What Your Computer and Cell Phone are Doing to Your Body

What Your Computer and Cell Phone are Doing to Your Body

Are your gadgets and technology causing damage to your health?

Addressing electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is as important as good nutrition for your health!

There are thousands of studies proving the following data about EMFs. It’s just not well known nor are any corrections applied nationwide. Read on to learn if EMFs are harmful.

The first man in space only spent an hour and forty-eight minutes up there. When he came back to earth, he was in almost critical condition. It was determined, after various studies, that his body was missing the Earth’s natural, pulsing electromagnetic field. His body was not missing water, food, gravity, light or air. Since then, all manned spaceships and stations have a system installed that mimics the earth’s pulsing EMF.

The Earth’s EMF pulses at a specific rate which your cells rely on like your car engine relies on spark plugs. Other EMFs from man-made sources can interfere with this relationship and cause harm to your body. When multiple sources of EMFs combined you get a toxic soup of dirty electricity called electrosmog. Dirty electricity is a technical term and is the number one cause of cancer according to Dr. Milham*. If you are bombarded with EMFs, you can get other symptoms like depression, dizziness, poor sleep, muscle weakness, fatigue, headaches, ADD, pain, and heart attacks.

Each body part and organ has its own frequency.

For example, the ascending colon resonates at 50-60 MHz whereas the brain averages 70-78 MHz during the day. When you use an electronic device or are in a “dirty” electrical environment, these EMFs penetrate your body and lower your organs’ optimum frequencies. Creating this environment for your body sets the stage for viral infections which start at 55 MHz and cancers that start at 42 MHz. There are ways to raise the body’s energy fields back up.

What damage do EMFs cause to your body’s cells?

There are many negative effects of computers and cell phones. They break DNA, cell walls, nucleus walls and deplete calcium from that tissue. A mobile phone against your head causes this physical damage to your brain impairing your ability to think. That’s why cell-phone driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. The accident risk goes up to 4X from normal. It’s not just that you’re distracted but that your brain doesn’t work as it should.

Heavy metals in your body, like mercury in your teeth, act like antennae attracting EMFs from the wall outlets, radio waves, appliances, etc. into your body. Your body becomes a walking cloud of electrosmog. Get these toxins out! We can help you.

Looking at a computer screen drains your brain of nutrition and fries the nerve cells. The EMFs pouring out of the monitor, computer, printer, power strip, and outlets at your desk and by your feet are exhausting and physically harmful. The more you’re exposed, the more sensitive you become. We have fixed this for hundreds of people. Use blue-blocking glasses for this.

To conclude: Your body is a physical and electrical machine that you animate. Feed the physical body with good nutrition and keep its electromagnetic field clean. Two books you can read now are *Dirty Electricity and Zapped. There are special devices you can carry or put in your home to neutralize the EMFs around you. We sell these, or you can purchase them online at safespace.com.

Yours in health,
Dr. Schmidt

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This Vitamin Can Heal Arteries, But There’s a Catch! [Updated]

This Vitamin Can Heal Arteries, But There’s a Catch! [Updated]

Feeding and Healing Arteries

This article unveils the intentionally hidden secret that has caused millions to suffer from heart problems.

In 1998, I attended a seminar by a holistic cardiologist that explained how to repair arteries. I listened intently and later, observed for results in the real world. Unfortunately, I did not see the results even though the seminar’s content made sense. Then, in January of 2009 (11 years later!), a fortuitous series of events occurred that showed the truth.  Now for the benefit of many, we are changing lives for the better. Here’s what I learned.

First, I need to go over some physiology. Arteries are muscular tissue. They flex and contract with the pulsing of blood, so they need to stay strong yet pliable. The arteries that are stressed the most in the whole body are the medium-sized ones that feed the heart muscle. They come right off the aorta which is the large artery that is the exit for all the blood that goes to the body.

The reason why they are the most stressed arteries is that the heart NEVER STOPS BEATING. These arteries are constantly being flexed by this action. If they are not nourished and healthy, they start to get small splits in them like an aging car tire.

If these splits are not repaired, then they get packed in with a gummy substance that acts like a plastering agent. This plastering agent is called cholesterol. The artery tissue may also become weak and balloon out.

