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Applied Kinesiology is a diagnostic system wherein the Doctor restores normal function to muscles that have been weakened or “turned off” via traumatic events. These strained muscles have automatically turned themselves off to protect further damage, and they will not turn themselves back on with exercises, stretches, rest, or nutritional therapy.

The trauma, although not always apparent at first, will often surface many years later. If treatment is postponed, neurological damage usually begins first followed by damage to the joints associated with these weak muscles. Sometimes an operation is required to clean out or even replace the joint, further limiting the patient’s range of motion, mobility and lifestyle.

The following questionnaire has been created to help with your decision to see Dr. Vickers for structural corrections via Applied Kinesiology.

    • Have you ever received trauma in the form of jolts, jars, or impacts to any part of your body?
    • Have you ever fallen down? On ice? On dry ground/grass? On asphalt or concrete?
    • Have you ever been in any kind of automobile accident? Low speed (10-20 MPH)? High speed (30 MPH+)?
    • Have you ever been diagnosed with a ligamentous sprain or a strained muscle?
    • Were you ever involved in sports and suffered any type of injury?
    • Have you ever started an exercise program only to find that some old injury has resurfaced to stop your progress?
    • Or…have you started and restarted an exercise program only to stop repeatedly due to pain or weakness?
    • Have you ever had a concussion, or what you suspect was a concussion?
    • Have you ever had any kind of injury and you haven’t felt the same ever since the event or you’re having trouble doing the things you used to do?
    • Are there any specific things you can’t do anymore, either with your right side or your left?
    • Do you ever blame your inability to do things you used to do…on your age, or because your parents had trouble doing simple things at your same age?
    • Have your children been injured playing, playing sports, or just from living a rambunctious life?
    • Do you know of any athletes who have been struggling with injuries that they can’t seem to get fixed, by trainers, physical therapists, or other health care professionals?
    • Have you had any dental work or jaw trauma, and now you have head, neck or jaw tightness, pain, or discomfort?

If the answer is YES to any of the above questions, you need to contact our office and make an appointment to see me to get your muscles turned back on! In the meantime, I recommend you read all the articles written in this handout as they cover many (but not all) of some of the more common problems handled by a trained Applied Kinesiologist.

If you have any questions about Applied Kinesiology or have more specific questions that the articles haven’t covered, please feel free to call the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor at (734) 302-7575 and I would be happy to answer any questions you have. Or, if you would prefer to have a free 15-minute face-to-face consultation, please call the office and they will put you on my schedule and we can discuss your case and I will let you know if I think I can help you.

Dr. Joel Vickers