Electrical Pollution and Dirty Electricity

Electrical Pollution and Dirty Electricity

Is Electrical Pollution and Dirty Electricity damaging your DNA and causing your health problems?

You’ve heard about EMFs and their potential to harm your health. You probably also know there are links between electrical frequencies from all our new devices, even the power grid itself and serious health problems. A leading epidemiologist even says it may be the number one cause of cancer…and the least known as well. But why?

Is it specifically due to something called Dirty Electricity? Can dirty electricity cause health issues?

What is Dirty Electricity?

Let’s start with clean electricity. Clean electricity is a perfect sine wave. Decades ago, most electricity coming from the power plant into your home was clean.Dirty Sinewave

Dirty Electricity looks like this… It has little spikes that go up and down along the sine wave called transients.

It was “clean” electricity and has now been “dirtied up” by other electromagnetic waves from cell phone towers, radars, satellite dishes, radio waves and other electrical lines. It is also “contaminated” by devices in your homes like dimmer switches, the new curly light bulbs, computers, and wi-fi. Anything that plugs into a wall can cause your electricity to become dirty. This dirty electricity is what can destroy your DNA’s ability to repair itself.

Clean SinewavePhotos from http://www.laboratoryequipment.com

Broken DNA Can Lead to Cancer

There is a great synopsis of research on how dirty electricity causes cancer in the book Dirty Electricity by an epidemiologist, Samuel Milham, MD, MPH.

He says it is the primary cause of cancer over the last 100 years.

To measure dirty electricity, you can use a new invention called the Stetzerizer from Electrahealth.com. They carry the meters and also various devices that plug into outlets in your home.

Normal readings are less than 50 Graham-Stetzer units on the Stetzerizer. I tested my home, and the readings were either 35 or 65 depending on the location. The office, however, tested at between 200 and 2000! It averaged about 1500.

Here’s How We Fixed It and the Results

We used the products from a company called Safe Space which we now carry in the office. These products transform the electromagnetic fields into harmless or beneficial fields. We’ve been testing these products for months and shared some of the results in an earlier blog post. We have even more successes we’ll share later in this post.

I learned about these products from a lecturer whom I’ve known since 2005. He said he’s been searching for 25 years for a product that works to clean up EMFs. He told me he tested enough products to “fill a basement.” Using Safe Space and nutrition, he has seen stunning results in as little as two weeks. Even the reduction of tumors in several patients who said they verified this through their MRIs and CT scans. The company has tested how their products affect the rate of repair of DNA. Your DNA naturally repairs itself 100% when damaged but when you add Dirty Electricity it drops by 40%! Add in the correct Safe Space products, and the rate of DNA recovery goes up to 110%. It increases DNA repair beyond normal.

The main product is a plug-in for your home. Then add more depending on your needs. There is a personal device, a device for one room, a sticker for appliances and devices, a pendant for a necklace, and one for the yard.

Dr. Amanda used to own a Toyota Prius. It has a giant battery in the trunk. Dr. Amanda is from Virginia, and she drives 10 hours to visit her family, she normally stopped four times because she had to nap. On her last trip, she took the personal protection device from Safe Space with her and drove straight through in 9 hours without stopping! She never got tired, never had to take a nap. She carried the card for a few weeks, and her supplement program dropped from 15+ bottles to only 3. Her energy went up, and she lost weight (no exercise, same diet).

I have a patient who was having hot flashes and difficulty sleeping. Her husband was complaining that her nighttime problems had started affecting HIS sleep. I tested them, and they bought Safe Space 2 (about the size of a business card) and put it next to the bed at night. Her hot flashes disappeared, and they both slept through the night! Then she lost eight pounds in two weeks even though she couldn’t lose any weight following a low-carb diet for years!

EMF Adaptors

EMF Adapter: An All-in-One Solution to Neutralize Harmful Electromagnetic Fields in Your Home or Office

Other symptoms that have disappeared in our patients using these products include dizziness, brain fog, chest pain, rashes, joint pain, migraines and headaches (from cell phones, usually), ringing in the ears, lower blood sugar levels in diabetics, sinus congestion, ADD and other behavior issues in kids.

