The History of Lactic Acidosis

The History of Lactic Acidosis

Your diet is the most fundamental basis of your health and it is something that you have to do anyways, we all need to eat food. But by avoiding seed oils, added sugar, and processed flour, you will be off to a great start. 

Our ancestors’ diet can’t be ignored and has to have some sort of influence over how you approach your food today. When you look at a plate of food that contains meat, vegetables, salad, and starch the volume of food is primarily plants by quantity but the greatest quantity of calories is still the meat. That’s our ancestral diet- it is calorie dense with meat. It keeps you satisfied for a long time, keeps you warm, and provides endurance. Focus on the meat and the rest of the food should be lower in carbs.

If you have been exposed to too many toxins and pathogens and you’ve been eating high carb foods, you are setting yourself up for lactic acidosis. Since the 1920’s it has been known to be the most common mechanism of chronic disease. (1) Up until the 1970s, doctors were taught to assume all their chronically ill patients had it.

The Follow The Physiology Formula helps you to reverse engineer lactic acidosis so you can take back control of your health. Learn what causes lactic acidosis below. 

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Achieve Optimal Health

Achieving optimal health doesn’t have to be complicated and by focusing on some simple key points, it is easy to achieve amazing results. 

If your diet is all natural foods such as meat and vegetables and a little fruit and you are not feeling better and better over time, then remember you still have other factors to contend with – pathogens, toxicity, the mechanism of chronic disease, and organ dysfunction. 

The journey of reverse engineering the disease cycle includes entering into the state of Ketosis which helps your body to naturally burn fat that you’ve been storing. Ketosis then becomes the foundation of the required detoxification that your body needs. It helps to feed your hormones and brain which ultimately makes you happier. 

Moving over to a low-carb diet starts the process of helping your body to fight against and eliminate these harmful organisms. By consuming higher amounts of protein your body maintains its structure and function- you don’t lose your brain power, muscular strength, and bones (osteoporosis). Nutritional and herbal supplements are supplemental to your good diet and are important for killing organisms and detoxification.

Diet is essential to solving lactic acidosis. The two most important foods to eat are meat and liver. A distant “third place” is vegetables.

When it comes to preventing lactic acidosis, it’s important to learn more about the physiology of chronic disease. It’s just as important to understand how cells die as it is to understand how to make them healthier. 

But regardless of the types of food you eat, it is essential to know ketosis is the first place to start so that your cells stop using sugar as fuel and instead switches over to ketones. 

The Founders of Medicine

In the 1930s, the founders of medicine discovered that many organs worked together to clean the blood of lactate and other wastes so they made glandular supplements. They put animal glands such as liver and pancreas into pills. (2) Their patients took these pills to get better. You can consume glands from animals for your own benefit or take supplements with glands in them. 

These glandular supplements of the 1920s and ’30s were lost when synthesized hormones were invented for better or for worse, such as synthetic estrogen, insulin, etc. 

Toxins, Pathogens, and Diet are all in the first circle of the Follow The Physiology Formula. They are the “Causes”. The second circle is the mechanism – lactic acidosis – that gets ignored the most. The third circle is feeding organs to get rid of symptoms. Most doctors try to suppress the symptoms with drugs instead of feeding the organs.

All three circles need to be addressed – maybe all at once or at different stages. Making sure all 3 are thoroughly addressed insures health improvement. If you skip one circle, your healing will be incomplete. 

Lactic Acidosis History

Now that you have a deeper understanding of these 4 steps of lactic acidosis and how to use them to take back control of your health, it’s time to find out why you may have never heard of lactic acidosis in the past and why it’s been hidden from you!

There are 2 MAIN FACTORS that have prevented the world from finding out and making it so hard to learn about…


The first is the nutrition and medical research before World War 2 was on “feeding studies”, which are studies where they removed specific vitamins and nutrients from foods of animals to see the effects. They also had the opportunity to monitor poor families during the Great Depression who could only afford to eat white, refined bread. These families could not afford vegetables and meat, the foods that support organs. These studies where very powerful and gave us the foundational understanding of how vitamins and minerals work. 

Then after WW2, pharmaceutical companies gained great strength and eventually, these nutritional feeding studies ended and soon after were forgotten about. Add to this, the federal government declared that Vitamin E and Vitamin C were mere “anti-oxidants”, essentially canceling decades of research and ignoring the disease-preventing abilities of these nutrients. 

