 85 years ago is eating meat and liver to clean blood. Especially the liver because it has lots of B vitamins. The B vitamins in the liver help clean your blood and eating the liver organ itself provides cell parts to repair your liver. Your liver cleans 85% of the lactate out of the blood! Meat is important to help the body quit using sugar as a fuel. Excess sugar usage is a cause of lactic acidosis. 







Our paleolithic ancestors ate the whole animal including organs. These organ foods nourish their organs to keep them healthy. In the 1930’s doctors knew that all the organs, working together, had a detoxifying effect to clean the blood. That’s why it’s important to consume multiple glands from nose to tail, whether it’s on your dinner plate or in a supplement. 













Everything in Healthcare Now Made Sense







Now that you know the background of lactic acidosis, realize it has been missing in healthcare since 1961. Once I figured it out, everything in healthcare made sense. I had been in natural healthcare for 19 years at the time I discovered it. Afterward, all the bits and pieces related to health and disease fell into place. Everything!







Applying the correct treatments increased my results tremendously and within months, I had a 6 week waiting list of patients who wanted my care and the interest has only increased as more and more people seek help and education online rather than just taking “the next pill”.  







The biggest cause of lactic acidosis, the most common mechanism of chronic disease is a high carbohydrate diet plus industrial fats that interfere with proper cell function.







Ketosis is an important factor in stopping lactic acidosis for most people – the people who got it from their “modern diet”.







Ketosis helps your body to use its own fat stores as fuel. It turns the fat into water soluble chemicals called ketones. In general, the body runs better on ketones than it does on sugar. 







To learn more, I have created a Free eBook Guide called the “Follow The Physiology Formula” – Click here to download:







Feed Your Organs







One of the most efficient ways of avoiding lactic acidosis and chronic illness is to make sure you are feeding your organs and especially your muscles because your muscles are your largest “organ”. You have pounds and pounds of muscles and if they aren’t fed well, your other organs don’t have a chance. 







This tends to be something that we don’t think about. We eat food to get energy and to have a healthy body. But really we are eating food to make our cells healthy and cells make up tissue which makes up organs.. Therefore you need to think about the food that your organs need to become healthy.







As we mentioned earlier your Liver cleans out 85% of the lactate and the Kidneys clean 15%. The main tissue that creates lactate is your skin, muscles, and brain. When you exercise, your muscles are going to produce lactate. When you are using sugar as fuel, your body is going to produce lactate. Even your brain cells are creating lactate.







This is an example of your entire body creating lactic acidosis, which in turn puts your organs under pressure to try to clean out all of that lactate.







Support Your Organs







To help better support your organ health it is important to be in Ketosis, and feed your organs by eating more Meat and Organs.







By doing this and keeping your carbohydrate intake low, your body can use its own fat to create its energy. Your body will produce chemicals called ketones which is a much cleaner way for your body to produce its energy.







By feeding your organs meat and organs you can prevent and stop the lactic acid cycle and then you can focus on vegetables as a secondary source of supporting your organs in their cleaning process.













Vegetables still have benefits such as sulfur in radishes and methyl groups in beets that help the liver work better to clean your blood.







When you increase your meat intake as you lower your carbohydrate and sugar intake, chances are you will start feeling better ie. more energy, more muscle, loss of fat, better brainpower, and clarity of thought. But you are also preventing heart disease and diabetes. If you are getting into ketosis, you are also helping to kill cancer cells. 







It’s important to understand that when you are in Ketosis, your body is producing ketones for energy and lowering your blood sugar. In this process, you are also starving cancer cells, since cancer feeds on sugar. It has been shown that ketones are toxic to cancer. 







I know a lot of people who won’t eat liver or other glands and these glands have been removed from our diet. An easy way to get these foods is through supplements. 







To learn more about the 3 main areas that are causing chronic illness – Click here to download your free eBook guide “Follow The Physiology Formula”:







I made a supplement that is meant to fill in these new deficiencies. It has 9 organs in it and it’s called “Multi-Glandular” from













I made it because I know most people are not eating these traditional foods. There is no other supplement on the market that is this complete. It is so powerful, that we recommend you cycle it off and on so that your body doesn’t become accustomed to it. 







