Mikaela Cradit

Certified Natural Health Practitioner

In 2017, at 20 years old, Mikaela started experiencing severe abdominal pain and heavy bleeding. Unsure of the root cause, she started to seek out any answers she could find. Between multiple ultrasounds, dietary changes, countless doctor’s appointments, and even a couple of ER visits, the only answer she was receiving was that doctors could do a biopsy of her left ovary to see if they could find any answers for her.

Thankfully, due to her upbringing, Mikaela knew that this invasive option was not the answer for her. Having a direct role model in the natural health world, her mother, Mikaela turned to the NHCAA. Immediately after starting supplements to correct her hormone levels, dissolve calcium deposits (cysts) in her organs, and rid herself of toxins, she noticed unbelievable improvements in her pain levels- and the bleeding completely stopped.

With these dramatic and timely changes, she decided to involve herself as much as possible in helping people with similar issues. Today, she has no irregular bleeding, no severe pain, and her hormone and iron levels are all normal. Her entire purpose is to ensure that anyone experiencing health challenges, has more options than the allopathic medical route.

Mikaela started at the Nutritional Healing Center as a front desk employee in 2018. She became Dr. Schmidt’s assistant toward the end of 2019 and after realizing the importance of nutrition, she enrolled in Trinity School of Natural Health to start her journey toward becoming a naturopath.

In 2020, Mikaela graduated from ULAN Nutritional Systems and received her certification to become a health coach as the first step in working toward her goal. In 2023, she earned her Natural Health Practitioner certification. Mikaela is still enrolled at Trinity and working toward becoming a Naturopath as she is very passionate about helping people further their overall well-being through diet, supplements, and muscle testing.

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Mikaela in her younger years