To learn more about the 3 main areas that are causing chronic illness – Click here to download your free eBook guide “Follow The Physiology Formula”:



Then the next factor was centered around Dr. Royal Lee, who was the Father of holistic nutrition. He was one of the most vocal and most powerful at educating the world on how whole food nutrition and supplements could help to reverse chronic health. This eventually led to a major lawsuit against him in 1961 to stop him from talking about healthcare or nutrition by the US Supreme Court. He lost the case and was forced to never talk about healthcare again and died in 1967 and this great information went with him. 

Since then, this enormous and comprehensive subject of lactic acidosis which was well studied for over 100 years became 2 small subjects. The first subject was only for athletes- lactic acid in the muscles. The goal is to reduce the amount of lactic acid in muscles for better performance.  

And the second smaller subject was related to people who only have a few days left to live. These people are in the hospital and they have suffered a heart attack or gotten a diagnosis of cancer. As a result, their bodies are filling up with lactic acid and the MD’s run a lactate test from blood and they also test the acidity of the blood. The higher the lactate and the more acidic the blood is, the shorter the lifespan of that person. 

These two small subjects were taken out of context and the whole subject of lactic acidosis, including their appropriate solutions had been lost.

Which brings us back to the world we are living in today.


The 4 Steps to Stop Lactic Acidosis

The 4 Steps to Stop Lactic Acidosis

We are born healthy but throughout our life we get exposed to external factors that harm our health such as toxins and pathogens. Another “external factor” is bad food that we unknowingly or unconsciously consume.

Today we’ll discuss how to stop lactic acidosis and prevent it in the future. Our modern diet has a unique feature never seen in the history of mankind before 1848. It is called “junk food”. The first candy bar was 1848 and this junk food industry grew as the industrial revolution grew. (1)








The four main components of junk food are:

  1. Seed oils (formally known as vegetable oils)
  2. Added sugar
  3. Processed flour, especially refined white wheat.
  4. Added salt

The seed oils alone cause incredible damage and are possibly as bad as sugar for causing diabetes and heart disease. (2) Consider that 99% of salad dressing is a seed oil such as canola oil or soybean oil.

The sugar alone is inflammatory and causes disease. It is pure carbohydrate with little nutrition. The processed flour is poor quality and very inflammatory. It is also exceedingly high in carbohydrates which turn into sugar and then stored as fat.

Excess carbohydrates from sugar and flour are also the main cause of the mechanism of chronic disease called lactic acidosis. It is the mechanism behind all chronic illness in our modern society. The excess sugar metabolism from the grains and sugar consumption builds up pathological tissue and is the biggest contributor to chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

When you add the high sugar with bad fats, it’s a recipe for disaster. (3) The sugar makes all fat turn into “cluster bombs” that circulate around in the blood damaging cells, tissues, and blocking normal physiology. This combination of high sugar and high fat intake is the hallmark of modern, industrial foods found in packages and makes up 80% of grocery stores.

Imagine a hamburger on a bun. It’s the high carb bun that makes the burger meat dangerous. If you skip the bun, you get all the nutrients and building capacity of the meat without the damaging bread. You can’t blame the burger for what the bun or fries are doing.

Our ancestors’ diet had meat. (4) This is true all over the world. Some had less, some had more but a significant percentage of calories was animal flesh either scavenged or hunted.

Vegetables and fruit were lesser in calories in general but went up during summer when plants were more readily available. These plants were mostly medicinal like the herbs you buy at a health food store now.








The high meat and low carb diet leads to ketosis – the state of fat burning. Also, our ancestors sometimes didn’t have food so they fasted. This also created the state of ketosis which is the native state of the body and is a natural way of detoxification (5) and it strengthens your immune system against pathogens.

The ideal diet for a human being is low carbohydrate, plenty of protein, and healthy fats. The healthier your diet is, the less food you need to eat and the less often you eat too. Snacks become unnecessary when your meals are awesome. The time between meals extends out to many hours because you are simply not hungry. This is known as intermittent fasting. (6) First feed your body foods that reduce lactic acid for a period of time for the goal of satiety, then you can fast.

