The only way to truly achieve optimal health is to approach it in a logical order that follows the physiology of your body



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Hello and welcome to day three of the ‘7 Step Blueprint, To Optimal Health’ webinar series. I really appreciate you have made it this far. A lot of patients who come to me are very frustrated and have had enough of trying smoothies, trendy diets, or some form of treatments that have not achieved the results they were really hoping for.

If that’s you then I’m here to be challenged. Bring your questions to the live event tomorrow and I’ll answer them. When you eliminate barriers like parasites and toxins, everything changes. When your body returns to its natural state of self-healing, you will experience how amazing the human body really is.

I love my work. I’m so passionate because every day I witness life-changing results. I have stories that would bring you to tears. I also have stories about patients pulling dead parasites out of their noses and eyes but I’ll leave those for later when we work together.

We have covered pillar 1 with its three steps on day one and then pillar 2 with its two steps on day two. If you missed those days, you can watch them by clicking at the top of this page or you’ll find the links in your emails. I hope you’ve given yourself time away from the hectic daily life we all experience and have watched the free mini-courses I’ve been sending you.

You would have noticed that they play a part in the main online membership course. That’s the membership I’ll be launching tomorrow. So it’s a good way of getting to know more about the areas within the seventh-step blueprint program I’ve created. Your free mini-courses should give you enough knowledge about the seven steps to make an educated decision on if you want to work with me and focus on eliminating your symptoms and getting back to optimal health. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are or what symptoms you have. What matters is that you get your body back into a state of self-healing in the most efficient and effective way. The way to achieve this is to have a proven system and specific supplements and diet, which is why I am here teaching you.

I do not want you to do this on your own. I’m here to help you along the way. So let’s jump into today’s training. It’s all about eliminating toxins. If you’re like the majority of my patients, I see you’re probably thinking, I don’t have any toxins inside me. Well, I don’t need to answer that question because once you reach pillar three and start the final steps, you would have already eliminated some dead parasites from your body, which means you will have some interesting stories to tell friends and family regarding toxins.

It’s the same thing, although this time you’re going to be talking about the smell coming off your body, the taste on your tongue, your breath, urine, and ballroom mints. My patients tell me they smell like plastic, sulfur burnt rubber, and cigarette smoke.

And worse, you’ll be surprised when you find out how many toxins we’re exposed to in our lifetime. It’s horrific. But there is a solution and we will cover more on that in the live launch webinar. As I keep mentioning, if you don’t try something different, you won’t get any results.

3 Pillars:

The ‘7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health’ is made up of three pillars and today we’re covering pillar three which is called “Eliminating Toxins”.

Yesterday we covered pillar two and its two steps. If you missed it you can click on the day two webinar at the top of this page or go find the email which contains your day two training link.

I hope you had a chance to watch the two free mini-courses I sent you. You’re slowly gaining knowledge about the things you need to achieve optimal health. Don’t forget to write down your questions for the big launch day where I’m going to talk to you live on a private webinar and answer your questions. You only have one more day to go today.

This pillar covers steps six and seven. Thank you for being here and taking the time to learn more about the most efficient way of reducing symptoms, increasing energy, and giving your body the best chance to heal itself so you can achieve optimal health.


7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - Pillar 3 - Step 6
7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - Pillar 3 - Step 6

Step six is called powerful detoxification. There are three main toxins: Radioactive elements, meaning radiation, chemicals, and heavy metals.

Regarding radiation and radioactive elements:  Half of Americans are drinking radium in their tap water, as seen on the EWG.org website, (Environmental Working Group). Radium is 3000 times more powerful than uranium. It’s where radon comes from. These radioactive elements sit in your body constantly emitting electrons and destroying tissue and DNA.

When you have dead tissue, bad bugs come in and they start eating away at the dead tissue and now you have a weakened immune system, and your body becomes overwhelmed with organisms. There are other sources of radiation besides the drinking water for half of Americans, and that includes the old nuclear explosions of Fukushima and Chornobyl.

