May 2015 was my eight-year anniversary working at The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor. And, it was eight and a half years ago that my health journey with Nutrition Response Testing and Dr. Schmidt began. There have been ups and downs along the way. But, be assured, there is always hope and room for improvement.

My personal health story began in June 2006 when I was struck with immobilizing low back pain. Many chiropractic, massage, and doctor visits later I ended up being diagnosed with osteomyelitis (an infection in my spine). It was Dr. Schmidt that renewed my hope that there could be an alternative to the I.V. antibiotics and surgery that seemed my only option in the medical community.

Eight and a half years of being on a nutritional program have taught me so much about the true causes of illness. Recently I realized the beginning or spreading of my infection was likely when I had my second daughter. I was given I.V. antibiotics for her birth because I had Group B Strep and I was told I could pass it to my baby. I clearly recall the feeling I had when the antibiotics passed through my blood stream and my heart for the first time. I thought, “I might die from this.”

The eight years after her birth were filled with illness for me. Mastitis (a horrible breast infection while I was breast feeding), chronic sinus infections that would last six to eight weeks, headaches, fatigue, and the worst the diagnosis of osteomyelitis.

The eight years since 2007 have been filled with wellness and improvements the likes of which I didn’t know were possible. My back pain is gone. My sinus problems, allergy symptoms, and headaches resolved. And, I think I am finally to the remaining piece of the puzzle; we are working on my heart.

The osteomyelitis prompted my arrival at The Nutritional Healing Center. What was the worst became my best opportunity. The office was much different then than it is today; Just as my health was much different. I started as an Assistant in May 2008 and learned so much about supplements and health from the Doctors, other Staff, and Patients in the office. Now, as a Practitioner myself, one of my goals is to keep learning and keep helping others fill in the pieces of the puzzle that will lead to health and well-being.

I tell you all this to tell you – Don’t give up. Good health can take some time. In 2007 Dr. Schmidt told me, “What have you got to lose?” The only way you lose is turning around and going backward. Keep learning, keep looking for the right answers, and keep moving forward. I’m not “there” yet. But, I’m certainly going to keep going and I’d like you to join me and let me help you with your health. We can learn together.

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