The NHCAA Nutrition and Chiropractic Services

New Patient Visit


Practitioners from left to right: Dr. Vickers, Dr. Childress, Dr. Schmidt, Kerry Cradit, and Kristen R. Clore

New Patient Visits includes two parts:

During your Initial Visit, you receive a Nutritional Health Consultation including full Health History, Health Symptom Survey, Health Express Computerized Analysis and total health screening utilizing Nutrition Response Testing.

Your 2nd visit, called the  Report of Findings, will be scheduled within seven days of the Initial Visit, usually sooner and you will receive a printed Report of Findings that details your current whole health state. Your Doctor or Practitioner will go over this with you in detail and present you with a Designed Clinical Nutrition Program to improve any and all health conditions found in the Initial Visit.

New patients who are referred by a current patient and are seeing Kerry, Kristen, Dr. Amanda or Dr. Vickers may receive additional discounts on their first visit. ALL New Patients Receive a $20 Credit to their Patient account AFTER they have attended their first Health Education Letter within their first four weeks of care at NHCAA.

Nutrition Visits

Any standard appointment for a single Nutritionist in Ann Arbor visit. Appointments usually run about 15 minutes.

Standard Chiropractic Adjustment or Extensive Adjustment

If a patient is both a Chiropractic and a Nutrition Patient they may schedule both appointments at the same visit to the office. If the Ann Arbor chiropractic visit is a Standard Spinal Adjustment (Adjustment of 1 or 2 parts of the spine or neck), the cost is $35 for the Chiropractic visit in addition to any Nutrition Visit fees. An Extensive Spinal Adjustment ( adjustment of 3 or 4 parts of the spine or neck) the fee is $45 in addition to any Nutrition Visit fees.

Child Nutrition : Child Chiropractic : Child Extensive Chiropractic

Any standard appointment for a single Nutrition OR Chiropractic visit for any minor child under 18 years old.  Children must have at least one parent who is also a current patient. We have found that if a child is on a nutrition program and neither parent is also on their own Total Health Restoration and nutrition program it is a disservice to the child and the parents.  Because without the support and help of at least one parent the child’s health will not improve as it should it is policy that a parent must be an established patient on a Designed Clinical Nutrition program and happy with their results before a child can start on a program.

Health Express Computerized Health Analysis

This test is used to show your over physiological health and the health of your nervous system as it responds to stress.  As you progress in your Total Health Restoration program, the Doctors and Practitioners will use this to further fine tune your program and gauge your improvement as well.

Meridian Heart Test

The Meridian Heart Test is administered by Certified Digital PulseWave Analyzer operators and is the only non-invasive method for gauging the overall health and physiological age of your heart and arteries. This test is vital to monitoring and improving the health of one of the most important organs in your body. The test is administered at various points during your Total Health Restoration Program.

Cold Laser Therapy

At our office, the Cold LASER therapy is a part of the Total Health Restoration Program. We utilize several very effective Cold LASERS with certain patients at various points on their Total Health Restoration Program. The LASERs are used to treat scars on the body that are interfering with the nervous system and thus inhibiting the body’s ability to heal. By treating the scar tissue with Cold LASERs as part of the overall Nutritional and Health program, the nervous system can return to its normal function, and the body begins to heal better. Typically, Cold LASERS associate with pain relief, and while this may also be a benefit of Cold LASER Therapy, it is not our primary use of them at NHCAA.  Whether used to restore nervous system function by treating scars or helping with pain relief used alone, without a Designed Clinical Nutrition and Total Health Restoration program, any benefit they may have is limited.

Detoxifying Footbaths

In conjunction with a Total Health Restoration and Designed Clinical Nutrition Program, a Practitioner may also utilize different footbaths to assist the healing process.  There are several different footbath protocols designed to rid the body of various toxins and heavy metals that can be disrupting nervous system function and preventing healing.

Missed Appointment Fee -$30

Your time is very valuable to us, and we know how valuable your time is to you. If a patient shows up late to an appointment or does not show up without first letting us know (by 6 pm the evening before their scheduled appointment), this creates a multitude of scheduling problems and affects many other patients.  To ensure the fastest and best service possible and minimize the inconvenience caused to ALL of our patients it is our policy to charge a $30 missed appointment fee to any patient who does not reschedule a conflicting appointment by 6 pm the night before their previously scheduled time.