It is so nutritious that you want to follow a similar routine as the cavemen did. 







Imagine the caveman – he only ate the full animal when he captured it – not every single day. The animal foods allowed him to go long periods of time without any food. So this keeps your body naturally maintaining itself and reaching its optimal health.




Reduce the Levels of Toxins and Chemicals to Strengthen Your Body

Reduce the Levels of Toxins and Chemicals to Strengthen Your Body

Toxicity is a hidden problem that the majority of us suffer from in one form or another.

In our modern world, toxins are present everywhere. They are in the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat. More common sources include the fillings in our teeth (1), medications, cleaning products, body care products, and beauty products. (2) And the amount of chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis is endless. Chemicals are in practically everything we touch or smell.

Let’s not forget radioactive elements that persist in our environment from atomic bomb testing and nuclear reactor meltdowns. Yes, these radioactive elements are real and are tracked by governments but never addressed for personal health. Excessive radioactive elements are found in more than half of Americans tap water! (3)

So we are talking about small particles of metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic. You would be surprised how much these metals are used for all sorts of different products and reasons. (4)

These toxins are either breathed in or consumed as our normal food or absorbed through our skin and sometimes they are even injected depending on the circumstances.

All of these toxins are substances in the body that interfere with normal body functions all the way down to the cell’s biochemical reactions.

Too many toxins and chemicals can be a major cause and contributor to chronic illnesses. This is why it’s not all about just taking a pill to make everything seem alright. Even our medications have levels of metals and chemicals that can contribute to toxicity. (5) (6) Even though our bodies may need this medication, there is a lot we can do to help reduce these and other levels of toxins and chemicals to strengthen our bodies and help with the improvement.

To learn more, I have created a Free eBook Guide called the “Follow The Physiology Formula” – Click here to download:

What are the symptoms of toxicity? Well, all symptoms could be a sign of some sort of toxicity, especially the full body symptoms such as fatigue or muscle problems. Our job is to become aware of this through symptoms and lab testing and start doing something about it.

In 1932, the definition of lactic acidosis made it applicable to every person who had a chronic health problem. It made their treatments simpler and results were better. As time went on, especially after World War 2, the nutritional research disappeared and lactic acidosis became a “pathology” rather than a nutritional problem.

After the 1970s, lactic acidosis was only applied to athletes and to very sick people who only have a few days to live. The expansive subject was well researched and well known in 1932 but after WW2, it was forgotten amongst healthcare practitioners. However, when scientists and doctors researched it, they only took a small section of the huge subject. The majority of the subject has been ignored. The small sections researched lately miss the bigger ideas. Essentially, the whole subject has been lost and only a few sections remain today and those sections have been misapplied and have taken us down the wrong path regarding individual health care.

I found it in 2016 when unbeknownst to me, I had toxic mold exposure. I didn’t know it yet I suffered for a year before I discovered the mold. In the meantime, I thought I was dying and I was trying many natural products to help my symptoms.

“My thoughts were crazy.. I need to sell my house!”

On the night of February 3, 2016, I couldn’t sleep due to my pounding heart, palpitations, and I couldn’t catch my breath. My blood pressure was 155/95!!, my feet were swollen, I had chest pain in my heart referring down my left arm and up my left jaw! My thoughts were extremely anxious. I was basically dying and I thought it was from a heart attack yet my arteries are clean and 3 EKG’s showed my heart was fine.


I was scrolling through my phone wondering which hospital I should go to. “Should I call an ambulance or drive myself?” My thoughts were crazy!- “Who will mow my lawn in the summer, who will plow the snow in my driveway, I need to sell my house.” I realized these were not my normal thoughts but it was part of the disease process I was going through.

My A-HA Moment!

