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Drugs Block Biochemical Reactions

drugs interfere with the normal rhythms of the body

The battle between drug-based medicine and the health improvement approach goes back to biblical times. The word “pharmacy” comes from the Greek word pharmakia which means “poison, sorcery, witchcraft”. It is a distraction from true healthcare- caring for your health so it gets better and better over time. 

Drugs are designed to block biochemical reactions from occurring in the body. As an example, there are about a dozen steps in the body to make cholesterol. A cholesterol-lowering drug blocks this early in the process of the steps. The drug is a molecule that blocks another molecule. Its effectiveness is futile like trying to shoot a bullet out of the air with another bullet.

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Rather than this, it is better to just focus on the causes which could be your diet. A ketogenic diet is the best way to get your cholesterol numbers back in line. Learn how to improve your health without drugs with help from the NHCAA.

Pharma vs. Mother Nature

In 75 years, pharma has been able to patent only a small number of therapies- 1,453 drugs.  

mother nature herbs heal the body

Compare this to the millions upon billions of chemicals known and unknown supplied to us by Mother Nature. These, from the proper sources, are what is needed to heal.

The bottom line is this battle between health improvement and pharmacy will be around forever and the only person who can do anything about it is you. Now that you know the history, you can control your future. 

When it comes to achieving optimal health and living the life you deserve, we provide you with the tools, knowledge, and lifestyle choices to make this happen. It’s about taking back control of your health and your future. 

If you are not applying the best diet for your body and if you are constantly stressed and putting huge demands on your body, it doesn’t take a nuclear physicist to work out that at some point, something is going to break.

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How We Work With You Towards Better Health Naturally

We work with you to create the optimal health improvement program that helps to create the “Ideal Scene” for you in the future.

If your body is suffering from parasites or other nasty organisms that could be causing you harm, then we eliminate them and bring back your energy levels. 

If your body is suffering from chemical or heavy metal toxins then we detox them out and get you feeling amazing. 

As your intestines are cleaned out; normal bowel movements become – well, normal!

Your cells clean out, your organs get fed, your mitochondria get fed and your body restores back to producing ketones as its energy source. 

As a result you naturally:

+ Return back to your normal weight + Strong Muscles
+ Have high energy levels + Clear Brain…
+ Sleep Sound And any other chronic issues, such as pain, is gone.

This is your ideal scene. 

Get Your Health Back To Normal

better health through natural remedies

As your body restores back to its natural levels and your life returns back to the way it used to be, you will be pleasantly surprised to realize that your old habits of depending on conventional medicine start to diminish and instead medicine is used appropriately – for emergencies only!

These are the results we see every day from treating hundreds of thousands of patients over many years. And now we really want this to be part of your normal, your new life. In return, all we want is for you to give us a try and that starts with a simple phone call. Feel free to continue your learning experience by reading this eBook, or trying out some of our online courses. Either way, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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You Recieve Special Attention From Us

A lot of patients come in very confused about how to approach their diet. They’ve been taught to “reduce portions”, “avoid fat”, “low calorie”, “eat all the colors of the rainbow”, and avoid certain foods due to allergies. 

These suggestions, whether from a doctor or a broad public recommendation, are frankly too broad and not good enough. 

Later in this eBook, I’ll go over an equation I use to break this down into understandable parts. From this equation, we can get very specific to tailor your diet into your individualized care plan. 

Everyone is familiar with “fad diets”. They are mostly meant to lose weight fast but are impossible to maintain. 

In the long term, a successful diet has basic tenants that are true for everyone. We establish the basic rules then we make a plan with specific recommendations for your body. 

One of the things to work on initially is to cut back on sugar. This is not always a fast action, but ultimately we get there. There comes a point when you do not crave sugar and when you eat it, you feel worse.

Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended eBook
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HealthCare The Way Mother Nature Intended eBook

Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended eBook

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Follow The Physiology Formula eBook

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