Those are still problems for some parts of the world. And there’s also fracking where natural gas is pulled up from the earth along with radioactive elements and I go into great detail about this. In the course, there are 52 nuclear power plants operating without a license.

Those are potential problems. But the point is, there are some people that are very, very sick because radiation destroys their tissue. It causes a lot of harm in the long run that needs to be detoxed out of the body.

The next subject is heavy metals. The most common are mercury and lead. Mercury destroys brain tissue and lead destroys bones. Mercury is linked with Alzheimer’s, and there are other heavy metals too, such as aluminum, cadmium, and tin. These can be found in preservatives, they’re found in some agricultural products chemicals and these also need to be detoxed out of the body.

In the holistic healthcare world and in the natural healthcare world, there has been a big push to detoxify heavy metals out. and the supplements do better than the drugs. There are some drugs designed for detoxification, but the supplements work better.

The third group of toxins is chemicals. This is a bigger problem than heavy metals and radiation. Why? It’s because it’s pervasive throughout our environment, inside buildings, and outside: Agricultural chemicals, lawn sprays, body products, cosmetics, deodorant, shampoos, laundry soaps, cleaning materials, and more.

These chemicals can cause a lot of harm to the body. And let me bring up Round-Up, as this is the most pervasive agricultural chemical. Roundup depletes minerals and stops two dozen biochemical pathways in the body. It also binds up 251 different enzymes in the body. Roundup is in all grains and even organic grains.

It’s in all vegetables, even organic vegetables, it’s in 85% of tested rainwater. The correct detoxification supplements can detoxify heavy metals and chemicals and radioactive elements. It’s not like you need to pair up one supplement with one toxin and you end up taking 30 different supplements. It doesn’t work that way. You just have a handful, just a small amount of supplements and they clean everything out and it’s just a matter of the correct amount of time and dosage and it’ll work over time. One of the problems that I dealt with personally was mycotoxins which are from toxic mold.

My old office was moldy and I didn’t know about it. I was in there for 13 years and my lab tests showed the toxins from mold were very high in my body. I took one product two pills a day for 3. 5 years and the lab test showed my toxins going down, down, down to basically zero. It took 3. 5 years.

That’s the point. Some people need to detoxify for 10 years because they’re very toxic. You have to think long-term, there’s no three-week detox program, and there’s no 30-day smoothie detox juicing program that will get results. You have to get the right supplements and you’ve got to get the correct amount of time and follow up with lab tests. The lab test will guide you through your progress and let you know when you’re done.


7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - Pillar 3 - Step 7

The final step is step seven. It’s called cellular immune cleansing, meaning you’re cleaning the inside of your cells.

Now, this is a special place because you have to go through the six steps prior to step seven to be prepared for this. You can’t just clean the cells out if you’re constipated or if you have parasites or if you have no energy production, etcetera. So When we’re talking about organisms inside the cells, there’s a special name for that.

That’s called Lyme disease. It’s named after a town in Connecticut where a doctor in the 1980s found an organism called Borrelia. And that organism was inside the cells causing a lot of sicknesses. There are other organisms and they’re called co-infections of Lyme.

Some of these infections are viruses, some are bacteria, some are parasites and some are not living but there are toxins. When we clean out the inside of the cells we are getting rid of a bunch of organisms and toxins. These organisms hate the bloodstream, they leave the bloodstream and go inside areas of the body where there’s very little blood meaning the brain and you get a bunch of brain problems and the joints. This is arthritis.

All of these organisms eat your food and eliminate waste in your body. They poop in your body. They create poisonous chemicals. One of those chemicals is ammonia, which causes itchiness, pain, and disruption of the normal processes in your cells. The best way to clean out the inside of your cells is with multi herbal liquids.

We’re talking about drinking a combination of eight or maybe 14 different herbs all put together in a supplement form and you drink these liquid herbals and that’s how you can really help your immune system get rid of these organisms and clean the inside of your cells.

7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - Pillar 3 - Step 7


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