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How to Our purpose is to create a healthy community made up of healthy individuals who have taken control of their health and achieved physical and mental well-being without drugs or surgery.

An essential component of our Nutritional Total Health Restoration program is the education on how to achieve real health. With so much contradictory nutritional information available and as much completely false information it sometimes seems impossible for the average person to sort out what is most vital and critical to achieving their health goals.

That is why we offer these free health classes to our patientsĀ andĀ friends. If you are interested in having one of these real health education classes given remotely, just let us know!

New Year, New You

15 JANUARY 2020 at 7:00 PM

Happy New Year! This is the time of year everybody makes resolutions to change for the better, why not start with your health?

Join Kerry for her FREE class on January 15 to learn ways you can improve your health with good foods and ways you can boost your immune system!


Fulvic Acid: Natures Answers to Depleted Food and Toxins

29 Jan 2020 at 7:00 PM

Fulvic acid is one of the strongest detoxifiers available; it supplies the body with nutrition and helps the cells carry an electrical charge longer than normal, allowing the cell to live longer.

Learn how anyone could benefit from this amazing product at our next free class with Dr. Schmidt!


Coming Soon!

12 FEB 2020 at 7:00 PM