Who we are:nhcaa office window

We are a group of individual Practitioners who work and learn together to help you with your health problems. We help you find solutions and improve your health. We come from different backgrounds and have different degrees. We have Chiropractors, a Nutritionist, a Pharmacist, an Occupational Therapist, and more on staff to give our patients the most complete care possible. We share information and our knowledge with each other.

What we do:

We use muscle testing and computer testing (Health Express Test and Meridian) to uncover the cause of your symptoms. Muscle testing is a non-invasive way of evaluating the body’s imbalances and assessing its needs. It involves testing the body’s responses when applying a pressure to a large muscle. A muscle will be strong/locked or weak/unlocked. This can be used to test the function of organs, food sensitivities, and the body’s response to herbs, supplements, and other remedies. We can use this technique with adults and children. We can order blood tests and other diagnostic lab testing for wellness and prevention.

Where we are located:outside building photo

Our office is in Ann Arbor. But, we also consult with people around the world by phone or Skype to lend our expertise to their health journey.


Patients come to our office at a variety of times. Some come when the solutions offered by their Medical Doctor are unacceptable to them. Some parents bring their children because they have seen benefits from what we do in themselves. Athletes and high achieving individuals come in to function at a more optimal state.


Our world today is filled with toxic foods, chemicals, metals and stressors that deplete your body of its nutritional stores. Coming to our office helps prevent these stressors from building up and causing problems. We can help with many health concerns. We have had success helping people with anxiety, depression, pain, headaches, allergies, general illness (colds, flu, shingles), heart problems, thyroid and hormonal imbalance, fatigue, poor sleep, digestive problems, weak immune systems, and much more. Nutritional solutions to your problems are a chemical free, natural way to help your body. Whole food supplements and herbs used effectively will repair damage and correct the problem.


Our process is intensive in the beginning. We typically see patients in the office weekly to stabilize health. We estimate most patients will feel anywhere from 20 – 50% better within three months. In the beginning, we are working on diet improvements and developing a nutritional plan using supplements and herbs to supply your body with the fuel it needs to repair. It can take months and sometimes years to heal damage to organs and tissue. Visits space out as you get better. A patient who is in a maintenance phase might expect to be seen in our office once every 3 – 4 months to re-assess their supplement needs, health changes, and re-evaluate.

Supplements (whole food vitamins/minerals, herbal products, detoxifying products, and homeopathics) are used on a case by case basis. Your nutritional program is designed specifically for you by your Practitioner for your exact needs. The supplements are the tool we use to address nutritional deficiencies that have developed in you over the years. Your diet will address anywhere from 60 – 80% of your needs. The supplements fill in where the diet doesn’t meet the needs of the body.

It is normal to have ups and downs as you are healing. There can be times that you feel somewhat worse as you are releasing toxins from the deeper tissue and cells of the body.

The finances of nutrition health programs:

Nutrition is not covered by insurance. But, nutrition is a vital part of health and vitality. We consider what we do an investment in your health for the future. If your supplements or visit costs are a concern to you, please tell us. We are on your team and we are here to help.

We are always trying to make your supplements economical for you. There may be times that you don’t use a whole bottle of a supplement. This just means your needs have changed. We may go back to that bottle later or you may be able to use it for specific health problems. But, if you didn’t need it, that is a sign that your body is doing better. It is a positive thing.

We look forward to helping you today and into the future with your health needs.

Yours in health,
Kerry Cradit, B.S. Nutrition and Food Science