There is some debate about whether or not this is truly the cause of heart attacks. Another theory says that the tiny capillary arteries get diseased and as a group, starve a section of the heart muscle. These capillaries are so small, only one red blood cell can get through it at a time, and they do not get clogged with cholesterol. They get polluted with toxins or become deficient in their essential nutrients so they don’t work as they should.

Either theory responds with the solution described below.
What I learned in 1998 is the nutritional deficiency that causes the arteries to age and split. It is Vitamin C deficiency.

(You may have heard about Vitamin C deficiency and heart disease before, but please read on. There’s a catch!)

Vitamin C acts like glue to hold tissues together. It keeps the arteries strong, yet pliable. A deficiency of Vitamin C can be seen first as micro-tears in the arteries.  These tears become larger and larger, and bleeding becomes more prevalent and profuse. Excessive bleeding is first seen in the jaw and gums because chewing is a harsh action often done. This is scurvy!

Sailors often died from scurvy until discovered that limes, oranges, and other citrus fruits prevented it. Limes were good for long sailing trips because they had a long shelf life. Sailors were called “Limeys” because of this.limes

In March of 2009, an old manuscript was uncovered that showed it was a woman who discovered this connection. It was 1707, and her name was Ebbot Michell.

As stated above, when there is a deficiency of Vitamin C, the body packs cholesterol into those cracks. It’s like putting toothpaste into a hole in the drywall before painting it. It doesn’t belong there, but “it’ll do” until you fix the problem. This cholesterol patch becomes plaquing, and it builds up, especially when you eat unnatural fats that are “sticky” like margarine, corn oils, and vegetable oils. Natural fats slip right on by without sticking. Animal fats, lard, tallow, butter and dairy products are some examples.

This all makes sense, but unfortunately, I didn’t believe it for 11 years!!

Why is that? Because I never saw Vitamin C reverse cholesterol plaquing.

I saw heart patients take vitamin C for heart health but never get better. I saw people continue to have heart problems while on lots of Vitamin C. This was apparently not a solution.

Why? The answer came in January of 2008.

At that time, I had a young patient who was experiencing irregular heart beats and chest pain after only a few minutes of exercise. He was a vegetarian and ate way too many grains and sugar.

I asked him to put his finger where his heart pain occurred. He did so and I muscle tested him. He needed Cyruta, which is a whole-food supplement that works like roto-rooter for arteries. I gave him 8 per day and in two weeks he said he was 60% better!  He could exercise for 30 minutes with no pain! We had just nourished and improved his arteries and heart.

Here’s why I missed the connection for 11 years: Cyruta is made of the juice taken from the leaf of the buckwheat plant which is the greatest source of Vitamin C. The key is: It is WHOLE FOOD VITAMIN C for heart health, not the synthetic version (ascorbic acid).

Here’s the catch!  Food manufacturers have convinced our government to say that Vitamin C is ascorbic acid. Only it isn’t! This is an intentional misunderstanding of basic science. It has fooled nearly everyone. The truth is ascorbic acid is only a small percentage of the Vitamin C molecule. It is the outer protective layer, like the paint on your car.

For 11 years, I saw people taking the synthetic vitamin C (ascorbic acid) which DOES NOT WORK!

Whole food vitamin C for heart health does work.
It repairs arteries (like scurvy) in a matter of a few weeks. It is simple, noticeable and clinically significant. Using the FDA-approved Meridian machine, we have seen the risk for heart problems decrease.

When researching Vitamin C and heart health on the Internet, be wary of what substance is used for research. It’s all synthetic ascorbic acid, not the real Vitamin C. That’s why research on ascorbic acid is only “promising”, “inconclusive”, “might work” or “controversial”. If they used the whole food vitamin C, there would be no doubt that it works.

What is in your vitamins in your kitchen?this-vitamin-blog
Is the ascorbic acid label over 10 mg?  If so, it’s not the whole vitamin C. It’s hard to find a pure vitamin C product at a health food store. Even the good ones are “enhanced with bioflavonoids” which indicates it’s not pure. I saw one that said “blended with raw carotenoids” which is a very dishonest way of saying, “We added synthetic vitamins because everyone else is doing it and we don’t know any better.” Otherwise, it would have been a great product.  If you look hard it is possible to find a pretty good whole food Vitamin C in a health food store. But…. Do you test for it? Will it work? Only muscle testing can verify that.