I survived the night and the next day was going through my notes as I had been for the last 4 months because I had been trying to fix it for that long. I found some notes from a seminar that had supplement recommendations for the heart. I took those supplements and within 2 days felt better so I knew I was on the right track!  I wanted to know what was in those supplements and why they helped me. Remember, I had not yet discovered the mold. It turns out those supplements were formulated in 1934 after 9 years of feeding studies by the developer. “What was he thinking? What did he know about my body in 2016 that I didn’t know?” I started reading articles from 1930 to 1961. I had read these articles 10 years earlier but didn’t understand them at that time. But this time, I understood it because I was experiencing it. There was one paragraph in one article where I had a profound “A-HA” moment. That paragraph was from an article written in 1958 and it explained my health problem AND ALL CHRONIC DISEASE. I read it the first time and was so excited, I set the book down to run around the house. I picked the book up again to re-read the paragraph and set it down to run around the house. I did this 4 times! The formulator of the supplements that helped me was fixing lactic acidosis.

reduce chemicals the nhcaa

I started reading a lot of old medical and nutrition textbooks from 1911 to 1961 which explains it in detail. Other “Fathers of Medicine” also said the same thing. Examples include Dr. Otto Warburg, the Father of Physiology and Dr. Henry Harrower, the Father of Endocrinology.

Toxic mold makes lactic acid so that is why I benefitted. 9 months later, I discovered the mold and then was able to handle the CAUSE of my symptoms. Learn more about mold toxicity, so you can protect yourself from possible exposures.

Ketosis is a large part of the “Follow The Physiology Formula” is to make sure you are doing all that you can to make sure your organs are healthy. Your organs play a significant role in cleaning your body, some more than others. When your organs aren’t working well, you end up with a variety of different symptoms.

For example: If your heart isn’t working well, you get left chest pain. If your gall bladder isn’t working well, you get right abdominal pain and problems digesting fats. If your brain doesn’t work well, you have cloudy thinking. So how do you reduce toxins in the human body?

Eat Liver

One way to help heal your organs is to eat more animal organs such as liver. You can consume them as food or in a supplement form. Many cultures have eaten a wide variety of organs such as the pancreas (sweetbreads), liver, tripe (abdominal fat), and brain (head cheese).

To learn more about the 3 main areas that are causing chronic illness – Click here to download your free eBook guide “Follow The Physiology Formula”:

These organs have specific nutrients that are important for your own organs. For example, the thyroid has a lot of iodine, the liver has a lot of vitamin A, the muscles have heme iron and myoglobin. These nutrients in abundance will flood your thyroid, liver, and muscles with nourishment and health.

Eat Like Our Ancestors Did

It is important to try and eat a diet like our ancestors did. The majority of their calories were from animal foods. When and if they ate plants, it was primarily the fruit. The leaves, stems, nuts, seeds, and roots needed some kind of processing to occur such as soaking, cooking, or grinding making it more difficult to consume.

Usually when a tribe hunted an animal they ate it from nose to tail. The majority of the tissue was muscle meat and there were smaller portions of organs such as liver, kidneys, brain, thyroid, etc.

In the 1960’s, the Smithsonian Institution discovered that when our ancestors caught a small bird or rodent, they just ate the whole animal including fur and feathers. The scientists tested this on themselves and found their body could digest the whole animal and most of the bones.

The lesson here is do not be afraid or think it’s unnatural to eat animals. When you think of the food chain, remember we are at the top.

As you eat different organs, you will get nutrients from those organs but you can also find supplements that have organs in them. For example, you can take a thyroid supplement, meaning it is full of dried thyroid tissue. It will have more iodine than other organs and will feed your thyroid the iodine plus other nutrients that naturally and commonly occur in the thyroid.

How To Reverse Engineer Lactic Acidosis

How To Reverse Engineer Lactic Acidosis

So how can you best support your organs and make sure they are all working together to help naturally reverse engineer lactic acidosis?

The first thing is to avoid sugar.

The second is to eat more vegetables.

And the third is to eat more meat.

Meat plays a significant role in addressing the “lactate” part and the “acid” part of lactic acidosis.

Meat supports the structure and function of ALL the organs, and your muscles. When all the organs work well, then lactate and other toxins are naturally removed. 

AND meat provides “heme iron” which supplies oxygen and iron to the muscles. The oxygen attaches to the acid, which is hydrogen, and forms water, H2O. Oftentimes, the acid is embedded deep in the muscles which is why various muscle symptoms are common in many chronic illnesses. This is the best solution for the acidosis problems.

It may seem unusual to find out how beneficial meat is to your body, especially when you hear a lot of people say meat is bad for your health!