There are other options to take care of the harmful electrical pollution that we live in. Safe Space products are the cheapest and simplest, and they are the only ones that also protect you away from your home. You can buy them directly from us. As a patient, we will test you to see which products work best for you. Sometimes it’s one product or a combination, but all of them help neutralize the effects of Dirty Electricity on your health.

“We are having so many good results and know how important they are to the health of our community we will sell these to anyone, even if they are not a patient, it’s that important and that effective even without addressing nutrition.”

There is a lot more you can do to help mitigate the effects of electro-smog on your health. The book, Zapped, describes over 1,000 ways to lessen the harmful exposure to electromagnetic frequencies. It isn’t just the dirty electricity that is harmful, any electrical device emitting EMFs.

There is ionizing radiation which means it burns and non-ionizing which doesn’t burn. Right now, most people believe non-ionizing radiation is safe but new research shows it is not. DTE believes you can be exposed to 880 milligauss (a measurement of magnetic fields) safely for short periods of time. But new dirty electricity research shows three milligauss increases leukemia in children fourfold. Ten milligauss is linked with Alzheimer’s.

In conclusion, in my experience, disarming the subtle electromagnetic fields and protecting yourself from electropollution around you is equally important as good nutrition. The problem is well studied and verified but not well known. We know the problem very well, but more importantly, we have solutions. Talk to your practitioner next time you’re in if you have concerns.

Yours in health,
Dr. Darren Schmidt


What Your Computer and Cell Phone are Doing to Your Body

What Your Computer and Cell Phone are Doing to Your Body

Are your gadgets and technology causing damage to your health?

Addressing electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is as important as good nutrition for your health!

There are thousands of studies proving the following data about EMFs. It’s just not well known nor are any corrections applied nationwide. Read on to learn if EMFs are harmful.

The first man in space only spent an hour and forty-eight minutes up there. When he came back to earth, he was in almost critical condition. It was determined, after various studies, that his body was missing the Earth’s natural, pulsing electromagnetic field. His body was not missing water, food, gravity, light or air. Since then, all manned spaceships and stations have a system installed that mimics the earth’s pulsing EMF.

The Earth’s EMF pulses at a specific rate which your cells rely on like your car engine relies on spark plugs. Other EMFs from man-made sources can interfere with this relationship and cause harm to your body. When multiple sources of EMFs combined you get a toxic soup of dirty electricity called electrosmog. Dirty electricity is a technical term and is the number one cause of cancer according to Dr. Milham*. If you are bombarded with EMFs, you can get other symptoms like depression, dizziness, poor sleep, muscle weakness, fatigue, headaches, ADD, pain, and heart attacks.

Each body part and organ has its own frequency.

For example, the ascending colon resonates at 50-60 MHz whereas the brain averages 70-78 MHz during the day. When you use an electronic device or are in a “dirty” electrical environment, these EMFs penetrate your body and lower your organs’ optimum frequencies. Creating this environment for your body sets the stage for viral infections which start at 55 MHz and cancers that start at 42 MHz. There are ways to raise the body’s energy fields back up.

What damage do EMFs cause to your body’s cells?

There are many negative effects of computers and cell phones. They break DNA, cell walls, nucleus walls and deplete calcium from that tissue. A mobile phone against your head causes this physical damage to your brain impairing your ability to think. That’s why cell-phone driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. The accident risk goes up to 4X from normal. It’s not just that you’re distracted but that your brain doesn’t work as it should.

Heavy metals in your body, like mercury in your teeth, act like antennae attracting EMFs from the wall outlets, radio waves, appliances, etc. into your body. Your body becomes a walking cloud of electrosmog. Get these toxins out! We can help you.

Looking at a computer screen drains your brain of nutrition and fries the nerve cells. The EMFs pouring out of the monitor, computer, printer, power strip, and outlets at your desk and by your feet are exhausting and physically harmful. The more you’re exposed, the more sensitive you become. We have fixed this for hundreds of people. Use blue-blocking glasses for this.

To conclude: Your body is a physical and electrical machine that you animate. Feed the physical body with good nutrition and keep its electromagnetic field clean. Two books you can read now are *Dirty Electricity and Zapped. There are special devices you can carry or put in your home to neutralize the EMFs around you. We sell these, or you can purchase them online at safespace.com.

Yours in health,
Dr. Schmidt

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