There is no experiment that proves meat causes any disease such as cancer (7) or heart disease (8)… “There is no compelling health reason to avoid red meat.” Do not be afraid to use butter, lard, and meat. Just remember that when you are learning how to stop lactic acidosis, you cannot add high carbohydrate foods with them in your meals.

Now that you know that lactic acid mechanism is the most common way for the body to deteriorate and cause chronic illness, it’s time to stop it. Learn how to reduce and prevent lactic acidosis below.

To stop lactic acidosis causes, follow the 4 steps below because the good news is, it can be stopped if it’s not too late.

Number 1

The first thing to do is to stop your cells from using sugar as fuel. Eat a low carb diet. Get your carbohydrates down below 20 grams per day. Use an app on your smartphone like Cronometer to track the grams of carbohydrates. When your carbs are below 20 grams per day, you end up in ketosis which means you are using fat for fuel rather than sugar. Make sure you get extra fat and protein to satisfy your appetite and eat foods that reduce lactic acid. This is the ideal state of the body.

Number 2

The next thing to do is to remove hydrogen, which is acid from the muscles. Hydrogen is one of the waste products of burning sugar. It causes muscle burning and achiness. Maybe you feel this chronically in your low back, heart, neck, or even intestines. The best food to do this is red meat which has heme iron which feeds oxygen and iron to the muscles. The oxygen combines with the hydrogen (acid) and turns into water! Eating red meat is the best food you can eat to feed your muscles which is the largest organ in your body. If you don’t feed your muscles well, the rest of your organs don’t have a chance.

Number 3








The third thing to do when learning how to prevent lactic acidosis is to clean the blood of wastes. This is called “detoxifying”. But first, you have to stop eating processed food. It has lots of chemicals in it and refined grains and sugars create the lactate and other wastes we are trying to get rid of. Next, eating vegetables can be very cleansing. The best foods that reduce lactic acid are cruciferous vegetables and root vegetables such as beets. Healthy, clean animal foods are also very beneficial to the body. Eating liver and red meat is also very detoxifying. Ketosis is the foundation of detoxification.

Strike a balance between the vegetables and meat consumption. Some people need more meat, some prefer more vegetables. Other detoxifying practices include sauna and detox supplements. If you live in a moldy home or work in a toxic building, you should remediate the mold or removing yourself from the toxic building.

Number 4

Lastly, make sure the liver is working well so it can recycle lactate back into fuel and clean the blood of the other wastes which are called acetate, acetaldehyde, and ethanol. The vegetables above can help the liver but the best thing you can do is eat liver! If you don’t like the taste, eat pate. If you don’t like pate, then take supplements that have liver in them. There are many supplements on the market with liver in them.

In my 20 plus years of working in the natural healthcare field, I have been able to determine the best supplements from the best companies. I’ve been using them on my patients, my parents, and I take them myself everyday. When new supplements come out on the market, I can tell if they are worth taking or not.

But for now, I want you to become aware that there are some powerful supplements that are focused on helping your body reduce lactic acidosis and we will be going over them in the next chapter.

You Can Regain Your Health

You Can Regain Your Health

You need to realize that if you are creating lactic acidosis within your own body or have been for many years, you need to stop – now.

In regular medicine, there is a pattern of lab tests that appear throughout a person’s lifetime.

The first positive lab test that is high is insulin. A great researcher named Dr. Kraft discovered that 90% of 19-year-olds had high insulin due to their high carb and sugar diet, and it only gets worse as we age. (1)

[Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash]

Later in life, the next medical tests that are abnormal are high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Then the typical response to this is to be prescribed medication as a bandaid – not a cure. These drugs do not fix the underlying Cause, nor Mechanism.

Then again later in life, the lab tests show the liver and kidneys are malfunctioning. Now we have a disease process continuing that should have been prevented many years earlier. Once again more medication is prescribed to avoid critical life-threatening effects.  

Then finally, the last lab test that MDs will find is high lactate – which is evidence that the body has been suffering from sub-clinical lactic acidosis over a long period of time.

Although the lactic acid cycle has been occurring for many years or even decades, it doesn’t mean that the lactate blood test will be high because the body compensates to keep it down earlier in life.

