7 Improving Health Steps That Are Applicable And Doable

by Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended

This Improving Health Steps blog is part 4 in a series of 8 that make up Chapter 1 of my eBook called “Healthcare The Way Mother Nature Intended!”.

Our 7 Improving Health Steps Without Drugs

7 improving health steps without drugs

It’s not really our fault that our health is so poor. The whole system is designed to keep you unhealthy. There is an extreme lack of knowledge in the field of health improvement. There is quite frankly, too much information on drugs compared to natural health improvement. 

As an example, everyone knows you “should” take a pain-killing drug if you have pain, but no one knows what foods cause pain or prevent it from going away. Foods like refined grains and vegetable oils cause pain. Chemicals in plants such as oxalates in spinach, gluten in grains, lectins in beans can cause pain. Foods like meat and liver stop the pain. 

We grow up being told that drugs fix you; without drugs, you die. This is true in the Emergency Room or to save your life, but this stops us from trying to prevent chronic illness. 

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We take it as normal that a large percentage of the population is suffering from chronic disease such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cancer, mental problems, and overweight. 

And we take it as normal that the answer is “Take a Drug”.

It is up to you to build the foundation of your own health.

There are 7 applicable and doable steps to improving health. I have been studying natural healthcare since 1993 and have seen many of these systems. Most of them are weak and not doable. However, these 7 steps are the most clinically appropriate and they get the best results. 

Trust me on this… 

When I consult with a patient, I am thinking with ALL the supplements I have ever studied. I am thinking with ALL the possible dietary modifications I have ever known and seen. 

It’s not like I read an article or took a weekend seminar and now it’s the “new thing” or “latest trend” that everyone needs to take. My approach is based on the best of the best and it will continue to get better.

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How to Improve Your Health Naturally in 7 Steps:

diet is one of the 7 improving health steps

1)   Diet

There are many diets I use and may recommend but the most common diet is the low carb diet. Our modern food supply is high in carbohydrates and sugar and this is without a doubt the biggest cause of chronic disease. The consumption of vegetable oils (seed oils) is a close second.

2)   Increase in Energy Production

The energy of your body is made inside mitochondria which are inside your cells. We have the technology to increase this energy production. This technology includes herbs and specific detoxification supplements. Without this abundant energy production, all else is for naught. 

3) Drainage

Drainage is the natural process the body does to clean itself. The organs most involved in drainage are (in order) the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, and sinuses. However, let’s not forget about the lymphatic system- it is the sewer system of the body that is working all the time and I am forever helping people enhance this system. 

4) Parasites In The Intestines

You probably have parasites in your intestines! How do I know this? Because you live on planet earth. The best supplements I have ever seen to clean out parasites were released onto the market in 2016. At the very least, taking these supplements will clean your intestines of other things that don’t belong in there. 

5) Body Parasites

These are organisms throughout your body from head to toe. They could be hiding in your sinuses, brain, feet, fingers, lymph, anywhere. They have to come out after the intestines have been cleaned.

6) Systemic Detoxification of Heavy Metals, Chemicals, and Radioactive Elements. 

The toxins mentioned here need to come out after parasites are removed. Why? Because parasites hold onto these toxins. A parasitic worm can hold onto 5 or 6 times its body weight in heavy metals!

The radioactive elements include uranium from the Cold War era and Radium which is a byproduct of uranium and is 3,000 times more dangerous. Half the population of the U.S. is drinking water with excessively high amounts of radium. No one talks about this but it is a major health crisis and there are solutions. 

7) Organisms INSIDE The Cells.

Improve health with step number 7. Get organisms out.

“Lyme Disease” is a catch-all phrase that describes organisms that live inside your cells. There are about 80 of them and they hate living in the bloodstream although they could live inside red blood cells. They can enter your body through a mosquito bite then they drive themselves deep into your body where there is less blood such as the central nervous system and joints. Therefore, people who have “Lyme” get horrible fatigue and joint pain commonly as part of their symptoms.  

As You Go Through The 7 Improving Health Steps

As I guide people through these 7 steps, the positive changes occur at different times for different people.  Some greatly benefit from phase 1 or the beginning phases of care and we spend most of our initial time there. Other people may be eliminating parasites in the intermediate phases for many, many months with great results. Others get tremendous relief of arthritis in phase 7 or an advanced phase. Each phase is very important but one or more may be more important for you. 

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How do you know which step you’ll get the most benefit from? 

Go through all the 7 applicable and doable phases appropriately – in order – and find out by experiencing them. 

The top 2 tools for healing are diet and supplements.
Let’s break down the subject of supplements so you have a good understanding of this very important tool.

There are 5 categories of supplements:

  • Vitamins to make positive changes occur within the body
  • Minerals form the structure of your body
  • “Special Dirt” for detoxification
  • Glandulars to feed your organs
  • Herbs to help kickstart positive biochemical changes

These actions are not magical fairy dust, they are incredible tools Mother Nature has used since the beginning of time to keep life going optimally.

Apply these 7 applicable and doable steps and you will be on your path to optimal health!

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