“Modern” Medicine: 7 Things too Scary for Halloween

“Modern” Medicine: 7 Things too Scary for Halloween

I thought I’d wait until after the spooky monsters had gone to bed and Halloween haunting was done before I released this article of scary healthcare facts about our “modern” healthcare system and our traditional “allopathic” medical model.

1.  “Allopathy” means trading one disease for another, a scary thought...

Vaccines do work to prevent mumps, rubella, and measles which are self-limiting, wimpy diseases. Vaccines also work to stop dangerous diseases like diphtheria and whooping cough (pertussis). Although this too is debatable. In the New England Journal of Medicine, July 1994 issue, a study found that over 80% of children under 5 years of age who had contracted whooping cough had been fully vaccinated.  Otherwise, these vaccines are like a light switch in your kid’s room that makes the ghosts go away. However, when you have ingredients like these…  then there is a never-ending “thump” in the closet that causes nightmares for decades. Every vaccine has one of these preservatives:  aluminum, formaldehyde or mercury. These cause long-term, daily suffering that medicine cannot cure.

Things like: allergies, chronic bronchitis, hyperactivity, autism, paralysis, seizures and autoimmune diseases. The flu pales in comparison to these medically-induced diseases.

The best solution if you decide some vaccinations are worth the risk: Ask for the preservative free-vaccines (The government has provided millions of these especially for pregnant women and children…but you have to ask for (or demand) them.  They’ll be stored in a refrigerator.

2. How to make zombies…

The flu vaccine has been proven to cause Alzheimer’s. If you get five shots in a row, your chance of getting Alzheimer’s goes up 10X.  Solution: don’t get the flu shot.  It is proven that it does not work for children and the elderly.  It only works on 1.5% of adults. Dr. Brownstein and the folks at Natural News have some hard hitting info on this, too. It’s ok to be sick with the flu for 3-5 days, it’s certainly better than the alternative.

3.  Are mad scientists sending our kids to a medical dungeon…1 injection at a time?

Over 25,000 children were studied and the conclusion shows that kids who WERE vaccinated were 2X to 8X SICKER than the ones were, were NOT vaccinated. Twice as many kids end up with allergies and vaccinated children are 9 times as likely to have asthma.  For the latest on the vaccination debate, Dr. Mercola is streaming (until November 5th) an incredibly hard-hitting new documentary called “The Greater Good.”It cuts through the chatter and brings true data to the forefront.

4.  Dr. Evil didn’t spend 8 years in college to be called “Mister”…

Morris Fishbein, M.D. was the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association from 1924 to 1950. He halted progress on healthcare research like no one else in the history of mankind.  He squashed anything other than large, corporate, drug-based medicine. He did everything from attacking nutrition to promoting cigarettes. His income was dependent on corporate funds and he milked every cent.  He set the U.S. on a path of processed food and toxic chemicals as the only “real medicine” that may take centuries to reverse. It is now locked into our collective thought. It takes a strong person to stand up to the misguided information and change it. We are counting on you to be that strong person.

5.  I love haunted houses. The scariest I’ve ever been to was held in the abandoned Ohio Penitentiary before they tore it down…

It was scary partly because it had been a prison. Jail is scary. Loss of freedom is frightening. 42% of infants have osteopenia due to vitamin D deficiency in the mother. Osteopenia is considered by medicine to be the disease state of weak bones. It shows up before osteoporosis in post-menopausal women. My response to that is “Blah-ba-dee, blah.”

What it really is: eating processed foods (pseudo-food) plus no sunlight (regardless of age) causes fragile and broken bones. There are many parents in jail for something called shaken baby syndrome when in actuality it was extremely weak bones that just broke when the child was turned over or picked up. How’s that for a house of horror?

Solution: Take 6,000 units of vitamin D3 per day and stop eating sugar which drives calcium out of your bones. I’m talking to you future mom in your 20s or 30s. I know you grew up on hamburger helper and Jell-O pudding pops but for the life of your new child, you have to eat differently in order for it to survive and thrive.

6.  From the electric chair to the electric building…

Two books came out in 2010 exposing the damage caused by electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that come out of your appliances, lights, and outlets. The books are Zapped and Dirty Electricity. They show how types of EMFs, radiation, x-rays, and microwaves are a MAIN cause of cancer and contribute greatly to heart disease and diabetes. Essentially any resonance that does not match our natural state, which is the earth’s natural state, causes harm to the body. The electric chair takes a few seconds to kill you. The electrosmog of our modern offices and homes takes decades but brings more suffering. There is a solution to this.  

7.  The apocalypse…

The year respected medical journals started accepting and printing corporate, biased research was 2001.  They said it was too hard to find non-biased, non-corporate research to print. I kid you not.  It has been downhill in medical research quality since. The name of this article is called, “Why most published research findings are false.” Solution: when searching for health improvement, talk to the patients of the Doctor in the waiting room. Ask how they are doing and feeling. It doesn’t matter if they like the doctor. Most people like their doctor, he’s there for them when they’re sick right?

Instead ask: “Are you getting better?”  “Are you healthier?” “Do you have more energy?” “Have your health problems improved?” If you hear positive responses, then you are in the right place. Come see us. Our patients get better. See our Google maps reviews. We hope you enjoyed these spooky medical facts.