Also, the body does its best to prevent the blood from becoming too acidic- so the official diagnosis of lactic acidosis does not apply to most people until the very end of their life. 

To learn more, I have created a Free eBook Guide called the “Follow The Physiology Formula” – Click here to download:

But the lactic acid cycle, once understood, helps you understand the mechanism of how your health degenerates. And it helps you understand that the best way to keep your health up is with lifestyle choices, natural remedies from food and supplements, and exercise. Learn how to regain your health by reducing lactic acidosis. 

Bad Food

When you think about your health in terms of preventing lactic acidosis, the death cycle, it is more holistic and more encompassing of all options to get your health back.

Compare this to only trying to “control your blood pressure” which is short-sighted, a temporary band-aid. Or compare it to only controlling your blood glucose with drugs. Or even getting rid of chronic pain with a painkilling drug.

The lactic acid cycle explains the symptoms of most chronic illnesses. I have linked about 150 symptoms and conditions to it. This highlights that there can be multiple symptoms within your body that are in relation to one commonality – lactic acidosis.

For example, if someone comes to me with multiple symptoms such as fatigue, depression, or muscle soreness I can quickly determine through, history, diet, lab work, and other testing which of their symptoms were caused by Sugar, Toxins, and Pathogens.

It commonly becomes highlighted that Lactic acidosis is the Mechanism. 

I can start to address each step and begin the cycle of reverse engineering their condition.

Create a Healthier Lifestyle

When it comes to preventing lactic acidosis, it’s important to learn more about the physiology and cause of chronic disease. It’s just as important to understand how cells die as it is to understand how to make them healthier. 

When you gain a deeper understanding as to how your cells are dying it becomes easier to prevent it if you are healthy or reverse engineer it if you have a chronic health problem.

cells dying due to poor diet, sugar, and or toxins
Pathogens killing healthy cells.

If you are trying to create a healthier lifestyle or maybe feel as if you are suffering from chronic symptoms, you now have a new way of approaching this especially as you become more aware of Lactic Acidosis as the mechanism and Sugar, Toxins, and Pathogens as the major causes.

Together these create symptoms such as fatigue, depression, or muscle soreness being some of the main ones.

As an example, does a prescribed drug fix any aspect of dying cells or the physiology of  lactic acidosis… or does it just squash a symptom? 

Does that food you are about to eat feed the pathological process of your dying cells and increase lactic acidosis or does it reverse engineer it and prevent it from ever affecting you? 

How do you know which herb or supplement to take that will positively affect your health by reversing engineering lactic acidosis? 

By understanding the physiology of chronic disease, all of this becomes easier to know what to do when it comes to reverse-engineering the lactic acid mechanism and optimizing your health.

To learn more about the 3 main areas that are causing chronic illness – Click here to download your free eBook guide “Follow The Physiology Formula”:

I rely on supplements quite a bit to get rid of the pathogens and toxins within the Causes circle.  

My favorite supplements fit into categories. 

  1. GLANDULARS- feed organs to help them function better.
  2. “SPECIAL DIRT”- these supplements are the detoxifiers. You may know the term “binders” which is fulvic acid or humates – these come from dirt and they are the best at cleaning your body!
  3. KILLERS These supplements are primarily herbs that are anti-microbial whether you problem is Lyme, Yeast, Viruses, Parasites, etc. or a combination of them. 
  4. DRAINERS These supplements make sure the normal cleansing pathways in the body are functioning well.
  5. The nutrients we are all familiar with – VITAMINS AND MINERALS. 

I use some sort of combination of these to help my patients get their health back. 

(1) #LCHF The genius of Dr. Joseph R. Kraft – Exposing the true Extent of #Diabetes — The Fat Emperor

We Address Toxicity, Pathogens, and Diet To Solve Your Health Problems

We Address Toxicity, Pathogens, and Diet To Solve Your Health Problems

The best defense you can have against pathogens is maintaining a healthy body so that you make sure your tissues and organs are HEALTHY. 

The job of these organisms is to decompose your non-healthy tissue. The more unhealthy tissue you have, the greater the chances of having organisms inside your body causing harm. (1) 

These organisms take over weakened tissue or they create more dead tissue by releasing poisons. These poisons affect the function of your circulatory system negatively which leads to cell starvation and death. The official terms to describe the malfunctioning circulation are Congestion and Hyperemia. Congestion is from the blood flow being too slow causing capillary engorgement. Hyperemia is when the blood flow is too fast. Whether you get hyperemia or congestion, cells cannot get nutrients or eliminate wastes. (2)

– More on this later as we address how to solve health problems. 