The medical attempt of cleaning out arteries is to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. It’s like taking away the toothpaste from your bathroom so you cannot temporarily repair the holes in your drywall before painting. That’s not a right fix.

If you have adequate vitamin C and healthy arteries, your cholesterol can be 400 (which is considered high) and have no plaquing and no diseased arteries. Also, half of people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol.

We’ve had many people improve the condition of their hearts and arteries since we discovered the benefit of whole food vitamin C for heart health. One was experiencing knife-stabbing pains through her heart to her back. Cyruta cleaned and repaired her arteries, and she felt the pains less frequently and with less intensity. She was 75% better in just three weeks!

Avoid the foods that cause arteries to split, tear and plaque. They are sugar and white flour products and are too commonly consumed. 

Vitamin C competes with sugar to get into cells, but sugar is heavily favored. In other words, sugar crowds vitamin C away from cells.

Eat whole foods rich in Vitamin C. It doesn’t take a lot. A sailor only needed a little lime juice per day! This is a revolutionary, applicable, inexpensive solution for a national scourge.

Yours in health,
Darren Schmidt, D.C.

Disclaimer:  The nutritional program that is described here does not interfere with any drugs. It can be done concurrently. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


We now have an Online Patient Program for patients that live too far away to come in to see one of our practitioners. Or if you would like to see us we now offer a Long Distance Nutrition Travel Package if you can spend a couple of days with us to get you going on the right track.

NEW! Our Heart Travel Package to get the most out of our program to heal your heart. Check it out!!

Hit the links above or contact our office at [email protected] or (734) 235-0128 and ask to get more information on these wonderful programs that will allow you to speak to a practitioner and get the supplements you need to help improve the health of your heart, arteries, and the rest of your body. We look forward to helping you on your journey to optimum health!


P.S. 2016 UPDATE. I have discovered two more mechanisms by which cholesterol gets embedded into arterial walls. There’s a condition of too much lactic acid in the blood and not enough oxygen. The body lays down cholesterol inside the arteries to protect them from the acid in the blood. The other is a nanobacterium causing calcification of the arterial wall and plaquing. Cyruta is still a valuable tool for all 3 mechanisms.

I made a quiz you can take to see if you may have lactic acidosis caused by a nutritional deficiency. —>>> Lactic Acidosis Quiz >>

I also made Follow The Physiology Survey which is the best, most comprehensive written survey of your health, health problems, potential causes, mechanism, and the clinical symptom picture arising from organ dysfunction. —>>> Follow The Physiology Survey


How to Take Control of Your Health

How to Take Control of Your Health

Your Role as a Patient at the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor

Becoming truly healthy requires a pro-active patient.

Your role or job as a patient in our office is different than at other offices. This includes chiropractic, medical, physical therapy practices or other holistic practitioners offices. In order to have the greatest success with your health improvement program, it is necessary that you know this and take responsibility for your part in getting and maintaining your optimum health and wellbeing. Taking control of your health and wellbeing is easy with The NHCAA.

The first thing to do as a new patient is to educate yourself at the first visit by reading and understanding the New Patient Orientation packet.

control-health-blog4You receive your initial Nutrition Response Testing examination at this visit. Then you come back in a few days for the Report of Findings. This is when you learn what your body needs for nutrition. Your current state of health is reviewed by you and how it can be expected to improve. At this visit, we determine if we are going to start the patient-doctor relationship. Most healthcare practices do the similar procedures. The biggest differences come next.

After we start the program together and you decide to take full responsibility for improving your health our next several visits are therapeutic nutrition visits, meaning we are working on improving the primary health challenges we’ve found.

These visits are once a week for the first six weeks. During this time you begin changing your bad health habits and “normal” lifestyle that has put you in the condition that you are in now. You begin creating improvements in your health with gradual simple changes. These short, educational visits help you start rebuilding and repairing your body. Part of your role is writing down exactly what you eat every day and counting the grams of carbohydrates that you ingest so we can both see what your dietary habits are and what needs to be fixed. You can also use an app such as Cronometer to keep track of your foods and macronutrients.

