The only way to truly achieve optimal health is to approach it in a logical order that follows the physiology of your body








Dr. Darren Schmidt
Nutrition Expert, Doctor of Chiropractic


Hey, it’s Dr. Darren Schmidt. I’m a chiropractor, but I’ve been focusing on nutrition since 1997. I’ve been studying it since 1993. And this is the first video in the series of three where I introduce you to the three pillars that make up the 7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health. In this video that serves as an introduction to nutrition, I’m going to talk about Pillar 1 – Eliminating Your Initial Barriers.

3 Pillars:

The ‘7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health’ is made up of three pillars and over the next three days, I’ll cover each pillar so you can get a deeper understanding of the seven steps.

Today we’re covering pillar one of three pillars which is called Eliminating Initial Barriers. By the end of today’s webinar, you will learn the fundamentals of food choices, the basics of how to enhance energy production in the cells, which is the basis of life versus death. And you learn about drainage, which is your body’s natural ability to clean itself.

The only way to truly achieve optimal health is to approach it with a logical order that follows the physiology of your body and to reverse the disease process.

7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - 3 Pillars


7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - Pillar 2 - Step 5 (7)
7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - Pillar 2 - Step 5 (7)

STEP 1: Foundational Foods

Low-Carb/ Keto/ Carnivore

The low carb diet needs to be the basis of everybody’s diet and the reason why is because in our modern foods there are too many high carb foods. Such as white processed foods, especially white bread, white rice, white pasta, and white sugar.

These are void of nutrients and there is no protein and there’s no fat, it’s just all carbs also known as sugar. So that’s the foundation of the standard American diet, along with what’s called seed oils formerly known as vegetable oils.

Ketosis is a unique physiological state which gets rid of unwanted tissue. This includes fibroids, cysts, skin tags, tumors. Of course, fat cells shrink. So, ketosis is a very important state of being, but you can’t be in it forever. And ideally, you’re cycling in and out of ketosis on a regular basis, maybe once a week, once a month.

Besides ketosis, the next part of this low carb diet is called the carnivore diet, which is basically where you’re just eating meat and you have maybe a few plants.

The point is, the more you know about the diets, the better you are able to experiment with them.

7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - Pillar 2 - Step 5 (8)

STEP 1: Foundational Foods

Diets That Don’t Work

What I’m talking about is most diets are based on the principles given to us by the U.S.D.A.

85% of nutrition studies are not based on science, instead, they are surveys.  A survey asks the question how is your health? How is your diet? And then someone tries to correlate the answers caused by poor diet, poor health etcetera. But you don’t get facts from that.

For example, in these studies, observational studies, people conclude that red meat is bad. But scientifically in an experiment, red meat is one of the healthiest things you could possibly eat. So that’s why so many people we are talking about all the vegans, all the university professors, all the government agencies, the school lunches, the military mess halls, the hospitals, nutritionists, dieticians, medical doctors and politicians…They all think meat is bad.  They all think that vegetable oils are good and that’s because the surveys are incorrect. They come to the wrong conclusion over and over and over again, decade after decade after decade wasting millions and literally billions of dollars in observational studies.

But when you look at that small, 15% of science, it could be as low as 5%. That’s an actual experiment. It shows that red meat is very healthy and also seed oils, also known as vegetable oils are very detrimental to our health. And we should be going back to lard butter tallow and animal fats instead of eating plant oils.

7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - Pillar 2 - Step 5 (8)
7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - Pillar 2 - Step 5 (9)
7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health - Pillar 2 - Step 5 (9)

STEP 1: Foundational Foods

(Auto) Immune Diets

Parasites, bacteria, fungus viruses, for example, all love certain foods.

All these organisms love sugar and dairy. When I find these organisms and people, I tell them no sugar, absolutely no sugar. And that includes white bread, white pasta, white rice because that turns instantly into sugar and then secondarily no dairy, but butter is usually okay because it is processed in a different way than cheeses.

For example, cottage cheese is bad. Any kind of yogurt, half and half drinking milk, obviously, that’s bad. But you have to avoid all the cheeses if you have parasites, fungus, virus bacteria or Lyme disease in your body.

Dairy products create a lot of mucus and these organisms make mucus and live in that. The technical term is called biofilm. You want to avoid the production of biofilm and you want to make it so that these organisms don’t have a home to live in within your body.


Step two of the ‘7 Step Blueprint To Optimal Health’ within Pillar One is about increasing energy, especially in the mitochondria.

What are mitochondria? These are little organelles that live inside the cells of every single cell in your body and they make energy. The name of the energy is called ATP. Every cell has anywhere from 2000 to 10,000 mitochondria per cell. Some nerve cells in the brain for example will have 100,000 mitochondria.

But the point here is that you want to make energy in the mitochondria and if you don’t then you’re starting to get into trouble with your health. And there are many ways to make energy outside of the mitochondria. For example, like glycolysis, which you may have learned about maybe in high school, but that’s when you’re burning sugar.

