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A good part of my practice is spent helping restore normal biomechanical function to those persons who have made the decision to push their bodies athletically.

Sports such as soccer, rugby, lacrosse, basketball and football come to mind when one thinks of sports that include high-force impacts to the body. Less impactful (but equally injured) are the athletes who lift weights, play baseball or softball, ski, bowl, play tennis, run or throw in track events and run cross country. These include (but are not limited to):

    • Elementary age school children who have injured themselves on the playground during recess
    • High school athletes who want to perform better than their peers
    • College athletes who would like a shot at professional sports
    • Middle-age athletes who compete in local and national recreational leagues
    • Elderly folks who want to exercise because they know it is healthy and that it can extend their life as well as their quality of life

Typical injuries I see in my practice are:

    • Head and neck injuries, including concussions
    • Shoulder, wrist, and forearm injuries
    • Upper, middle, and lower back injuries
    • Hip, knee, and ankle injuries

My name is Dr. Joel Vickers and I specialize in a muscle-balancing technique known as Applied Kinesiology (or “AK”). Through AK muscle balancing techniques, I am able to determine which muscles have been turned off via trauma…and then I turn them back on. This is completely different from the care rendered by athletic trainers and physical therapists. Call the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor at (734) 302-7575 and make an appointment with me so I can help you move past your athletic injuries to reach your true potential as an athlete!

Dr. Joel Vickers