Reduce Sugar and Seed Oils

So the best way to defend yourself from this happening to your body is to reduce the intake of excess sugars and seed oils. These foods are the primary destructive foods in our modern diet. Grains and fruits are high in sugar and carbohydrates which feed these organisms, so avoid them. Also, avoid dairy because it is mucousy and helps the pathogens to thrive. Instead, keep your diet simple to meat and vegetables.

A simple way to reduce your exposure to these organisms is by washing your hands and walking away from people who are coughing or sneezing. Killing such pathogens is possible with herbs such as oregano for bacteria, wormwood for parasites, and Lysine for viruses. These are all readily available at your local health food store or online. It is fine to take anti-microbial herbs on a regular basis because your healthy cells love these herbs while the bad cells do not. 

The good news is that you do have control over these pathogens. It is not “fate” or “bad luck” that controls your destiny regarding infections. 

To learn more, I have created a Free eBook Guide called the “Follow The Physiology Formula” – Click here to download:

The puzzle to solving your health problems includes determining if you have these pathogens living in your body and if so, what symptoms are they causing. 

When I first approach a patient’s healthcare, I have to incorporate these factors into puzzle solving. This means I need to address – toxicity, pathogens, and diet. We determine which one is the most important and start addressing it. It can also be that all of these need to be tackled at the same time.

Part of getting your health back and moving towards optimal health means you need to address these pathogens over a period of time. You can use effective, inexpensive supplements and herbs overtime to stop the continual onslaught of Mother Nature’s “decomposers” on your body and to stop them from turning your body into soil. 

Chemicals in Herbs

So when I say herbs, I’m referring to the chemicals that are within these herbs. 

These plant chemicals are also called “secondary metabolites” and are extracted en masse from a plant. (3) 

These chemicals are Mother Nature’s medicine chest!

If you think about a plant – it has no defense at all – it’s just stuck in the ground and is completely vulnerable. Therefore Mother Nature has gifted these herbs with unique defense chemicals aka secondary metabolites. Other secondary metabolites include chemicals to attract pollinators with aromas or chemicals that create color. (4)

Our ancestors discovered that these chemicals helped them to feel better – fast forward to today – we can now use these exact same herbs and their defence chemicals to fight against fungi and other pathogens.

Therefore helping you to feel great daily as a result of wiping out the organisms that reside inside your body. Whatever symptoms those organisms are causing will go away when the bugs are gone. 

To learn more about the 3 main areas that are causing chronic illness – Click here to download your free eBook guide “Follow The Physiology Formula”:


The Pathogens release their own toxins to compromise your immune system. These toxins create arterial dilation then circulatory stagnation which results in capillary engorgement. Wiping out the organisms that reside inside your body will help you in feeling better. Whatever symptoms those organisms are causing will disappear when the bugs are gone. 

When I had toxic black mold exposure, I could see my veins were larger in my wrists plus my feet were swollen with fluid. I knew there was slowness in my circulation throughout my body. I discovered later that black mold causes this by releasing lactic acid as one of its wastes. 

Other pathogens besides mold do a similar thing. For example, most pathogens create a biofilm in which they live. Others create a toxin to compromise their host without killing them or for the purpose of killing them.

Some supplements can help defeat capillary engorgement by removing wastes and toxins from the blood or by increasing oxygen in the blood. 

With less waste and more oxygen, capillaries constrict back to their normal size. (5) (6) (7) (8)

One of my favorite supplement companies infuses their supplements with extra oxygen. (28) Also, their underlying constituent or component of their products is an excellent detoxifier. If you want to buy it, you can use the code L6pdmf3r on their website.

I use their products on most people with ANY chronic illness. These supplements and many more are available on the internet. More information is at the end of the ebook.

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Optimal Liver and Kidney Health is Vital To Clean The Blood

Optimal Liver and Kidney Health is Vital To Clean The Blood

Now that you know the mechanism of chronic disease, you just need to learn how to reverse-engineer it. 

