Best Practices For Detoxification

by Follow The Physiology

When it comes to toxins you need to be aware that they are everywhere.

(1a, 1b, 1c, 1d) Children are born with over 200 chemicals. Our bodies are always fighting them, but our cells can become overwhelmed or dysfunctional. 

This is why we are starting to see so much chronic illness all over the world. Even our food can be considered as toxic if we are not careful, especially when you consume processed foods. These foods are full of flavor enhancers, preservatives, refined flour, seed oils, and sugar.

Our houses can also be full of toxins, whether it’s the cleaning products you use, the candles you burn or the plastic food storage containers in the kitchen.

If you are driving a lot, you will be breathing in a lot of exhaust fumes. Buildings and airconditioning can contribute to bad air. The list is endless and we all need to start making very small changes such as the food we eat and other lifestyle habits.

But the good news is that this can be easily fixed with specific supplements and lifestyle changes. Learn how to detoxify your body and home below.

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Best Ways To Reduce Toxins

It’s important to reduce your toxins. The processes of detoxifying are not well known but they are well-researched and available from different nutritional supplement companies. 

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ONE: The most basic thing to do is reduce your exposure to toxins. For example, avoiding processed food, toxic cleaning products, body care products, and having clean filtered water. You either remove the toxin from your life or remove yourself from it such as a toxic building. 

TWO: Another detoxifying practice that I do in my clinic very successfully is to take supplements that are well-designed and researched. 

THREE: Saunas have also been proven to be very helpful in removing toxins through sweating. Infrared saunas work better than regular heat saunas because they penetrate deeper into the body. (2) 

As your body starts to clean itself of these toxins, all your hormones, enzymes, and biochemical processes of your organs and glands can start to function optimally. When you apply these practices, you start the journey of continual improvement to your health.

All of these toxins that we are being subjected to are interfering with our normal body functions all the way down to the cell’s biochemical reactions. 

The excess toxins relative to lower oxygen in the blood create circulatory changes resulting in cell starvation and cell death. This is the lactic acidosis mechanism.

More on this later...

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FOUR: Ketosis is the foundation of detoxification. It mobilizes fat out of storage to be used as fuel. (3) Fat is where toxins are stored and they get released into the blood. The toxins now need to be excreted by the liver and kidneys. 

This is why when a person loses weight too fast, they can get sick because they are releasing toxins into their bloodstream that are not being excreted. 

Ketosis is done at a controlled speed by the body so a detoxification problem is rare. 

I discovered that having excess lactate in the body is called lactic acidosis and is a sign of chronic illness, the overuse of sugar as fuel, the lack of ketosis (fat burning), dirty blood, hypoxia, loss of energy production, mitochondrial dysfunction (the inability to make energy), inability to utilize oxygen, toxic mold in the body, and liver dysfunction. 

High Lactate In The Body

High lactate indicates the mechanism of chronic disease is occurring which is called lactic acid cycle also known as cachexia. Cachexia is from Greek meaning “bad habits” (4) and it is a positive risk factor for death.(5) What are the bad habits that cause cachexia and death? A bad diet high in grains and sugar. In 1932, all doctors and students of medicine knew of this problem, although it was not yet fully explained until a few years later. They knew there was lactate present in high amounts in the blood and an acidic environment. They also were discovering other chemicals involved; not just lactate. 

What the doctors back then were missing was the CAUSES of chronic disease but they talked about the mechanism. What doctors today are missing is the mechanism because they are just talking about the causes. Now we can put both together which allows us to treat the causes AND the mechanism. I have found around 150 symptoms and conditions that are caused or driven by lactic acidosis. Remember, it is a mechanism, not usually a cause. 

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