Yours in health,
Dr. Schmidt

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13 Scary Things About Sugar You Need to Know [Updated]

13 Scary Things About Sugar You Need to Know [Updated]

Sugar may not seem scary, but what it can do to your health and body are.

This article about the negative effects of sugar on the body will tell you some of the top reasons to cut sugar out of your life.

When we say sugar, we mean Sucrose – refined, white sugar; brown sugar; evaporated cane juice; and others. We also mean high fructose corn syrup, natural fructose (fruit), lactose (milk), starchy foods, and refined carbohydrates that act like sugar in the body.

  1. Sugar makes you tired. Sugar may seem to give you a short-term boost, but it always results in a crash. If you drink pop at noon and you feel tired at 3:00, it’s because of the sugar.
  2. Sugar makes you hungry. Foods that contain sugar in them have very little nutrients, so your body gets hungry sooner than if you had eaten a balanced meal. People who drink pop all day or eat candy do so because the body is looking for nutrition and it’s not receiving it, so it stays hungry.
  3. Sugar makes people, not like you. When you get a sugar crash, you get grumpy or grouchy, and you are no fun to be around.
  4. Sugar makes things go wrong around you. Immediately after consuming it, your brain floods with glucose, and it goes into hyperdrive. Reasonable and proper thought and function of the brain turns into: “Zoom, zoom! – oops – mistakes made!” Then the sugar crash happens, and it’s: “Wah, Waah – too slow – who cares – let it slide!” Either way, your productivity, and efficiency go down at work and at home.
  5. Sugar makes you fat and bloated. Sugar feeds bad yeast in your gut, and you bloat up. Sugar is the cause of rising obesity in kids and adults in this country. It’s not from eating too much fat; it’s too much sugar and refined carbohydrates. Sugar turns on your fat gene– SCD-1. If your fat gene is turned on, well, fortunately with proper nutrition, it is possible to turn off.
  6. Sugar causes disease. Sugar makes you unhealthy. Sugar breaks down tissues in your body, damaging your organs and causing disease.
  7. Sugar makes you stink. The broken-down tissues in your body are like rotting flesh. It can get pretty gross and can make you have bad body odor even if you’re a clean person.
  8. Sugar causes chronic pain. It causes inflammation in areas where you have destroyed tissue which leads to pain.
  9. Sugar is expensive. The cost accrues after you eat it. You have decreased productivity at work, you get sick, you end up in the hospital after years of consumption. The number one cause of personal bankruptcy is health care costs (even with insurance coverage!) Not mortgage defaulting.
  10. Sugar is a gateway drug. If you tell your doctor that you are tired or grumpy during the day because of your sugar crash… WATCH OUT! He may give you Prozac or some other mind-altering drug.
  11. Sugar makes you old. It dries out your skin and worsens your vision. Your joints deteriorate, so you need a cane or something to aid your walking.
  12. Sugar ruins your life. It can give you cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.
  13. Sugar kills you. It’s much slower than a bullet, though.

These scary facts about sugar and its impact on the body come from empirical evidence found right here in the office. We see it in our patients when they first come in to get help with their health. It’s backed up by thousands of studies as well. But, our best evidence is our patients who’ve come to see us because of health problems related to eating sugar and refined carbs and excessive insulin production. After they get educated about real food and nutrition, they turn their health around avoiding surgery and potentially deadly future health problems. Learn about different types of sugar to maintain good health today.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Darren Schmidt, D.C., N.D

The Key to good nutrition discovered by a Rocket Scientist?

The Key to good nutrition discovered by a Rocket Scientist?

Gary Taubes is a rocket scientist who studied at Harvard and Stanford.  He used to write about bad science (meaning non-evidence based) and high-energy physics.  One of his friends recommended he take a look at the science in the medical and health fields because the science was so bad. His love of good scientific procedure and disdain for bad science is what separates him from most medical researchers who have financial ties to a study. He is a very trustworthy source.

I found out about him over a year ago, a patient gave me his book Good Calories, Bad Calories and said to me,  “This is what you say.” I have to confess I still haven’t read the book but recently I saw several interviews and lectures online that Gary has given. They are excellent and full of true data about health and nutrition. His latest book is Why We Get Fat.



In 2002, he was in a debate with Dr. Dean Ornish and also the president of the American Heart Association moderated by Dr. Oz. Gary was practically rolling his eyes at the untruths that came from the other two debators.

The main topic during the show was low-carb versus low-fat diets. Low-fat diets are based on the law of thermodynamics (energy taken in versus energy expended.) However, the human body is not a V8 engine so it doesn’t follow that law. It has hormones like leptin which burns fat chemically and insulin which stores fat chemically. Low carb diets follow the true nature of the body’s chemistry to optimize weight loss.

Weight loss resistance is caused by toxins preventing fat-burning hormones from communicating to cells. Weight loss resistance is a hormone dysregulation problem (not a hormone deficiency) caused by toxins. This information has finally been coming to light in recent (and valid) medical research in the last few years.

We help detoxify the body with several different supplements. We have a new one called “MORS” which is specifically designed to detox cells so fat-burning hormones can communicate to them. Discover how to choose supplements on our site to begin a healthy lifestyle today!

Darren Schmidt, D.C.