A name for blood and circulation problem is called “Congestion.” The biggest problem is that the cells end up starving. Another blood and circulation problem is the opposite called “Hyperemia” where the blood moves too fast. Either way, the result is the same: the cells starve of nutrients and die.

What happens when muscle cells starve and die from lactic acidosis?

They tighten up, it’s known as rigor mortis. (1)

You have heard of this regarding a dead body. After a few hours the body is totally stiff due to lactic acidosis. Later the muscle tissues break down and the body becomes limp. Learn how to optimize liver and kidney health below.

What type of cell is most common in the human body?

The answer is muscle cells. You have more pounds of muscles than any other organ or tissue in the body. Muscles are the largest ”organ” in the body. (2)

But you can have a little bit of rigor mortis in some compartments of the body and still be alive. For example, the muscles in the chest and lungs can tighten up which causes difficulty breathing and anxiety. This has happened to many people and they get scared so they go to the ER thinking they are having a heart attack. The MDs find no problem with their heart so they say “you have anxiety, go see a psychiatrist”. They are then given psychiatric drugs. 

Angina, a pain in the heart, is another example of this and it’s more common in men than women. 

Fibromyalgia is another example and it’s more common in women because women have more estrogen to protect their hearts. 

The point is both angina and fibromyalgia oftentimes have the same mechanism. 

To learn more, I have created a Free eBook Guide called the “Follow The Physiology Formula” – Click here to download:

The Brain

In another compartment – the brain – you can get cell starvation and cell death but instead of brain cells tightening up like muscles, they lead to bad thoughts like anxiety, depression, fear, worry, doubt, and other psychiatric problems. 

This cell starvation happens throughout the body and more symptoms occur as long as the person doesn’t handle lactic acidosis. 

This explains type 2 diabetes: excess glycolysis or sugar burning. It was stated by Dr. Henry Harrower in 1932 that diabetes is lactic acidosis. 

This also explains a heart attack: lactic acidosis causing heart muscle cells to starve and die. This can cause sudden death. It can also occur in just one section of the heart which alters the flow of blood in the arteries around the heart muscle which can form and release a plaque. The lactic acidosis came first, the plaque came second but the plaque is always blamed as the primary culprit of the heart attack. (3) 

This also explains cancer: normal cells overuse lactate when there is no oxygen. When oxygen is restored into the environment, the cell continues to use lactate as its preferred fuel. This state of not using oxygen despite it being available for use is cancer. 

Cancer cells have other mechanisms besides lactic acidosis but as a general rule, these waste products need to be cleaned by the liver but this will not happen for you if you are suffering from a B vitamin deficiency. So you need to avoid excess sugar and carbohydrates which require lots of B vitamins to digest them and yet provide no or very little B vitamins.

Exercising improves the ability to add oxygen to the blood. If you don’t feed and care for your muscles, all the other organs don’t have a chance. Optimal liver and kidney health are vital so they can clean the blood. These organs are the main detoxifying organs of the body. Help them out by making a non-toxic lifestyle and dietary choices. 

Eat Healthily

Fitness nutrition is human nutrition. What food is best to feed muscles? Red meat. (4) Red meat helps start Ketosis which stops the use of sugar as fuel and switches over to fat for fuel which is ideal. 

The supplements I used in February of 2016 had liver in them and they were designed in 1934 for the sole purpose of fixing lactic acidosis. Luckily for us, they are still being made by the original company called Standard Process. They are called Cataplex B, Cataplex G, Cardio-plus, Cyruta, and Cataplex E2. 

When you are eating a healthy diet, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are killing fungus, killing parasites, or removing toxins. 

The diet alone is the first place to start. It is the foundation. For example, ketosis is the foundation of detoxification but to really detox well, it takes a special classification of supplements. 

Eating a meat-based diet is the foundation for a strong immune system but that doesn’t guarantee you will be kicking out organisms from your body such as parasites, viruses, or bacteria. A “clean” diet of no junk food doesn’t mean that the congestion in your sinuses or lymph nodes will disappear- oftentimes, you need extra nutritional support to get the drainage systems going. Lastly, our ancestors ate from nose to tail – when is the last time you ate pancreas? 