This is typically because of all the mixed messages being spread around from many different sources. But when you dig deep into the factual scientific evidence, you quickly find out that these rumours are based on observational studies, also known as epidemiology. These are general surveys, rather than an actual scientific method.

The scientific method has several steps which include step…

A woman in a white lab coat looks through a microscope with several white coated scientists in the background.

1) Make an observation. 

2) Form a hypothesis 

3) Test that hypothesis with an experiment 

4) Have someone else now has to replicate the results of the experiment.

Whereas the observational studies only do steps one and two and they never do an experiment. They have consistently given false conclusions. When an experiment is done, such as a clinical trial, it is seen that a low-carb diet is the most important diet and it beats out the low-fat diet that has been promoted since 1980 by the USDA.

To learn more, I have created a Free eBook Guide called “Follow The Physiology Formula” – Click here to download:

Do not be afraid of eating meat. No one has ever gotten cancer, diabetes, or a heart attack from meat. There is not a single scientific experiment to ever show meat causes disease. Disease is always from processed foods including sugars, grains, and seed oils.

Meat is the most important food there to stop the lactic acid cycle.

Therefore in order to learn how to reverse lactic acidosis, you need to understand more about Ketosis and the next steps to take.

Now that we have established that the most common cause of poor health is a high carbohydrate diet and that this is the major factor causing most chronic illnesses, we need to take steps to reverse engineer this. You will need to understand more about Ketosis, which will change the cells from burning sugar into the cells burning fat. Cells using sugar for fuel contribute to chronic illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and obesity.

How to stop a severe lactic acid buildup? In order to stop this, you need to focus on a low-carb diet which most of the time includes eating more meat. Yes, there are other ways to get there but the easiest and most natural way is to focus on meat and reduce your carbs significantly. 

By doing this your body starts to break down its own fat stores – such as the fat that’s in your abdomen – this is the fat that is clogging up your arteries, liver, and pancreas.

You need to get rid of this fat and there is really only one way to do this healthfully.

red meat for lactic acidosis the nhcaa

You need your body to burn its own fat stores and at the same time improve the health of your organs.

The physiological term for this is called ketosis. I think everyone has heard this term but not many people really understand it. The word ketosis is commonly used to sell products but those are not necessary. It is a very basic thing to do. It is the native state of the body. 

For your body to use its fat for energy – all it’s doing is turning the fat into 3 water-based chemicals called “ketone bodies”  which are a great source of energy for your cells!

So how do you get into Ketosis?

There’s only one thing that matters to get into ketosis. That is to get your grams of carbohydrates very low – below 20 grams per day. You end up eating more meat and less plants. 

But once you are in ketosis, it doesn’t mean you have to stay in it and worry about falling out and failing. No, this is a natural state the body gets into as soon as it moves into burning your fat for energy. Therefore if you get out of ketosis sometimes and burn sugar again, it actually doesn’t matter and can even be good for your body to move between the two states.


Flipping back and forth from carb burning to ketosis is very healthy and shows fitness and flexibility in your cells. This is all about a natural BALANCE. This is a “balanced diet” that can be a lifestyle rather than a fad diet.

So this is not something that you will fail at if you decide to take a day off and eat your favorite foods! i.e enjoy your cheat days!

Remember, it is totally safe to eat meat no matter what you heard in the past or will hear in the future. Organic, grass-fed is obviously the best meat but do your best based on your budget and availability.  

Many people will continue to tell you that meat is bad for you but simply ask them for the scientific evidence that supports their statement. Anyone trying to find this evidence will only ever come up with survey-type polls. If you do ever find legitimate, experimental, scientific proof, please let us know and we will tell the world.

This is a great opportunity to try this yourself and be your own judge!

To learn more about the 3 main areas that are causing chronic illness – Click here to download your free eBook guide “Follow The Physiology Formula”:

It’s all about feeding, strengthening, and supporting your organs to reverse engineer your lactic acidosis and stop it from killing your cells and flip over to the most important fuel, ketones. 

However, there is a point of no-return though so start now to get your health back. Don’t wait until after you have severe lactic acidosis such as cancer, diabetes, or a heart problem. 

