Stress, Allergies, and Weakness Help

Stress, Allergies, and Weakness Help

Having a routine helps us manage our response to daily stress. Here are 3 stress management supplements to help you support healthy stress responses in the body.

Natural Calm Magnesium Powder

Magnesium is essential in many functions in the body. Magnesium helps the body produce GABA, a neurotransmitter that is inhibitory and helps us with the functions of rest and sleep. When studied 68% of Americans lack adequate daily dietary magnesium. Natural Calm is a tasty way to boost your daily magnesium levels and promote healthy sleep functions. I drink 1 teaspoon in water before bed nightly! (1)

Drenamin by Standard Process

If you feel physically weak and less productive due to stress, Drenamin for anxiety may be exactly what you need. Drenamin delivers whole-food adrenal support and B vitamins to the body to support a healthy stress response. When studied, B vitamins have been proven to help manage work-related stress. This study showed a reduction of personal strain and reduction in depressed mood within 90 days of supplementing with B vitamins. (2)

Cal-Amo by Standard Process


If you experience symptoms like allergies and asthma that get worse with stress, Cal-Amo is a wonderfully helpful supplement. Cal-Amo does the job of balancing the pH in the body. Have you ever known someone who had an allergy or asthma attack who felt better with an acidic food like coffee or cola? Exactly! It helps correct an overly alkaline pH, and so does Cal-Amo. Cal-Amo also supports the utilization of minerals and supports the adrenal glands as well. Other symptomatic improvements noted when taking Cal-Amo are reduction in joint stiffness and reduced acid reflux! (3)

If you need supplements for stress relief and to maintain a healthy stress response, please call our office today for natural stress relief help! Your practitioner will help determine which of these whole food stress management supplements is the best fit for you! If you would like to order one or more of these stress relief supplements, go HERE.

Yours in health and longevity, 
Kristen R. Clore, BS, MOT, OTRL, C.W.C.
I-MD, Ph.D. student in Integrative Medicine & Quantum Physics
Holistic Occupational Therapist, Nutrition Response Practitioner

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Four Steps to Alleviate Allergies

Four Steps to Alleviate Allergies

Did you know that the intestinal tract is the largest organ system related to allergies and your immune system?

Even when you’re experiencing seasonal related allergy symptoms, starting in the gut can help alleviate these problems.

  1. There may be food that you are eating but need to avoid.
    It is important to look at the labels and read all of the ingredients for this reason. Often if you are looking for “gluten-free” products, there is an abundance of corn, rice, or other additives which also irritate the body. When we eat too much of a single food on a regular basis, the body can create an allergy toward that food.
  2. Is there a hidden problem that the body needs to detoxify?
    At the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, we help you find and eliminate what we call “barriers to healing.” These barriers to healing often exist even when you’re eating very healthy, but continue to experience seasonal allergy symptoms. The five most common obstacles to healing are significant food challenges, immune challenges, chemicals, heavy metals, or scars. Without additional whole food nutrition, these barriers may continue to cause havoc in your body, resulting in irritations which may appear as allergy symptoms.
  3. You may need to work on restoring the nutritional status of your body.
    After we work with you to identify what foods you may be sensitive to and detoxify the barriers to healing, finally we work to provide specific nutrition to the body for strengthening and correction to occur.
  4. Don’t forget the importance of good hydration.
    Clean, filtered water helps your body produce and maintain a healthy mucosal lining through the sinuses which provide a barrier to environmental allergens. A healthy intestinal mucosal lining is also essential for proper digestion.

Healthy eating, a healthy gut, and hydration are much more important than just for weight management. It is essential for overall health. If you haven’t started on your journey to overall health, call and schedule your new patient evaluation today!

Sometimes we hold a class on allergies and here you’ll learn more about allergy triggers, foods that can ease allergies, and which supplements, essential oils, and herbal teas may work well with your nutritional program to alleviate allergies.

Yours in health and happiness,
Kristen Clore, OTR, CWC
Nutrition Response Practitioner

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