Most organs are no longer in our food supply, but they are in supplements. Thankfully, supplement companies have picked up good nutrition where our food manufacturers have dropped it from our food supply.

However, in my opinion, most supplements are worthless. I’ve been in this field of “hardcore holisitc nutrition” since 1998, helping tens of thousands of patients get better. I have the experience and clinical proof on myself and all the patients of what works and what doesn’t. 

This relates directly back to the “Follow the Physiology Formula”

Do you need a Low Carb Diet? Most people need a low carb diet but not everybody.

Do you have toxicity?

Do you have pathogens that your immune system can’t handle?

Do you have too much lactate and other waste products from a high carb diet?

Depending on the answers to these questions, I can ascertain what you can do to start to improve your liver and kidney health.

But for most people, I can recommend foundational supplements that help beyond the low carb diet. These next recommendations will fulfill the third circle in “Follow The Physiology Formula” where you feed organs so they don’t give you symptoms. 

To learn more about the 3 main areas that are causing chronic illness – Click here to download your free eBook guide “Follow The Physiology Formula”:

Foundational supplements that help beyond the low carb diet:

This one single product that will do the most good for every person who takes it is called MitoATP. It increases your cells’ ability to make energy correctly – through the mitochondria instead of lactic acid. This handles the second circle in the “Follow The Physiology Formula.” 

With greater cell energy, you can detoxify, kill pathogens, and have better brain and body energy. Use this code L6pdmf3r at Cellcore Biosciences website. The normal dosage is 10- 20 drops per day in water. A bottle is one ounce and lasts about one month. Cellcore ships anywhere in the world. 

I created a “multi-glandular” through a company I started with a friend called Heritage Glandulars. It has 9 organs in it to feed your organs to fulfill the third circle in the Follow The Physiology Formula. You have to cycle it on and off when you take it. For example, you can take 2 pills a day for one week on, then stop it for one week off. More instructions and ordering can be found at Heritage Glandulars site.

My favorite heavy metal detox supplement is HM-ET Binder from Cellcore Biosciences. It also is the best detoxifier of the chemical “Glyphosate”, also known as Round-Up which we are continually exposed to through our water and food. When you take this great detoxifier, you are handling the “toxins” part of the first circle in the Follow The Physiology Formula. Use the code L6pdmf3r to order. Take 2 per day to start gentle detoxing- one in the morning and one later in the day. It does not matter if you take it with food or without food. 

If you want to learn more about the supplements and everything else that we have covered within this free eBook guide, we have created a free introduction course.

This free online course continues the journey of the “Follow the Physiology Formula”.

We have only been able to scratch the surface with this eBook guide and there are a lot more important facts for you to learn.

Especially if you are:

  • Feeling unhealthy and you’re not sure why.
  • Have an underlying problem with your health and just can’t work out what it is.
  • Want to reduce your symptoms naturally but don’t know how.
  • Want to get back to the way your health used to be when you were younger.
  • You don’t want to be overweight.
  • You don’t want to suffer from high blood pressure or high blood sugar.
  • You don’t want to have chronic pain such as arthritis, back pain, or headaches.

The free Introduction Course has a mini video series that covers the “Follow the Physiology Formula” and it’s 3 circles; Causes, Mechanism, and Symptoms. You will learn more about reversing the Lactic Acidosis cycle and getting your organs into optimal health.

Click HERE to enroll on the course.

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Pathogens Play A Part In Destroying Cells

Pathogens Play A Part In Destroying Cells

The second major Cause of chronic disease is pathogens.

When it comes to your body there are different levels of pathogens which can produce disease. A pathogen may also be referred to as an infectious agent, a “bug”, or simply a germ.

These pathogens in the body are a major cause of chronic illness and there are potentially thousands of them that can harm your body. They can also reside dormant while your immune system is strong and your body is healthy but once you’re under stress, they can thrive, reproduce, grow, and invade any part of your body. They can live anywhere they want. Think of them as snakes in the jungle. They live in the trees, on the ground, or swim in the water.