After 4 to 6 weeks, we re-examine your health and note the progress.

control-health-blog2At this point, your visits are every two weeks. You are now in what’s called the “Healing and Observation Period”. During this time you are producing a healthy body. You are performing the new, healthy habits that you learned in the first six weeks to repair your body and create a new level of physical health.

Also, there are continual discoveries and education for you as you learn more about how your body works and attend educational lectures that teach you about health and nutrition.

This phase may last 3 to 6 months or even more. During this time you are also setting forth your own personal policies regarding your diet. For example, many people discover that just because there’s a birthday cake in front of them doesn’t mean they should eat it. They’ve realized it causes them to feel bad for several days afterward and they’ve determined it’s just not worth it. So their personal policy becomes, “If I see cake, I don’t eat it unless I want to feel bad.”

When your body and health challenges are stably improving you graduate to the next phase which is called the Maintenance Phase.

These visits are every 2 to 4 months. At this point, you are very familiar with what you need to do in order to continually and gradually improve your health. There is no relaxing or dropping out the actions you now know are beneficial. Your understanding of health, nutrition, and your body make it fairly easy to stay away from bad foods and only eat nourishing food. You don’t even waste time walking down the cereal aisle of a grocery store or searching for food at a gas station since you know that there is no healthy food in either area.

At this point, your health is on a steep upward climb.

control-health-blog3You look back and discover what helped you the most and make sure you improve it even more. For example, you may have noticed by cutting out bread you no longer get bloated or maybe your heart has improved because of a particular whole-food supplement. So you figure out if there are ways to decrease grains and refined carbs so you can feel even better. And you certainly know you should keep taking whatever supplement improved your heart health.

Our best patients eventually become so healthy that most if not all their previous health challenges go away or improve so much they are in a whole new plateau of good health. Most likely they are enjoying their new found vitality and able to do more than they could before. They are extremely healthy, their attention is no longer stuck on their own health challenges and they want to help others. They know the wrong thing to do is try coast on their own because they’re part of the team that creates this new healthy life. They also know it takes work to maintain health so they keep a schedule of visits even when they’re doing well. It may be every 3 or 4 months but they don’t stop coming in.

For most, their new, self-appointed job becomes helping their family and friends conquer their own health challenges by introducing them to what we do. They also stay in touch with the people they help to assist them if they encounter roadblocks in their health improvement program.

We are expecting you and counting on you to reach this optimum level of health and wellness and help others get there too. Today’s healthcare in the United States results in incredible amounts of unnecessary suffering – physically, emotionally and financially from the hands of drug and surgery-based medicine. Our communities, our economy, and our families need you and your loved ones healthy and vibrant, not sick and drugged.

Yours in health,
Dr. Schmidt

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What we do & what we don’t do at The Nutritional Healing Center

What we do & what we don’t do at The Nutritional Healing Center

Here’s a short a blog post on what we do.

These ideas may be entirely new to you or just good reminders of our philosophy here at NHCAA.

In your varied experiences with other traditional and non-traditional health care practitioners you may have developed some preconceived ideas about what we do. Since what we do may be labeled “alternative” or “holistic” I’d like to clear up what we do and do not do so you understand exactly who we are and don’t confuse what we do with other doctors or healthcare providers.

What we do…

  1. We test your body to tell us what organs and systems need help.
  2. We work with patients on their food choices and nutritional supplements.
  3. We encourage simple lifestyle habits to improve health like:
    – Get more sleep and exercise more (or less in some cases!)

That’s it. Pretty simple.

The results? A healed body through eating real food and whole food-based nutrition.

What other professions do this? Not medical doctors. Not nutritionists or dietitians. Not physical therapists or nurses. Not even chiropractors, homeopaths, naturopaths or acupuncturists. We Although there are individuals (including friends of mine) in every one of these professions that do heal with nutrition it is not those professions’ primary focus.