The standard American diet which is high in sugar prevents the usage of mitochondria and leans towards making energy outside of the mitochondria. And the trouble with that is it’s very inefficient.

pillar 1 - Step 2 energy
pillar 1 - Step 2 energy

STEP 2: Energy

Mitochondrial Function

When you’re making energy outside of the mitochondria, you’re creating a lot of waste products, garbage acid, lactate, acetaldehyde, ethanol which is alcohol, acetate. These are all waste products that cause harm to your body.

Ethanol is what alcoholics burn and that creates a lot of waste products. We already know that and it’s very damaging to your health. You want to avoid energy production outside of the mitochondria. How do you make your mitochondria work better? This is related to the next part of step two and it has to do with one particular detrimental toxin.

Deuterium, also known as heavy water, loves to be in the mitochondria. When you’re drinking water or eating high carbohydrate foods, which has a lot of water in them, you end up with more of this deuterium and it blocks ATP production. It just stops it.

The more heavy water or deuterium you have in your body, in your mitochondria, the more trouble you’re going to get into with your health over the long run. These are effects that can take decades.

MitoATP/ Heavy Water

STEP 2: Energy

MitoATP/ Heavy Water

There are vegetarians for example and at the age of 65 they have a heart attack or at the age of 70, they have cancer. You’ve heard of these people, you’ve heard of these cases. This one person was always healthy. They always did the right things, but they still had a heart condition or cancer diagnosis.

The reason is that they never used their mitochondria. Now I mentioned earlier about ketosis. The ketogenic diet enhances mitochondrial function and it drives energy production into the mitochondria and it prevents energy production from outside of the mitochondria. So that’s ideal when you combine the detoxification of deterioration plus ketosis plus all the other things I’m going to talk about in the total seven steps program.

You’re going to see that it all really drives into enhancing mitochondrial function, that is life, that is life enhancing. When you’re not doing that you’re heading towards death and you may not know it and your doctors aren’t telling you about it and people don’t talk about it on TV. But the difference between life and death; a long healthy life versus early dying chronic disease, fatigue, muscle soreness, the difference is you are not using your mitochondria well and whether you have a lot of them or not.

MitoATP/ Heavy Water
pillar 1 - Step 2 energy
pillar 1 - Step 2 energy

STEP 2: Energy

Other Supplements For Energy

The third part about enhancing mitochondrial function and energy is other supplements and other practices that I’ve been using in my practice for a long time to enhance adrenal energy, adrenal function, brain function, liver function and thyroid function. All of these glands need certain nutrients. Now you may have heard of thyroid problems, you go to a doctor and they give you a hormone. That doesn’t fix anything. It’s just covering up his symptoms. I fix thyroids all the time.

Thyroids love iodine, they love selenium. I have thyroid gland supplements that actually have thyroid in it. These have saved a lot of people from a lifetime of using a hormone drug. We actually repair the thyroid. The same thing with the liver and the adrenals, and you know, all organs, we want them to be working well.

And that’s how you get energy throughout your whole body. You’re combining mitochondrial enhancement plus organ nutrition. We’re treating the cells and we’re treating the organs.


Now that we’re talking about organs. There are specific organs that drain the body. That is the natural process by which the body gets rid of toxins.

pillar 1 - Step 2 drainage
pillar 1 - Step 2 drainage

STEP 3: Drainage


I mentioned the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system but there’s also the sinuses, lungs, skin and let’s not forget about the colon. If you’re constipated, that is the number one thing to fix. Start with that, you’ve got to fix that up and then you can start detoxing the body and getting rid of garbage out of your blood. That garbage gets cleaned by your liver and kidneys and you’ve got to get the intestines working or all that garbage stays in your body. That’s drainage.

pillar 1 - Step 2 drainage

STEP 3: Drainage

Kidneys/ Liver

Drainage is not anywhere in pub med, (which is the research database for all articles of all of medicine and 28 million research articles, of which, approximately 6000 are uploaded every day). In the natural health care world with naturopaths, acupuncturists, the nutrition based chiropractors, we talk about the lymphatic system and drainage a lot. This is a missing piece and you may have never heard of it, but I’m telling you now. I give access to supplement that you can purchase to enhance your lymphatic/ drainage system based on your symptoms.

pillar 1 - Step 2 drainage
pillar 1 - Step 2 drainage
pillar 1 - Step 2 drainage

STEP 3: Drainage

Lymphatic System

The main organs for this are the liver and kidneys and the lymphatic system, which is very important. Now the lymphatic system is mostly in the gut and you can see lymph nodes may be getting bigger under the armpits, under the jaw bone, or tonsils area. The spleen is a big lymphatic organ. This system is basically completely ignored in medicine unless you have cancer and they strip some lymph nodes out. I am helping people with their lymphatic system all the time on a daily basis. I have more than a dozen supplements that enhance lymphatic function.


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