Did you know that your intestinal tract plays a significant role in allergies and your immune system?

When you experience seasonal allergy symptoms, addressing the health of your gut can help alleviate these issues. Sometimes, the culprit may be certain foods that you’re eating but need to avoid.

It’s important to read labels and examine all ingredients to ensure you’re not unknowingly consuming irritants. Even when seeking “gluten-free” products, you may find an abundance of corn, rice, or other additives that can still cause irritation. When we consume an excessive amount of a single food on a regular basis, the body can develop an allergy to it.

But what if there’s a hidden problem that the body needs to detoxify? At the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, we focus on identifying and eliminating what we call “barriers to healing.” These barriers can persist even if you’re already eating a healthy diet but continue to experience seasonal allergy symptoms. The five most common obstacles to healing are significant food challenges, immune challenges, chemicals, heavy metals, or scars. Without additional whole-food nutrition, these barriers can continue to cause disruptions in your body, manifesting as allergy symptoms.

Restoring the nutritional status of your body may also be necessary. Once we help you identify potential food sensitivities and detoxify the barriers to healing, we work on providing specific nutrition that supports the body’s strengthening and correction processes.

Let’s not forget the importance of good hydration. Clean, filtered water is vital for your body to produce and maintain a healthy mucosal lining in the sinuses, which acts as a barrier against environmental allergens. Additionally, a healthy intestinal mucosal lining is essential for proper digestion.

Healthy eating, a healthy gut, and adequate hydration are crucial for overall health, far beyond just managing weight. If you haven’t embarked on your journey to overall health, consider scheduling a new patient evaluation today. Our team can guide you through the process, addressing allergies and providing you with the tools to alleviate symptoms naturally.

We occasionally hold classes on allergies, where you can learn more about allergy triggers, foods that can ease allergies, and which supplements, essential oils, and herbal teas may work well with your nutritional program. By taking a comprehensive approach, we can help you find relief from allergies and support your overall well-being.