True Cellular Detox™


Some facts about toxicity in our environment and bodies…

Three of the biggest toxins in our environment include mercury, lead, and glyphosate which is the herbicide “Roundup”.

An average of 200 toxins is found in the cord blood of newborn babies of which 180 are carcinogenic.

Lead and mercury are inherited in utero from the mom to the baby. The more fillings the mom has, the greater the amount of mercury in the newborn baby, not to mention mom’s own organs.

Excess lead is in 2,000 water systems across the U.S.; it’s not just Flint, Michigan.

Bummed yet? One more…

Glyphosate (Roundup) makes cell walls and barriers like the gut and blood-brain barrier LEAKY which makes all other toxins worse because now toxins go wherever they want more freely. The body stores toxins in fat cells and unfortunately, the brain and nerves are all fat which is causing a rise in dementia and Alzheimer’s.

What symptoms are occurring due to chemical and heavy metal toxicity?
The science is extensive. Blood sugar irregularities, energy lapses, fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, irritability, weight gain, and thyroid challenges may all have toxicity at their core.

Toxins accumulate from the air we breathe, the foods we eat, and the environment we live in, and while they’re invisible and insidious, they’re hazardous to your health. It doesn’t happen as you might think. You don’t breathe in toxic fumes and fall to the ground. They find their way into the cells of your body and begin a gradual breakdown that manifests as symptoms or signals that your body may be breaking down at the cellular level.

Now for the really good news. There are solutions to clean your body out. It’s not just a “liver cleanse”, a “kidney cleanse”, or a “colon cleanse”. These are good but not good enough to clean all the cells including the brain and Central Nervous System.

Eating organic cucumbers from your garden is not enough as well. It is vital that your diet is healthy and garden vegetables are a part of that.

Ultimately, you want to detoxify the brain but only when your body and lower organs can handle the toxins as they come out. There is a process that is modern and requires intelligent supplements designed through research and clinical experience on tens of thousands of people over 32 years.

We’re able to provide that process called True Cellular Detox™, a state of the art program designed by Dr. Dan Pompa. This approach to health restoration supports the underlying foundation of your body’s natural ability to heal itself, bringing back the sense of wellness and well-being you long for.

“If you don’t detox the cell, you will never get well.”

The program includes extensive direction, the full revelation of the science behind it, and a systemized method of taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

True Cellular Detox™ is one-of-a-kind. It has nothing to do with the limited value detox programs you might find in your health food store. This fully supported nutrition and lifestyle program is only delivered through hand-picked licensed health practitioners, and I’m proud to announce we are one of the pilot groups from around the United States to make this program available to our clients.

Let’s explore how this amazing and comprehensive offering can get you to your physical best. Every achievement begins with a step.

INTRODUCING True Cellular Detox™

The NHCAA is a Certified True Cellular Detox™ Wellness Center

3 Components:

Part 1: Applying the 5R’s

  • R1: Remove the Source
  • R2: Regenerate the Cell Membrane
  • R3: Restore Cellular Energy
  • R4: Reduce Celluar Inflammation
  • R5: Re-establish Methylation

Part 2: Opening and Supporting Critical Detox Pathways

Part 3: Using True Binding Agents to Remove Toxins

LINK to get more information on True Cellular Detox™

How to Purchase the True Cellular Detox™ Program through The NHCAA

The detox supplements in boxes can only be sold to patients. To be a patient, you have to start the process by emailing [email protected] OR you can pay the tuition to the True Cellular Detox Educational Website.

If you are interested in purchasing Tuition to the True Cellular, access at a promo offer of $1,997.00 and are not a current patient of our office please click HERE

and follow the instructions below…

Instructions on “How to Purchase”

  1. At the top of the page click on “online store”
  2. Just below online store to the right; click on “contracts/packages”
  3. In the drop down box select “True Cellular Detox Website Access”
  4. Before Purchasing the access, it will prompt you to create a client profile – Go through this process.
  5. Within 24 business hours, you will receive an email from our FD with your voucher code and instructions on how to access the site to begin your learning process.
  6. If you are a current patient of our office and would like to purchase access to the True Cellular Website, please call our intake department at 734-302-7575.
  7. Current patients don’t have to purchase the True Cellular Detox education. Ask your practitioner for guidance for your specific case.
  8. Current patients can go through the detox program, too. Ask your practitioner if it is right for you.