Kerry Cradit

Bachelor of Science Nutrition & Food Science, Nutrition Expert

In 2006 Kerry came to the NHCAA suffering from chronic back pain. Being a Pilates instructor, mother, and Dance teacher, being unable to move was taking its toll on the entire family. She and her husband had been visiting various chiropractors and alternative healthcare providers for more than five months, and the pain and mobility were only slightly better.

Around the same time, she finally decided to come to The NHCAA. Her Medical Doctor had diagnosed her with arthritis and recommended anti-inflammatory drugs and pain medication. Luckily, these were never needed because within one week of seeing Dr. Schmidt and starting on her Total Health Restoration program her symptoms began to lessen and she knew there was hope and real help without drugs.

As she started her natural healthcare program the Nutrition Response Testing℠ showed a viral immune challenge affecting her back. That same week she received the results from her MD’s previous MRI  diagnosing bone infection in her spine. Coupled with the results she already felt that was the final verification she needed to know she made the right choice to go with nutrition before drugs. She continued with her Total Health Restoration program and continued seeing excellent results. Soon her pain and other health challenges disappeared with her health under her control and back on track, she feels better than ever. It is her whole purpose to help anyone and everyone with similar health challenges to overcome them with mother nature’s healthcare plan of whole food instead of drugs and surgery.

Kerry Cradit started at the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor as a Patient Advocate and Doctor’s Assistant in 2007. She completed her Advanced Clinical Training in January of 2012 and is seeing her nutrition patients as a Master Nutrition Response Testing℠ Practitioner.

Kerry has extensive experience in helping people get well with proper health education and nutrition. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Madonna University and is a Certified Pilates instructor. Before coming to NHCAA, she taught dance and pilates for many years then spent 18 months as a Dietitian Assistant at the University of Michigan Medical Center. It was her tenure there that brought home the stark reality that the traditional drug-oriented healthcare system offers no real solutions. Least of all in the area of nutrition and its relationship to health.

Kerry is currently accepting new patients as a Nutrition Response Testing℠ Practitioner on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

What was it like before you came in to see us?

I was concerned about my cholesterol, it was up to 180 and my doctors were wanting me on statins. When I took the statins it dragged me down so much and made me feel like I had absolutely no energy, and I hated it, so I decided to try another way.

How is it now?

After 4 months of working with Kerry, my cholesterol has dropped to 140 (a complete surprise to my doctor) and I have lost 10 pounds! By changing my diet and taking supplements I no longer have to worry about taking the statins.

How have these improvements changed your life?

It has kept me from being concerned about taking the statins because I no longer need to take them- and has given me more energy!

— Kathy Jansen

Kerry in her younger years

My stomach was upset, gastrointestinal bloat with gas and irregular bowel habits. No energy.

Now I am much improved! Almost no gas, regular bowel-eating regular food, fruits+ veggies. Improved energy level.

— Barbara G.