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The “Follow The Physiology Formula” was discovered by the Founders of Medicine in the 1930’s.

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What Patients Need to Know About Their Next Visit to the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor.

Our office is operating as normal except that we will be talking to you over the phone vs seeing you face to face. While muscle testing has been your normal experience with our office, we have a very successful Phone Appointment Program that we implemented in 2016. This program was implemented to handle the requests from Dr. Schmidt’s YouTube channel for people who wanted our help but were not local to the Ann Arbor or Michigan area.  

We use a detailed, 12-page intake survey called Follow the Physiology that was designed by Dr. Schmidt. Using this survey can be a substitute for muscle testing. It is set up with specific categories and questions which allow us to see which areas are under the most stress. If you haven’t done this survey in a year (or ever), then now is a good time to do it! It helps us to take a step back and reassess your current state and your next steps. Book an appointment and request this survey. Your practitioner will go over it at your next phone appointment.

All of our practitioners are extremely proficient with Phone Visits.

We have the tools to help you that the medical community does not.

Now is the time to book an appointment with our office and let our holistic doctors of Ann Arbor help you take charge of your health!!

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Our Ann Arbor Doctors and Practitioners

Dr. Darren Schmidt

CEO, Doctor of Chiropractic,
Nutrition Expert

Kerry Cradit

BS Nutrition & Food Science,
Nutrition Expert

Dr. Amanda Childress

Doctor of Pharmacy,
Nutrition Expert

Kristen R. Clore

Occupational Therapist,
Wellness Coach, Nutrition Expert

Dr. Taggy Bensaid

Doctor of Naturopathy, Nutrition Expert

Dr. Joel Vickers

Doctor of Chiropractic,
Applied Kinesiologist

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"I feel more energetic. I have almost completely weaned my dependence on Diet Coke and Zoloft. I feel much better off them than I did when I was on them. I make much better eating choices because I have made myself a priority. Changing my eating has been a lot easier than I thought."

— J.M.

"Amazing place with practitioners that truly care about their patients. Opened my eyes to a new lifestyle and I am so thankful for that. My experience here has been life-changing!."

— A.P.


“We must feel our way.”

Dr. Henry Harrower, M.D.

The Father of Endocrinology 1931

“I'm always entering the healing center full of questions, lost, and losing hope, but always leaving with positivity and promise! This center has saved my life and I am beginning to feel alive again.”

— M.A.

Prevent and Reverse Lactic Acidosis

Gaining a good understanding of the step by step mechanism of lactic acidosis is important for you to prevent it and reverse-engineer it if you have it. The following is a description of how high lactate and a few other chemicals in the blood are the mechanisms of chronic disease.