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Dr. Darren Schmidt
Nutrition Expert, Doctor of Chiropractic


This is where I will go through steps four and five where you discover why you need to clean out your intestines of parasitic worms, biofilm, mucous plaque and other gross things. The reason why you need to eliminate parasites is that once they’re gone your body can naturally start to heal itself.

There’s no healing if you have parasites or gross things in the intestines that have been in there for years and years. And this is why I really want you to take the time to watch this short webinar series. So you can discover the seven steps that get you heading towards achieving optimal health. Get ready to be surprised regarding parasites, eliminating them is really gross. but also a lot of fun. It’s better than any Hollywood movie because these parasites that are inside you are real. This is my life’s work and it has generated amazing results for thousands of my patients.

7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - 3 Pillars

The ‘7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health’ is made up of three pillars and today we’re covering pillar Two of three pillars which is called Eliminating Parasites.

Yesterday we covered pillar one and its three steps. If you missed it you can click on the day one webinar at the top of this page or go find the email which contains your day one training link.

I hope you had a chance to watch the two free mini courses I sent you. You’re slowly gaining knowledge about the things you need to achieve optimal health and don’t forget to write down your questions for the big launch day where I’m going to talk to you live on a private webinar and answer your questions. You only have one more day to go today.

This pillar covers steps four and five. Thank you for being here and taking the time to learn more about the most efficient way of reducing symptoms, increasing energy and giving your body the best chance to heal itself so you can achieve optimal health.


7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - Pillar 2 - Step

Step four is called Intestines and Immune Cleansing. Throughout my career, I’ve definitely learned more and more about cleaning the intestines. That means removing biofilm, which is mucus or mucoid plaque, which is old stuff, old food garbage in your intestines that may have been there for many years and also getting rid of parasites.

In 2007 I really figured out parasites quite well. We had a lot of people eliminating parasites but they would only eliminate one or two and people would take pictures and draw pictures for me or bring them into the office. It was really gross. But about four years ago at the time of this recording, there was the release of two products that are the best I’ve ever used for cleaning the intestines. In the course I go into the ingredients and how they work and why they work.

But the point is they worked really well, and when some people do this, they’re eliminating parasites for weeks or even for years. I have had a woman eliminating parasites for three years now and it’s much reduced compared to when she first came to see me. But her body is getting cleaned out and it’s working and she just was really that sick.

Now some people take these supplements and nothing comes out. Nothing weird no biofilm, no mucus, no worms. Which is great. That means you move on to the next step. The point is there are these few supplements that work really well. When you take this course you have access to them and you take these supplements.

If you get parasites out, great keep going. If you get nothing out, great move on and you move on to the next step which is step five.


7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - Pillar 2 - Step

Step five is about one particular parasite called stangalitus. It’s a very small worm. It enters through your feet, it crawls up through your skin, up your leg into your lungs.

You cough, swallow the spit now it’s in your stomach, it goes into your intestines and starts laying eggs. That’s the life cycle of stangalitus in your body. There is a particular supplement that does a great job of eliminating that out of your body.

It is also good at eliminating other organisms. I have plenty of people who blow their noses and out comes the parasite. It happened to me twice. And when that second worm came out of my nose, the dairy allergy that I’ve had since high school was completely gone.

And I knew it. The moment that parasite came out, I went to the local farmer down the road here and I bought a pint of strawberry milk with all the sugar and all the mucus. And I bought cottage cheese and I ate all of this and I had no reaction. I didn’t have to blow my nose and I didn’t have to fall asleep from the food allergy.

Most food allergies come from parasites. Most skin rashes come from parasites and other organisms inside the body. Any sort of intestinal problem, intestinal irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, those are organisms in your gut. They need to get cleaned out but they need to get cleaned out in the correct order. Now step five is called Full Body Immune Cleansing because these organisms can be lodged in your sinuses or deep in your ears or even in your feet or in your joints for example. And we talk about that in step seven also. But when you have organisms that are in your body lodged in a deep location, you have to have fantastic supplements to get rid of them. And usually, when people are taking drugs for parasites it’s only for three days or one day it’s not enough. You gotta do at least four weeks to see if it’s going to work and maybe six weeks and if it’s working just keep going. And of course, it’s safer to use supplements than it is to use drugs.

Drugs always have negative side effects. They can cause harm to the liver, whereas supplements are good for the body. If you’re taking something like oregano for example the bad organisms hate oregano but the good cells of your body and the good bacteria love oregano. That’s the great thing about herbs is that they’re selective. These organisms that we address in step five can also be in your brain.

And that’s why I did a whole little section called bugs in my brain. They have some amazing stories about people getting organisms out of their noses. And when they came to my office and I do the muscle testing (sort of biofeedback technique that I do), I can tell if there are organisms in the brain and when I have found them there before and we apply the right therapies, the right supplements, and sure enough out they come.


Bugs In My Brain Mini Course

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