3d illustration Virus Attacking Red Blood Cells

You can have a pathogen living in your ears constantly re-infecting your sinuses or causing drainage dripping down your throat (1) into your stomach or lungs causing problems there. You can also have a bacterial infection in your jaw, called cavitation, that harbors nasty bugs that can infect your heart or get into your bloodstream or lymphatic system (the sewer system of the body) causing chronic disease throughout your body such as fatigue, chronic muscle soreness, and even heart disease. (2)

The ultimate goal of these pathogens is to knock your body down to the ground and turn it into soil just like they do with leaves, trees, and wildlife.

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What are the symptoms of organisms invading your body?

It’s important to understand that many symptoms could be a sign your body is overrun. For example, a flu virus causes symptoms for a few days whereas a “retro-virus” can cause fatigue for decades, and the ebola virus can kill you in 4-8 weeks. A parasite can increase your appetite or decrease it. A fungus can make all of your symptoms worse during the nighttime.

But there are a few specific symptoms to help get you into a ballpark so you know what general kind of organisms might be affecting you. For example, you could be harboring a fungus in your body which means when you eat certain foods, it will feed that fungus and cause symptoms like excess bloating of the stomach. Or if you look at your tongue and there is a white coating on it – this could also be a strong sign that you are suffering from a fungus. (3)

When dealing with the multitude of fungi and looking for solutions, the most natural remedies are herbs. When you use herbs, they can kill many different organisms besides fungi at the same time. One of my favorite herbs is oregano and there are many others that work as well. It’s my favorite because it works the majority of the time for multiple different organisms. (4)

The good news is, there are plenty of herbs and supplements that do a great job.

Pick the right ones, give them time, and assist the body in cleaning itself as the therapies work.

Gaining a good understanding of the step by step mechanism of lactic acidosis is important for you to prevent it and reverse-engineer it if you have it.

The following is a description of how high lactate and a few other chemicals in the blood is the mechanism of chronic disease.

High Lactate


When your body uses sugar as fuel it releases 5 waste products.(5) One is called lactate and 75% of the lactate is re-used as sugar again in a healthy body. However, the other 25% needs to be cleaned up by the liver and kidneys. If there is a problem with your body’s normal ability to clean itself, the lactate builds up in your blood and now it’s toxic.

Too much lactate and the other wastes crowd out oxygen in the blood which is also bad. Not enough oxygen in the blood to go to the cells is called hypoxia. Your cells need oxygen to survive.

So now the blood is toxic and hypoxic. The cells throughout your body cannot get enough nutrition and oxygen.

The body needs to get the oxygen and nutrition to the cells so it dilates the arteries to increase the quantity of blood to the cells. Also, with more blood flow, it’s easier to remove waste from the cells. This makes sense, doesn’t it?

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Here’s how it plays out with an athlete:

Imagine this happening with an athlete sprinting and their muscles fill with lactic acid and burn. Their burning muscles tell them to stop running. They breathe faster and deeper to bring in oxygen and remove waste through their lungs. Their arteries dilate and their pulse goes up to increase circulation. The burning sensation then dissipates because the lactic acid gets removed within 20 minutes in a healthy person. Their breathing returns to normal. The arteries constrict back to normal size.

The chemistry of the blood dilates and constricts the arteries including the tiniest ones called capillaries in order to feed your cells.

In a healthy person, this is a normal response but an unhealthy person (or unfit) they already have too much lactate or other chemical wastes in their blood – due to the intake of excess sugar, toxins, or build up of pathogens. Their blood is no longer getting oxygen and nutrition to their cells. Therefore by doing any exercise they instantly get out of breath too fast which in turn makes their muscles weak and sore.

In an unhealthy person, this lack of oxygen and nutrition to their cells is causing their arteries to be dilated, which means even the little capillaries which are the smallest arteries become engorged with blood and the flow of blood becomes stagnant. This stagnation means that the blood is not feeding these parts of the body, which in turn means these parts of the body are dying. This can be seen in diabetic patients losing their feet. The most common symptoms of lactic acidosis start with muscles such as anxiety/ muscle tightness in the chest, muscle cramping, muscle fatigue, and lack of endurance.

The body has to compensate for this capillary engorgement by making the heart pump harder which makes the blood pressure go up. The stagnant blood flow makes the feet and ankles swell.

With all the preceding actions described above, the cells starve and die. The description is simple but the effects are profound.

Cell death equals tissue death which leads to organ death then body death. This may take decades in a chronically ill person. Contact us if you want to know more about pathogens in the body.

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