What we don’t do…

  • We do not give people food recommendations or pills that damage the body.
  • We do not recommend drugs.
  • We do not recommend low-fat diets or vegan diets (which are too low in fat and protein.)
  • We do not teach meditation, relaxation methods or yogic breathing.
  • We do not counsel people on their job choices, spiritual life, relationships or religion.
  • We do not tell you to do drum circles, sweat lodges or shamanic retreats.

There is nothing wrong with these practices, it’s just that we don’t use them in our practice.

We believe you should live your life the way you want to and we believe you should be able to do so as long as possible. We help you do that by giving your body the nutritional support it needs to function at its best.

If you want to be high strung, have a stressful job, do a triathlon or go to a Tibetan retreat in the Himalayas- then go for it. We’ll make sure your body is in good shape while doing so.

Yours in health,
Dr. Schmidt

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Iodine – the Fountain of Youth? (Part Two)

Iodine – the Fountain of Youth? (Part Two)

In chemistry, there is a group of elements that look similar but are not the same.

These elements are iodine, bromine, fluorine, and chlorine. They are in the same column in chemistry’s periodic table of elements that are called the halogens.

Drug makers attach these halogens to drugs because they help the drug cross through fatty tissues like cell walls. Without it, drugs would get cleared out of the body through the liver. With halogens, drugs bypass the liver. They could use iodine which is very nutritious, but they choose the other halogens so they can patent the new drug formula.

These halogens are very dangerous because they cause disease, and they push iodine out of the body whose deficiency is another cause of sickness. Many household products and medications have these halogens in the ingredients. Learn about low iodine causes and symptoms as well as how to increase iodine below.


Fluorine data:

Fluorine is one of the most reactive elements in the universe. It is extremely toxic. Sarin gas is made from fluorine and is 500 times more toxic than cyanide, the gas used in the Nazi death camps. Sarin is so toxic; even Hitler wouldn’t use it.

Flonase and Flovent are two examples of asthma/sinus drugs made from fluorine.

There are 30 antibiotics made from fluorine. They are called Fluoroquinolones. They “are the most toxic and dangerous antibiotic in clinical practice today.”

“Some 30 percent to 50 percent of all pharmaceuticals now contain fluorine” –New, clean, cheap way to help make drugs. UPI Science News – 9-5-2002

“As many as 30−40% of agrochemicals contain fluorine.” – Chemical and Engineering News article entitled Fabulous Fluorine – June 2006

Other fluorine-containing products that are toxic and should be avoided include your tap water and toothpaste; just read your toothpaste label to find out for yourself how poisonous it is. There are hundreds of medications made from fluorine!

Here’s a link that lists over 300 pesticides made from fluorine.

Fluoride poisoning has the same 181 symptoms as iodine deficiency.

Chlorine data:

Low iodine can cause joint pain.

The painkiller Celebrex is made from fluorine and acetaminophen is made with chlorine.

“Other drugs made from chlorine include drugs for heart disease, hypertension, cancer, AIDS, arthritis, pneumonia, depression, diabetes, allergies, meningitis, glaucoma, osteoporosis, and ulcers.

85% of all pharmaceuticals contain or are made using chlorine.”  – Americanchemistry.com

Bromine data:soda

There are many bromides or bromine-based medications on the market although they all need a prescription. One is for bladder dysfunction. The other is for a disease that causes muscle weakness. Both of these symptoms are related to an iodine deficiency and low functioning thyroid.

Besides medications, bromine is used as a fire retardant in mattresses, drapes, carpet, and TVs. It is found in food (pop and bread) and cosmetics.

The biggest source of bromine is bread. Instead of using the very nutritious potassium iodine, bread manufacturers use potassium bromate which is hazardous to your health. It has been proven to cause cancer in laboratory  (including thyroid tumors) animals for two decades. Bromate is banned in the UK and Canada but in the US the FDA has merely asked bakers to voluntarily stop using it. Also, yellow pop like mountain dew has bromated vegetable oil and that harms the thyroid tremendously.

What you can do for yourself:

Research has shown the average American needs 12mg to 50mg per day to replenish proper stores of iodine in the body. These quantities are thousands of times higher than the USDA recommends. These amounts are rarely found in health food stores or pharmacies. It is best to be properly muscle-tested for iodine levels in your body, then take the proper dose and be fully supported with other holistic therapies.