Lactic acidosis is a temporary state that your body goes through during exercise OR during a bad diet. This means lactic acidosis is occurring during a short period of time but it needs to stop with a healthier diet. It’s originally designed by Mother Nature almost as a buffer under certain circumstances but then you are supposed to come out of it. The danger is when you are in it all the time.

An analogy would be the caveman – a state of stress activates adrenaline and all hormones to create a sudden boost of energy that allows him to escape and save his life – for example – running away from a bear. Once the bear is gone, the stress is gone, too. And everything goes back to normal. 

Unfortunately with our current lifestyles, we end up being stressed for extensive periods of time, sometimes years, and this puts our bodies under a huge strain and we start to break down because stress is only meant to be a temporary state.

This is very similar to lactic acidosis – it’s perfectly fine for short periods of time – for example – exercise – but is dangerous for our bodies if experienced for a long period of time or high amounts in a short period of time.

Therefore, to help your body to naturally clean out lactate the way Mother Nature intended you need to “Follow The Physiology Formula”.

Chronic Illness Causes Found

Chronic Illness Causes Found

When it comes to chronic illness there are 3 main causes you need to understand. 

But first, typically when we are not feeling well, we go to the doctor with a health problem and they perform some tests and in most cases end up prescribing a drug. 

This is typically what tends to happen, which is why we have developed a mindset that thinks if we take a drug everything will get better and go away.

A classic example is having a headache, we take a few pills and the headache goes away. Therefore we never really work out why we had a headache in the first place. We never realize that the headache could have been a message from our body trying to tell us that something is wrong. Which also means we never try to discover the cause that is directly responsible for the headache and instead we continue as normal.

This helps to highlight that there is more than just taking a pill that needs to be considered. Even though taking drugs may be needed – Do they cause any side effects? Sometimes the side effects of taking a drug can start you on a journey to a whole new set of problems.

This means if you do have some form of chronic illness then you need to look at your lifestyle and see if you can work out what you have done that could have been responsible for causing your illness.

Instead of ignoring any underlying issues, I will give you the tools so that you can make new decisions that will create a new, healthier lifestyle.

To learn more, I have created a Free eBook Guide called the “Follow The Physiology Formula” – Click here to download:

To address these underlying issues, let’s first gain a deeper understanding of the 3 main causes of chronic illness that modern medicine sometimes doesn’t initially address.


Mercury in teeth.

The first cause of chronic disease is Toxins. Chemical and heavy metal toxins include substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chlorine, bromine, pesticides, medications, and seed oils (formerly known as vegetable oils). These toxins need to be cleaned or detoxed from the body and the best tools are nutritionally based, not drug-based to clean out chronic toxicity. (1)


The second cause of chronic disease is Pathogens: These infections can live in our bodies without us knowing it. They hide from the immune system and do not always cause “cold or flu-like symptoms”. They are not affected by or killed by common antibiotics and they can mimic our DNA so that they are camouflaged to our immune cells.


The third cause of chronic disease is processed food in the modern diet that is filled with sugars and is high in carbohydrates. Seed oils, formerly known as vegetable oils, are highly processed, highly inflammatory synthetic foods that produce disease in our bodies too. Sugar and seed oils combined have contributed to the worst epidemic of chronic disease in history, with global explosions of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

The sugar industry has tried to hide their sins (2) but the seed (vegetable) oil industry is caught red-handed. (3)

In chronic illness, there is a common set of biochemical processes that lead to anatomical changes that cause cells, tissues, and organs to die. This mechanical system operates in a series of causes and effects.

When it comes to healing your body, you have to address the 1) Causes, the 2) Mechanism, and then 3) feed your organs to get rid of the symptoms. 

There are many mechanisms but there is one single most common mechanism of chronic disease and it is called Lactic Acidosis. It is the most common mechanism because our modern diet is so high in carbohydrates. Also, pathogens and toxins are key components.

If you don’t address this, you will significantly lower your chance of optimal health. When addressed appropriately, it’s life-changing and handles the widest variety of conditions and symptoms that were never considered related. 

