As a former pharmacist, I have a special interest in helping children and adults with attention and hyperactivity issues. If you are in school and have issues with focus and you either want to get off of medication or avoid it, now is the time to come in! adhd supplements

Kids or college students off for the summer: you now have a couple of months to work on healing your body before you are back in the attention demanding environment of school. This gives us time to find out which of your organs are stressed and start feeding those deficiencies so you can perform better in the fall.

There are a whole host of nutrient deficiencies that cause ADHD like symptoms. Some of the most common deficiencies are minerals, vitamin D, B vitamins, and essential fatty acids. There is also often a food allergy or a blood sugar issue present.

The time is NOW. Schedule an appointment today so you can start the next school year medication free. Call 734-302-7575 to inquire.

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Dr. Amanda Childress, PharmD
Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

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