Dr. Darren Schmidt

CEO, Doctor of Chiropractic,
Nutrition Expert

In October 2015, I encountered a severe health crisis that nearly proved fatal, marking a pivotal moment in my journey toward rediscovering a fundamental principle of wellness—a principle that had been recognized before 1960 but had since fallen into obscurity.

Initially manifesting as sporadic heart palpitations, my condition rapidly deteriorated over the following months, culminating in frequent episodes of chest pain, palpitations, and other alarming symptoms. Despite my longstanding commitment to holistic nutrition, I found myself grappling with escalating health challenges that confounded conventional medical explanations.

On a harrowing night in February 2016, plagued by relentless symptoms and sleep deprivation, I unearthed forgotten notes from a nutrition seminar attended years prior. These notes detailed a regimen of heart support supplements dating back to 1934—an era when medical research focused extensively on nutrition and its profound impact on health outcomes.

Intrigued by this discovery, I delved into the works of Dr. Royal Lee, a pioneer in holistic nutrition, whose insights into lactic acidosis—a common precursor to chronic illness—proved transformative. Dr. Lee’s meticulous research, spanning nine years of feeding studies, aimed to address lactic acidosis, a once well-understood phenomenon that had gradually faded from medical discourse after 1961.

Through my personal odyssey, I uncovered a crucial nexus between chronic black mold exposure, lactic acidosis, and cardiovascular symptoms—a triad of causation that underscored the interconnectedness of health variables. Armed with this knowledge, I embarked on a mission to educate and empower others, sharing my insights with a community of holistic practitioners in June 2016—a pivotal moment marked by a resounding affirmation of my message.

Since then, at The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, I have witnessed profound transformations in patient outcomes, guided by a holistic framework that addresses the root cause, underlying mechanisms, and clinical manifestations of disease. In embracing this comprehensive approach to healing, we honor the wisdom of the past while charting a course toward a healthier future for ourselves and those we serve.

Dr. Darren Schmidt, a chiropractor, has devoted his practice exclusively to clinical nutrition since 1998. He is the proprietor of the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor and a sought-after speaker on health topics.

Growing up, Dr. Schmidt spent 17 summers working on his family’s farm, instilling in him a profound understanding of the interplay between nature and health. Raised in a family of farmers and educators, he lacked medical influences but gained invaluable lessons in perseverance and problem-solving. His ethos of resourcefulness—believing that obstacles are opportunities for acquiring knowledge and tools—shaped his approach to healthcare.

Dr. Schmidt’s path to healthcare diverged from traditional medicine after investigating various professions, including podiatry, optometry, and veterinary medicine. Inspired by the holistic principles of chiropractic care, he graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago in 1997 and established a practice in Toledo before relocating to Ann Arbor in 2000.

During chiropractic college, Dr. Schmidt immersed himself in over 50 seminars within 24 months, exploring diverse therapeutic modalities and discovering the transformative potential of nutrition. Witnessing the efficacy of holistic approaches and functional lab testing, he recognized the pressing need for comprehensive nutritional interventions in healthcare.

With a significant presence on social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok, Dr. Schmidt shares his expertise with a broad audience, comprising over 8,400 healthcare professionals. As a co-founder of Power Nutrition Practice, he spearheads initiatives to enhance the knowledge and skills of practitioners in nutrition clinics, reflecting his unwavering dedication to advancing professional development in the field.

Seminars Dr. Schmidt attended:

Nutrition Response Testing:

  • Multiple Basic Level Seminars
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced training twice: 1-6 and 1-9. Advanced Clinical Training Graduate #004.
  • Advanced Booster Program

Other seminars:

  • TMJ Association with Subluxation Complex
  • Nutritional Reflex Technique Basic and Advanced seminars
  • Contact Reflex Analysis seminars
  • Yuen Energetics seminars
  • Metametrix Laboratory Analysis
  • Understanding Fatigue: Addressing the Molecular Basis of Chronic Metabolic Disorders
  • Practical Use of Nutrition and Herbs
  • Blood Chemistry and Nutritional Balance
  • Introduction to Neuropsychiatric Disorders and their Association to Diet and Membrane Disorders
  • Detoxification/Purification
  • Purification, Weight Management, and Diabetes
  • Clinical Tips on Structure and Nutrition for the Alternative Physician
  • Modern Applications of Nutritional and Herbal Remedies
  • Mastering Natural Healing
  • Effective Herbal and Complementary Therapies
  • Practical Nutrition from A-Z
  • Foundational Nutrition for a Chiropractic Office
  • Advanced Therapeutic Nutrition
  • Effective Herbal Strategies and Complementary Therapies
  • Pain Management
  • Neuro-Mechanical Innovation: the Neuro-Mechanical Systems.
  • The Importance and Application of Drainage Remedies.
  • Nutritional Wisdom of the Masters
  • Essentials of Nutrition Therapy
  • The Next Step Applied Clinical Nutrition
  • The Intracellular Detox System
  • BioToxic Healing
  • Bioenergetics, RNA/DNA factors, Herbalomics, and Cellular Healing
  • Optimal Nutrition for Gut Health
  • Clinical Detoxification
  • Brain Health & Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Pancreas Health and Diabetes
  • Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields
  • Why You Can’t Lose Weight
  • Thyroid Dysfunction, Hepatitis, Digestive Dysfunction, Adrenal Cortical hypo and hyperfunction, Reactive Hypoglycemia, Nutritional Silver Bullets
  • Exploring the Depths of the Endocrine System
  • The Gonsted seminar
  • Arthrostim IMPAC seminar
  • Motion Palpation Institute: Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Pelvis and Extremities seminars.
  • Applied Kinesiology seminars and internship
  • The Legendary Formulas of Dr. Royal Lee
  • New Dimensions in Herbal Healing
  • From Soil to Supplement: A Course in Food, Diet, and Nutrition
  • Multiple Morphogenic Field Technique seminars
  • Herbology Training in Brisbane, Australia for 1 week with Mediherb
  • Summer symposiums since 2010 with Systemic Formulas along with their fall and spring intensives on various subjects
  • Low-Carb USA seminar January 2017
  • The Charlie Foundation -How to administer the Ketogenic Diet Jan. 2017
  • Multiple Healthcare Centers of the Future seminars with Dr. Dan Pompa.
  • Helped Cellcore Biosciences develop their Clinical training seminars Levels 1 and 2 over 4 years and taught 20 seminars for them.

Dr. Schmidt has taught 9,000 doctors and staff basic clinical and management of a nutrition practice since 2007 over 105-weekend seminars nationwide.

Dr. Schmidt co-owns Power Nutrition Practice and Power Practice Seminar, an educational and training company for doctors. www.powernutritionpractice.com.

Dr. Schmidt’s father on his parent’s farm, 1954
I was having serious heart palpitations where I had extreme palpitations that were out of rhythm. Symptoms were so bad it was impeding my thinking. I started seeing Dr. Schmidt in July of 2015. I felt better almost immediately. Supplements were critical in my healing. I am now 95% better! Dr. Schmidt saved my life!

Dr. Schmidt is amazing and 100% committed to your health! My husband is alive because of him!
— Valerie B.