To learn more about the 3 main areas that are causing chronic illness – Click here to download your free eBook guide “Follow The Physiology Formula”:

(4) Here is some history of lactic acidosis: In the late 1700s “lactic acid” was discovered as a chemical compound. It was a slightly foul-smelling, thick, mucousy liquid that was reminiscent of sour milk. “Acid” indicated the smelly odor and “lactic” indicated it looked like milk.

In 1848, lactic acid was found in a majority of cadavers and in the next decade it was discovered in a majority of people with chronic disease conditions. These discoveries set the stage of medical research for the next 100 years. The main goal of doctors treating the chronically ill was to eliminate lactic acid or it’s breakdown product: lactate. 

Since the 1920’s, it has had several different names, applications, and definitions. 

I figured out lactic acidosis in March of 2016 when I unknowingly suffered from toxic mold exposure. Besides having its own toxic properties, black mold also releases lactic acid in high amounts. I suffered from this for a year before discovering that my Cause was mold.

In the meantime, I had to go back to old nutrition and medical texts and articles (5) (6) from 1930 to 1961 to understand what was happening to my body. Lactic acidosis has been forgotten since 1961 for several reasons but it is time to bring it back so we can all benefit.

So when it comes to your diet the answer is to help support your organs to reduce lactate and other wastes naturally.

Your liver cleans out 85% of the lactic acid and your Kidneys clean out a further 15%. Then you need to support all of your other organs as well because they all work together. For example, your thyroid can cause problems that can hinder your liver functions.

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My husband found Dr. Schmidt’s YouTube channel and had been watching for several months, finding the information very helpful and educational. So when we decided to make a trip to the US in May 2017 to visit friends (we live in the UK) we also decided to book appointments with Dr. Schmidt at his clinic and see him too while we were there. He assessed us both and gave each tailored (bespoke) plans for the health aspects we were concerned about, it was a very, very helpful and informative afternoon. It is now late 2019 and we continue to benefit from Dr. Schmidt’s advice and information, we both continue to watch him on YouTube to learn more and would definitely see him again, either in person and via his distance consulting. And while we both have improved our health, I, in particular, have changed my life significantly for the better due to the path Dr. Schmidt set me on. The list of improvements is long and I am so very very grateful that Dr. Schmidt shared his information on YouTube so we could find it and learn. Words really cannot do justice to the positive changes I’ve made. It is a very sad thing, could just as easily be anger and betrayal really, that all my life (I’m over 60) I kept trying to do the right thing for my health. I did my best to follow the standard we have all been told for decades by those in authority and I tried many things – all were for nothing and none were sustainable for long, and are fundamentally flawed by low quality “science”. I had to put aside everything I thought I knew and start again to learn how our health is impacted by the food we eat and what food is truly healthy for humans. I will never go back! It is so sad to see how vested interests of corporations and academic institutions have been taking us down such an unhealthy path for so many years. And so sad to see many people one sees in public that could have a happier life if they were not so badly affected by years of wrong dietary information. Thank you loads to Dr. Schmidt and his staff, these words are genuinely meant yet so not enough to express the depth of gratitude felt!

I learned all kinds of unexpected things during my first couple visits.  The staff was beyond friendly, helpful, and always seemed to know who I was and the questioned I asked — even though I was brand new to the practice.  I’m also amazed how effective the supplements were within these first couple days of taking them! I’m feeling better than I have for over four months when my diet and sleep was way, way more strict!  I’m excited to see how things improve over time!!

I would highly recommend Dr Schmidt.  He is one of the most knowledgeable practitioners I’ve ever worked with.  He has an amazing intuition for treating patients and gives great hope that one can recover their health.

On October 29, 2019 this year I traveled to this clinic in Ann Arbor from Minnesota. My medical clinic in Minnesota was not helping me solve my issues since 2012. I used the Long distance program with 5 appointments. By October 31, Dr. Darren Schmidt had figured out which supplements I needed through muscle testing. I was not aware my body knew what I needed. Dr. Schmidt is very disciplined, knowledgeable, able, and intelligent. His highly respectful staff is excellent to work with. I have huge hope for my future now and I feel better every day with results I have wanted to see for a long time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am telling all my coworkers about this miracle.