There is only one valid laboratory test that measures iodine content in the body. It’s called the iodine load test and has only been around since 2000. We have this test available at our office, or you can order it online, without a doctor’s prescription.

A medical doctor in Michigan named Dr. Brownstein has used that test on 5,000 patients and has shown that 75% of Americans are deficient in Iodine. He is the best resources for valid and reliable iodine research: http://www.optimox.com/iodine-research and www.drbrownstein.com.

To Summarize

This is a dirty secret of the pharmaceutical companies exposed for the first time in decades. Instead of replenishing iodine, we’ve been given the other halogens which are very poisonous.

Supplementing nutrients that you are deficient in is one of the smartest things you can do. It’s an investment that wards off the plague of surgery and medications that are sweeping our nation.

Iodine should be at the top of your list of vital nutrients to supplement. Others include omega-3 oil, vitamin D, and whole-food vitamin B.

Avoiding the five big toxins is essential too: white sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils, msg, and the newest poison is known as GMOs or genetically modified food. It is imperative to buy your produce at farmer’s markets https://www.localharvest.org/ and natural/organic grocery stores.

To put it in perspective, Iodine deficiency is present in 75% of Americans and is linked with at least four cancers and 181 symptoms. Low iodine is a medical and health travesty that needs to be addressed by all doctors in this country.  According to www.optimox.com, there are only hundreds of doctors using the iodine load test out of 800,000 M.D.’s and chiropractors.

As a comparison, Vitamin D deficiency is in 98% of Americans and is linked to 17 different types of cancers but only about ten other symptoms – ouch. This also needs to be addressed. Your doctor must test you.

Take Action

If you are on any medication, Google the “drug name + bromine”, “drug name + chlorine” and “drug name + fluorine” to see what’s in your drug.

Make the right decisions. Go to the right doctors – the ones that prescribe medicine (or better yet recommend real food and nutrition) that is closest to nature. There’s a big difference in results when you compare the doctors who follow nature’s path versus the doctors that are prescribing what the last pharmaceutical rep was pushing during their free lunch. One results in improved function and better health the other results in suppressed symptoms and slow or fast demise.

Come to the Nutritional Healing Center for healthcare the way Mother Nature intended!  We have waded through the sludge of health data as seen on tv, in ads, drug commercials, multi-levels and profit-centered corporate propaganda. We discover the most important truths for your benefit and have discarded the false and unimportant data so you can get well and be happy, strong and remain physically young for a long time.

Yours In health,
Dr. Schmidt

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Is Iodine the Fountain of Youth? (Part One)

Is Iodine the Fountain of Youth? (Part One)

Over 75% of Americans are deficient in iodine.

The consumption of iodine has decreased 50% in the last 30 years. Various additives in food, tap water, medicines and consumer products actually push iodine nutrition out of the body creating an even greater deficiency.

There are dozens of iodine deficiency symptoms. This includes high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, recurring infections, weight gain, fatigue, asthma, ADHD, and constipation.

The pharmaceutical industry is dependent on you being deficient in iodine.

There are 181 possible symptoms of iodine deficiency. Before you let anyone prescribe a pharmaceutical drug to “fix” any of these you need to make sure a simple nutrient is really not what’s missing.

iodine_lugolIodine was put into supplement form in 1829 by a Frenchman named, Dr. Lugol. This formula still exists today and is known as Lugol’s solution. It is considered to be the first “Western medicine” ever. It was used to shrink enlarged thyroids (goiters), cure hyperactive and underactive thyroids, and shrink tumors (cancer) of the thyroid, breast, and prostate. By 1956, there were 1,700 different iodine preparations. It was used as a panacea since it fixes almost everything!

The drug companies started to attack it in the 1960s. Now you can’t even get it at a pharmacy! Also, medical schools started teaching their students that iodine is harmful but this is simply not true.

Why has this deception continued? What causes iodine deficiency? It’s because drug companies make money on this falsehood. It’s not just a little bit of money- it’s a cornerstone of their total income!

Yours in health,
Dr. Schmidt

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