Four Separate Diseases All Related by the Same Mechanism

I’ve counted 86 disease and symptoms that are driven by the mechanism of lactic acidosis. Here are four of them.

Dr. Schmidt’s Personal Health

Here is a video of my personal health. Exposures have been my greatest threats: pesticide poisoning while farming, two locations with horrible mold, porcelain fillings filled my lungs with aluminum. See my lab results in the second half of the video.

How to eat during holidays and vacations

Compensate for the temporary bad food by restricting your hours of eating before and/or after. Also, eat healthfully before going to the in-laws, so your body isn’t stuck with foods like green jello salad. Essentially, getting into ketosis occasionally and/or staying near it is how you can cheat sometimes.

We want to see you if you are sick!

In our office when someone becomes a patient we do want to see you when you are sick! When someone initially starts their nutritional program they may experience some worsening of some of their symptoms. This is sometimes indicating that they are healing or that things are changing in their body. That is not unusual and we do see people a little more frequently in the beginning to take care of those things that may happen. As you further along in care and are a more established patient we may be seeing you less frequently but that doesn’t mean that if you have an acute illness or something happens that we don’t want to see you we absolutely do. We have a lot of supplements that can help with things that are happening, so personally you can come in, you can get checked with the nutrition response testing, we can see what supplements will work for you and definitely speed along your healing process as you go. So don’t be afraid to come in when you are sick, we definitely have helped a lot of people with that. Call 734-320-7575 to make an appointment, even if you are sick!

Thyroid Problems?

Kerry Cradit at the Nutritional Healing Center gets this question asked all the time. Can we help with thyroid problems? The answer is… Absolutely yes!
The thyroid needs some support. It needs very specific minerals, iodine and it needs things we don’t often get in our food sources. It is impacted by stress in our life and stressed by hormonal influxes. Symptoms include heart palpitations, irritable bowel type syndrome symptoms, headaches, fatigue, insomnia and anxiety. In the beginning of care we use supplements to help make symptoms better and once you are well into the nutrition program then it becomes more about healing of the organ and improving health overall. We can absolutely help with thyroids that aren’t doing what they should be doing. Call 734-302-7575 for your personal consultation.

How much protein and fat should I eat?

Kerry Cradit gets this question quite often. You may be surprised by the answer.

 Think you have ADHD? Think again…

Dr. Amanda talks about how ADHD can come from a digestive problem of an imbalance in the good bacteria and bugs in the gut.

Medications vs. Nutritional Healing

Dr. Amanda, Pharmacist and NHCAA Practitioner, tells what medications actually do to the body and how nutritional healing is a better alternative in most cases.

Your First Visit at NHCAA

Kerry Cradit explains what your first visit is like at NHCAA.

Whole Food Nutrition

Why we use Standard Process whole food supplements…

How Smart Meters Affect Your Body

The Cause and Cure of Heart Disease

Food Freak Show


Liver cleaning/detoxification using whole food nutrition and supplements…