Ketogenic Diet

Your Interest Level for Health and Diet Changes/Ketosis

I figured out an easy way to to match up your health interest level with actions to take. Please share this with everyone so they can also set a target or goals for their health to match up their interest level.

Steps to Ketosis

For a brand new person wanting to burn fat, these are the steps in order. They can be done on a gradient basis. Don’t forget to get out of ketosis daily, weekly, or every ten days so your body can use insulin once in awhile.

How Much Ketosis is Good For Me?

An easy way to gauge the effort and numbers needed to get into ketosis. Also, a proper range of glucose/sugar ratio in the blood so you can monitor your status. Increase or decrease the total grams of the macronutrients to meet your calorie needs.

The Backbone of Health: The Metabolic Pathway

Ignore the marketing, follow the physiology. This metabolic pathways poster is easy to understand. When you know it, you’ve surpassed the knowledge of 99% of healthcare practitioners.
Here’s a link to get your own electronic version of this poster.

Protein Powder vs. Fat Powder

Check out my thoughts on protein powders, and why I have added a new fat powder as part of the inventory we sell online and in our Healing Shoppe.