Great clinic. I am having great results with my nutritional support. Together with the educational videos I am improving my health every day!

From California: Started seeing Dr Schmidt May 23. It’s November. I’m 25% healthier. No more parasites kidney stones diverticulosis issues tiredness and fatigue. Or skinny bony-ness. I gotta say, my body feels different. like I got a brand new body. It’s absolutely worth it if you’re battling with health issues.

Knew which lab work I needed when, in fact, indicated extremely high thyroid antibodies. With the diet changes and supplements he suggested I have lost weight, have better energy and improved digestion. I no longer have to take short naps to help me make it through the day.

Regarding my concerns about dementia, which runs in my family, it feels like a light bulb has been turned back on in my brain.

I have gone to many health care practitioners throughout my life but none with the knowledge and skill of Dr. Schmidt. I highly recommend him.

Best holistic functional medicine Doc in the world. Under his care, my mother is off 14 prescription drugs, has reversed diabetes, hypertension, chronic UTI, chronic Bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis and sleep apnea. She has lost 22 kgs (48.5 lbs.) and is healthier than ever. May Almighty bless him and his staff.

Dr. Schmidt has been taking care of my husband over the past several months. He has helped with multiple health conditions concerning us.

His recommendations have greatly improved and normalized my husband’s blood pressure more so than any formerly prescribed medication. My husband has reduced and maintained his weight at a healthy level which has helped with his overall health, thanks to Dr. Schmidt’s Keto Diet recommendation. As an out-of-state patient under his distant patient program, we find Dr. Schmidt and his staff highly responsive and helpful in addressing my husband’s overall health and wellbeing through comprehensive phone interviews.

Also, thank you Dr. Schmidt, for the incredible research you provide us through your YouTube channel.

Dr. Schmidt and his team are exceptional and I’m incredibly grateful for what they do. Over the past year I’ve been treating a serious candida overgrowth which was causing all kinds of health issues many of which I had not realized were connected to this issue. Now I’m symptom free and healthier than ever because my doctor knows exactly what to do so how cool is that.

This really works! I’m a 65 year old fairly healthy woman and I’ve had so many noticeable changes in my health since starting as a patient of Dr. Darren Schmidt. I wanted to get off my medications when I started in early July 2018 and after two weeks, quit using my steroid inhaler. I’ve tried to quit before but after 3-4 weeks, my chronic cough would return and I’d have to start using it again. But four weeks went by and no cough. It’s now been five months and it’s still gone and I haven’t used the inhaler once. And I can breathe so much deeper. I just went to see my M.D. who said my lungs are ‘really clear’ now. That would have been enough for me to make Dr. Schmidt’s treatment protocol worthwhile but there was so much more. My brain fog was lifted. My memory is so much better now and I feel ‘smarter’. And if that wasn’t enough, my tinnitus is GONE, I mean really gone and it hasn’t come back in five months so far. I didn’t even expect that would happen! It’s SO awesome to wake up in the morning and lay in bed and hear silence. I’m now working on my hypothyroidism. I’ve been off my Synthroid since early September 2018 and this has been tougher but the supplements make me feel warmer and have more energy. I’ve lost 12 pounds so my BMI is in the normal range now, not overweight. This program is the coolest thing I’ve done for myself in my whole life!

I am so incredibly blessed to have found Dr. Darren Schmidt’s videos on Youtube! I began watching him as I was exploring a ketogenic lifestyle. About four months into watching his videos, I heard him talk about his own experience with a pounding heart and high blood pressure. His story was my story! Gratefully, he has distance appointments with people, as I live on the west coast. I was determined to get off the medication I now had to take. I had thrown every natural remedy at it I could without luck. I called the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor and scheduled a distance appointment with Dr. Schmidt. It took a few weeks for my first appointment, but I assure you it was WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!

Dr. Schmidt gave me a great analysis of what was going on with me…something medical doctors had completely missed. He started me on a protocol of supplements and a particular diet and in LESS THAN A MONTH…I am on a QUARTER of my blood pressure medication!!! I think within the next week I should be off of it completely, as frankly…it’s a little low now. 🙂 Having studied natural health as a hobby for several decades, I truly feel in my heart that Dr. Schmidt will go down in history as one of our greatest doctors ever. I really mean that. I have watched countless videos he has presented and have never come across anyone who has dedicated their lives this deeply to not only discovering useful information for the public to get a handle on their own health, but to actually share this information generously with all via Youtube. I have hope now that other problems will clear up that I have been dealing with. This man really knows his stuff. He is one of the most courageous, caring and intelligent beings on this planet.

Thank you Dr. Schmidt for all you do and to your kind staff for always being there for me. I love you all and I’m forever grateful.

After being sick and going back and forth to many different doctors with no results, I came across Dr Schmidt videos on YouTube . I watched every video that he had posted on YouTube. I made appointment to see him and with in one month I seen great improvement in my health. I can’t thank Dr. Schmidt and his staff enough they are my heroes.

I have been seeing Dr Schmidt since Sep 2016. He has helped to get my health and weight back in order within the first 6-8 months. I was also having auto immune, thyroid and knee and heel problems. Dr Schmidt has helped with all these issues and I am happy to say I feel really healthy and have a lot of energy now.

I have seen an Endocronologist for 7.5 years prior with absolutely no results. For all those folks out there with Thyroid problems and auto immune related issues I highly recommend seeing Dr. Schmidt instead. Sad to say The Endo specialists have absolutely no idea how to treat you!!

I am so happy and in debt to Marylin, my friend, who referred me to Dr Schmidt.

A big thank you to Dr. Schmidt and the entire staff at The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor for helping me to be healthy!!

Here are the important improvements in my health that have been achieved in only 7 months with The NHCAA. Weight down 38 lbs; waist down 4″; shortness of breath climbing stairs is gone; systolic bp down 15 points; stamina has increased; dizziness is gone; virtually all arthritis pain is gone; strength is returning; sleep has improved greatly; nighttime urination frequency reduced almost completely; brain fog reduced; blood sugar way down.

Dr. Schmidt knows what he is doing and almost anyone can transform their health by working with The NHCAA. This is not a one-way street, however. It requires dedication, commitment and belief in them and yourself. But it is so worth it!!!

I have been going to Dr. Schmidt for a couple of years. It has been a life-changing experience for me. I had been sick for 3-4 years – going to the doctor over and over, subjected to tests, yet no accurate diagnosis. Dr. Schmidt helped me identify the problem and do what was necessary to get well and maintain my health. Now, I am healthy and strong again! I can’t thank him enough!!

The NHCAA has helped me tremendously in just 2.5 months! My swollen knee is nearly 100% – I have full range of motion back and have been very pleased with the improvement. The process is straightforward and while the diet is somewhat restrictive, there are many foods I can eat and enjoy. I am feeling so much better and most of my top 5 health concerns have improved significantly. I have lost weight and feel like I am on the right path toward a healthier me.

Dr. Schmidt recommended that I begin an iodine regimen for my symptoms, which changed my mood instantly. I felt so happy and energetic. Along with other supplements that Dr. Schmidt suggested, my general health improved and I feel better every day. Thanks Dr.Schmidt and Staff!

Three months ago, after watching several of Dr Schmidt’s YouTube videos, I decided to contact him believing he could help me find the cause of my higher blood pressure. My BP had risen to 155/105 – 170/110.

I told him I was not interested in using drugs to suppress my systems, I only wanted to find the cause and correct it.

Dr. Schmidt methodically went through an elimination process, with thorough testing and questions, by phone and multiple e-mails, because I am in Florida.

Recently Dr. Schmidt suggested a supplement to help with my cortisol regulation. My cortisol was up and my neuro transmitters, serotonin and dopamine were down.

The product he suggested nearly instantly corrected how I was feeling and solved the problem Dr Schmidt was asked to solve, higher BP.

My BP now is 128/89 – 140/94, plus I feel great; in my case the higher BP was caused by poor cortisol regulation.

I found Dr Schmidt and his staff very thorough!

Dear Dr. Schmidt,

Thank you for all your research on lactic acidosis and for making all the videos on that subject. It has changed the course of my health.

You are brilliant, perceptive and have information that all of today’s physicians should know, but unfortunately do not.

When will our incompetent and uninformed medical professionals listen to you?